Around the house...

A baby Great Tit lol, he's so fluffy!
We're doing okay here. Wore out from the weekend-o-excitement! :)
I just kind of zoned out today. Charleton Heston should of read the Bible, the dude had a voice. We watched a movie with him today and I goofed on my phone.
We had the "is Sofie ok?" scare and that ate up most of the afternoon. I'm glad she's on the mend but she has a long ways to go.
Not much kicking else here really. I washed towels and laundry today. We ate leftovers and thawed stuff.
Tomorrow I have to cook a bit, I have tacos planned for lunch and chicken soup for supper.
So that's about it here. Hope y'all are having a good week out there!
Oh yeah, more animal pics! :D

Robert came back! He was competing with a smaller Pied Flycatcher! It was super noisy. Thankfully they've settled somewhere else I think.


Checking out potential real estate!

back of BunBun's head, he really is a goobery eyed little fart. Still cute though.

Sofie Update..*she's ok, not dead*

Sofie has been coming to our yard the past 3 days. Her eye has opened but she's still not putting weight on the paw. 
She hung out for hours today, napping and eating on an apple bit and bread. I later put out a bit of water too in case she had been dehydrated.
So we were talking and for two hours she laid like this in the sun:

I'm like "Oh lord no, she's dying!' AHHHHHHHHH.
No. She was just literally lounging in the sunlight resting probably from the carb coma from the bread lol :D
Spenser called and we could take her to the zoo for  rehab if we could catch her.
So she's asleep behind a tree and Spenser sneaks up trying to catch her. She was LIGHTNING fast getting up the tree and just looking at us like WTF? 
So..she's fine lol. She's recovering well. She peed today so it's good, she's hydrated. She ate more bread  and wandered off. I hope she knows we were worried for her and all, I think so. 
We haven't been twerked at and I hope we are …


Ever have the chance to watch the Marine with John Cena, GOOD movie! (from what I remember)
Then again I like Dolph Lundgren, Van Damme, and Steven Seagal movies, so there you go.

HOW have I not seen this? Best gif EVER.
Onto the menu! JOHN CENA!!!!!!!!!
Today we had chicken nuggets with veges and then leftover curry chicken soup (GF).
Tuesday: thawed GF hotdog soup, fishsticks with leftover veges
Rest of week:
pizza, GF tuna pasta with veges skillet
ramen, GF leftovers
ham impossible pie with veges, GF BBQ hotdogs
leftover impossible pie, some type of GF stirfry (or a decide that day)
double mix of chicken vege noodle soup GF :)

That's it here! Thanks and check out other menus at :
Menu Monday

Sleep tight everyone! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!

End of zen/VACAY

I needed a picture of zen but they all seemed kinda meh. So this picture of potatoes seems like a good choice. 

Yes you do...that can bring some inner peace as well lmao! :D 
Muhahahahahha :D
MY EYES. I was googling Hasselhoff gifs for fun and then Gary Busey...nooooooooo.

Someone bring the eye bleach lol.
Anywho for 2 glorious days we had the house to ourselves. It was WONDERFUL.
Friday we had coffee at the mall and then went to Tuusula. Saturday we kind of hung out local after checking out the harbor in Espoo.  Today we went to Porvoo and got like 1,000 pictures :D
While there was anxiety (hello ultrasound next week) and all...overall it was really nice to have a break from all the drama.
So it's been a good day and we had plus 22C weather all weekend. I'm covered in a sun rash but darn it, I had fun :).
So there will be like 1,000 pictures at some point lol :D 
It's back to the regular program this week :D


End of Elfing Around...

Gorgeous gazebo! I had a better picture but my cellphone deleted it. Sigh...

Old foundation. They had lots of outbuildings at some point.

Lots of nice paths...

Spenser wanted to see the sea so we walked through all these roots and stuff and came to a  public boating dock. It was nice but smelled a bit boggy.

Coming towards the car...we walked 2 kilometers here and it was flat which was NICE! Very nice time :)

Reeds and Elf House...

You get a good view of the roof line.


More reeds..

I think this is my favorite picture :) I love it.

TREES! we can remember what it looks like after our 2 weeks of bad sledding weather ;) lol (Finnish joke about summer).

The sea!

More walkway...

And another :) 

A walk around Elf Town...

It's actually called Elfvik but you know my Apsie brain, HA..nope lol. It's Elf House...

Elfvik History...
What a pretty house! It was really packed since it was Mother's Day but we really enjoyed walking around. Plus  there are flushable bathrooms..that's a plus.

There was a ITTY bitty baby squirrel. The best part was he jumped out of the nest  and scared the holy crap out of this biker guy who screamed like a girl :D lol I was like NO ONE GET NEAR...AHHHHHH. 
Yep..some weird American fat lady yelling about squirrels...why not lol. :P 
I wanted to take it home :D lol 

This monument is all scratched up...???

Anyone who has watched The know why.

Zoom out...

Pretty doors! This was in the waiting area for the bathrooms.

As soon as you walk in.

In the "museum" part. It was full of dead stuffed animals which I decided not to photograph because it's a bit morbid.

My favorite one, really pretty. 
They had a grand inside but w…