Tuesday, April 26, 2016


Cabin fever known to us Americans..but the
Finns call it cottage crazy...and that's a very
spot on term.

It's been constant rain here in Finland, just
pouring like buckets. We had sleet the 
past couple of days as well.  

Spenser has caught a virus that's taking
a long time to leave, making his throat
very rough and sore. He's just plain sick and
I feel bad for him. I'm sick as well but for
a woman..there aren't really any breaks. I'm
still having to do laundry and cook and clean
(not as much but come on, stuff builds up). Plus
I'm having to care for Spenser too. Constant
panic attacks are making the flu much worse for him.

Honestly I'm burned out. I skipped blogging for
a good chunk of time (for me) and just crap canned
the old blog and stuff. I feel like now I guess is a good
time to blog again..maybe. :)

Getting back to cottage crazy...it's even worse
when you have a small house. CLUTTER. Even in our
under 350 square feet apartment we lost a thermometer...HOW.
I got angry and pitched a fit because it's not about the thermometer,
it's the CLUTTER. The CLUTTER is the worst thing about a small space.

Now is not the time to think about clutter though...we're waiting
on a nurse to call and set an appointment for Spenser for
talk therapy. Who knows how long that'll take...Waiting on my
vulva health visit in June too... so much waiting. 

So that's some changes here....changes back in GA too...life
is just one big change...adjusting is the big issue...

So I hope you all are doing okay out there and
I look forward to blogging with y'all at some point.

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