Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Mansion Pics...

Interesting display for Retro Fest 3. 

I'd wear this grocery shopping!


I love the setup :)

The glory of outdoor concerts lol.

It felt very September, 17C.

Soon these will be yellow and blowing away...

More grey....

Duckies. We didn't have bread but they hung
out with us.

Nap time! Some loud duck scared a couple baby
duckies to the side. I told them a duck story I 
made about a great floaty boat duck who could eat
all the fish and roots he wanted, they soon passed out :) lol.

Leftover from the fest, it was interesting to check out.

Hope y'all enjoyed the pics :).

Monday, July 24, 2017

Menu Monday...

It's a SOAD kinda day. Mmm chinese food. 

Monday : We had GF leftover curry chicken soup
and thawed freezer pizza.

Tuesday: GF sweet n sour chicken with rice, egg white tacos

Wednesday : GF sweet n sour leftovers, ramen

Thursday : GF thaw broccoli soup, BBQ chicken quesadillas

Friday: GF chicken soup thaw, nuggets with vegetables

Saturday: GF liverbox thaw with vegetables, DTD

Sunday: GF scrambled eggs n diced taters, fishsticks with veges

If you mean me and you, a large cheesecake,
and a hotel room, then yes.

Thanks for checking me out! 

Untitled...life sucks sometimes...

On the weekend Chester Bennington died
from Linkin Park. He committed suicide and it
hit me hard. I stayed up until midnight crying. Their
music helped me a TON through the post rape stuff in
high school. It's an end of an era for sure. I was
texting my brother in law about it, he was bummed too :(.

I had insomnia this morning, and I opened
Facebook. I found a family I've chatted
with online for awhile lost their child full term :(. What
a punch in the f*cking heart, especially because
we lost our last baby on August 4th. Too close for 

I don't think Spenser and I will have children. The
doctor said nothing in the scans showed anything
wrong but I just have a feeling. My body doesn't cooperate
with pregnancy very well. I got "ye shall have no more
children in this place" in the Bible before my ultrasound
visit..and that pretty much seals the deal.

I was irritable as f*ck this morning so it wasn't 
pleasant being home. Spenser went on a long
bike trip. I cut my bangs and got a shower.

I then ate a ton of brownies and zoned
out to more Hitler documentaries. Blitzkreig
zones my ass out, I fell asleep for an hour.

I have a bad BAD feeling that we're
soon having the 1,000 old relatives die
in a row and all. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD

So hopefully there's one hell of a 
jam session in heaven with Chris Cornell,
Chester, and Static X dude.

Grief with my misery...yep.

Around the house...On Staycation last week..

Spenser and I had about a week to ourselves, 
it was pretty nice but kind of useless in the
travel department because we were still
getting over the strep throat.

I took a few pictures but I also spent
5 days doing DEEP cleaning
and removing clutter. We've had the bigger
place for going on a year in September and
all kinds of clutter has appeared.

I feel we're having an early fall this
year so I washed all our winter gear and
went through it. 

List of what I did:

Washed all our sheets

Washed tablecloth

Washed towels

I used a makeup bag to sort my
random sewing supplies.

I fixed and cleaned my sewing box.

Washed all the hats and gloves, reduced
what we didn't use last winter.

Sewed on my coat buttons well as 
well as displaying a bit of Leftist pride :P lol

I went through coats and separated ones
we don't use or don't fit. I did find a new
zippy sweatshirt to replace my camo
fleece that's too small, whoo! :D It was 3 euros,
quite a steal.  Plus I got a blue pullover for 1 euro.

I cleaned the hair from the drain (EW) and washed
the shower curtain. 

I cleaned and sorted our storage in the hall as
well as the bookshelf in the hall. This includes
getting rid of books we won't read or have already.

I also washed all the coats I could, and wiped
down Spenser's coat too. I had to wash Spenser's
exercise coats in 60C due to being stinky lol.

I had to clean the mess leftover from before we
got the washer fixed. That went pretty okay.

I put old magazines downstairs that were
cluttering our tv stand.

I cleaned and sorted our kitchen cabinets
as well as the freezer.

I sorted clothes we hadn't worn or
didn't fit.

In the end I had 3 30 liter bags of 
clothes stuffed and 3 30 liter bags of clutter
to put in the basement. I threw away 2 30 liter
bags of random stuff too.

:) lol I was busy and my knees were like NO. I was
cleaning basically from Tuesday until Friday.

We visited different malls and had coffee
at our mall, that was about it. It would of been
nice to photograph something/go somewhere
but we couldn't agree on what to do lol. :) 

We ate Burger King at Iso Omena. I'm not a fan
of that mall since Ring Road 1 is under eternal
construction and a pain in the butt. Food was good plus
I got coupons!

It had TONS of seating!

I bought hammer pants. lol :D I'm using them
to make a skirt since I LOVE the fabric lol. The sale said
size 42 but BS, I mean those things were HUGE on me!

Baby bunny has been growing up in our yard
the past couple of weeks. He's a cutie! The birds
attacked the berry bushes so it was interesting
here for the week :) lol.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

For my Dad - Bottled Water...

I was washing dishes when this old memory hit me
from my childhood. 

It was a nasty hot humid Georgia day. The sun literally
bakes our clay roads into hard as rock, and there is no 
relief unless you have AC at home or in your car. 33C is the
norm, it's HOT.

I must of been 11 or 12, and we had our old green
station wagon. We were going for a drive since we did
that a lot in summer, along with getting some take out
and all. It was nice but that day we were all cranky. The
heat makes you so uncomfortable. 

We had bottled water with us but I filled up a
HUGE one as everyone was leaving out the door. I 
got rushed out but took the massive bottle of water
with me to the car.

So we're driving down the old dirt roads. Lots of
 old cattle grazing fields, pine trees, etc. KLONK KLONK
KLONK. The green car got a flat. In the MIDDLE of nowhere
Georgia and this was the age before cellphones. Not that we needed
a cellphone, we had Dad.

So Dad got to prop up the station wagon and change the wheel
with Mom as me and my sister wandered down the 
road a bit. It was around noon and I think we were
all arguing about where to eat lol.

Dad was SWEATY. I mean like close to heat
stroke really bad freaking me out as a kid sweaty.  We had
drank all the water in the car...except for that MASSIVE
Dasani bottle I had filled up.

Dad poured this all over himself and his shirt, and cooled
off enough to finish putting the spare tire on the car
and off we went.

I had no inclination that day why I brought such
a huge bottle of water. I just did. God had me do it
so that it was there at the perfect time without me having
ANY knowledge of the forecoming events.

I think that memory came to me today after what we
talked about, and I was sweaty from washing dishes. 

I think we don't have to worry Dad. God will drop everything
into place at the perfect time. The sucky part is we have to 
wait lol. :)

Love you tons Dad :). 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Be back later!

Spenser and I are taking some time
for a staycation! :) See y'all next week! :)

Monday, July 17, 2017


Get up...get on up!


Wheat items for this week:

ramen, thawed pizza (lunch today)

fishsticks with vegetables

Decide that day x2

bbq pork sandwiches, BBQ chicken quesadillas

Gluten free for this week:

thaw liver box and vegetables

thaw cream of broccoli and potato soup

Decide that day x2

Curry chicken with rice

cream of chicken and vegetable soup x 3 (tonight's
supper cooking right now). 

Thanks for visiting and make sure to
check out more menus at Menu Monday

Mansion Pics...

Interesting display for Retro Fest 3.  I'd wear this grocery shopping! Pretty... I love the setup :) T...