Friday, May 27, 2016

Around the house...

Haltiala in April

Well I'm not dead it seems lol. It's been
a pretty crazy week from last time I posted.

Last Saturday we got a nice vacation day with no
stress and nothing/no one that was bugging Spenser
and I, whoo! 

Ate at Hesburger. Spenser had a salad, I had the
bacon cheeseburger meal.

We got XL decaf coffees at Coffee House..mmm! It
was really good!

We spent 2 hours at Jumbo. We then checked out
garden stuff in some stores then drove to Vuosaari. 
I'll go through and upload those pictures at some point.
It was really nice and warm there! 

It was probably our "staycation" in the way
we just could do what we wanted with no
stress for 6 hours. Funny Spenser and I were
saying how draining it was though! We were
in recovery mode for about 4 days after that.

We were waiting for the call about Spenser's
therapy for anxiety and lo and behold, the 
doctor wouldn't decide right then. So we have
to go, the day before my huge crotch exam
for lichen planus, to the local office for
a visit with Spenser's GP. :/ I'm like...he
has an EXTENSIVE history of generalized
anxiety disorder but the doctor is like hmmm. UGH.
Problem is this pushes off therapy until fall probably
since nothing medically happens in July here, ugh.

My anxiety is just shooting through the roof lately.  Just
anxious about Spenser and my stuff. To boot we have
the dentist visit the week before and that stresses me too.

It's been about the pain body. It's a great thing
that Eckhart Tolle has talked about, how we have
this collective conscious of pain in ourselves, that it 
is like it's own entity. It seeks to keep living and feeding,
dragging your emotions down in the process. Good reading below.
My pain body has been really active lately with all these
changes going on. Instead of letting go and letting God,
I'm making more turmoil for myself.
Oh I fell off the toilet too lol. I was going to wipe and just kept 
falling forward. I grabbed the toilet seat and just kept going lol.
Yep, leg disabled. Stupid fibromyalgia making me
fall all the freaking time!

Today I went through and cleaned up
 our storage downstairs. We donated a bunch of 
stuff and it was good, made more space plus I can go
through our junk more easily! Soon I can
wash fall things :P lol

I was looking through for some papers and
found my high school transcript ?..sheet thing.

You can clearly see when the attempted rape happened. 
I remember I didn't want to learn to drive though I was 
16 too...funny how that came out of nowhere. The black
arrows point to my absences. I went from 3 the
semester before to 9 after (and forever...I had crap
attendance the last year)...funny to see proof
in the pudding on the paper.

Mom and Dad are looking at other homes, whoo!

Imagine...being able to be out and about and
not run into one of the assholes who tried to
rape you working at can dream!

So that's really what's up here. I hope
y'all are having a good weekend
out there!


Friday, May 20, 2016

Around the house...

Today we got out, had some good deals!

We're addicted to sugar free pear
and apple sauce baby food's REALLY
cheap here and well...the fiber is an added benefit.
We get 125 grams for about 50 us cents.

It's a good IBS snack too...Lord knows I need
that. Not that I ate a donut right now...I did
get them for 1 euro on sale lol. Oh the
heartburn..nooo lol.

I also got tortillas for 1 euro, and bakeable 
dinner rolls for .50 cents!

Stopped by the bread outlet and got
3 huge bags of carrot breadrolls 
for 3 euros! :D

We got out and about, it was a nice
but busy day! I'm pretty tired but
took some photos and thought
they came out okay.

Baby cow from yesterday, aw :D

This one cow later scratched her butt and kept
doing it, going MOOOO MOOOOOO. I
am guessing she had piles? Those things can
itch like mad lol.

It was really pretty today in Tuusula! :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Whatcha been up to....

Lighthouse house :D

It's been okay around here, just feeling
sick and all. We caught some awful
flu from the doctors office last Monday. 

Last week I kept to the menu but didn't really
blog any. We just rested quite a bit.

This week so far is going okay! I didn't
do squat on Monday. Tuesday I vacuumed.

Today I cleaned the "odds n ends" cleaning
you put off when you're just too busy or not
feeling well.

 I cleaned the microwave, I cleaned the bathroom
sink/potty/toothbrush place. (not all those in one lol). 
I cleaned out the fridge too and well...

there is a sliding glass plate..well there was. My
eyes are getting pretty bad and I stepped on the glass :/
Thankfully didn't hurt my foot but it was the final
blowout in a morning where I had had enough!

Cleaned up the glass, did some laundry, and 
then we ate fishsticks and taters for lunch. 

Fridge still works well plus it's from like...1994
so meh... :P

Most of my menu isn't cookahead but 
thaw or make the same day. No complaint here 
about that!
So that's the small things going around. :)

Monday, May 16, 2016

Death of blogging and Quiverfull fundiesm is down...connected?

I am the Queen of Resuscitation 
for blogs. Tech problems, a bad 
month, bham! they get deleted. I didn't blog
for almost the entire month of April and it was pretty
pleasant. I did feel the need to document my life less..but..
I did miss it. I've always kept a journal or diary as a kid
and this isn't really different. Plus I can
share some of my overseas life with my 
family and friends.

Blogs have just dried up and disappeared
everywhere...I am kinda particular about
the blogs I read. I prefer more religious ones
 and where home life is talked about's
interesting taking a peak into other's folks lives. :)
I used to read many Quiverfull blogs but
those kinda have fallen off by the wayside..(not that
I'm complaining..that's a rough life for people. Andrea
Yates was Quiverfull...:/). 
Being an ex fundie and Catholic Lite (my own brand lol)...I've seen
the Quiverfull Movement had multiple blows to put
it out of it's misogynistic misery.

No Longer Quivering was a huge wake up call 
to those who drunk the Koolaid. The Gothard Movement
(promoted by the Duggars) got crap canned after the 
allegations against it's founder came out. The whole 
Vision Forum thing was a super surprise. I think the 
final nail in the coffin was Josh Duggar's infidelity. 

The whole thing was a tire slowly leaking air from
the get go it seemed. Pay your 5 cents and come
watch the freak show...kinda felt that way watching
19 Kids and Counting. There is a sick interest
about this lifestyle and I was addicted to watching
the shows about it too.

For me it was "management" issues facing
the Mom. I can manage Spenser and I but 
8 kids, ahh! It was kind of distressing to
realize the daughters carried the workload in
many of the households. 

The crazy and most sick thing is...the whole
Quiverfull Movement is just about sex. I mean 
the whole "go forth and multiply" thing of course 
is the mainstay of that belief system. Even Pope
Francis said people don't need to breed like
rabbits. The whole Pandora's box of 
Catholicism and contraception is for
another time though.

I've heard kids jokingly called a 'sex trophy' and
for the Quiverfull they rack up as many as possible. Family
life centers on Mom and Dad bopping. DON'T THINK ABOUT
sums up this stuff pretty language warning!

When you read that women should wear skirts for "easy access"
for their husbands...that should send up some major red flags. 
Just...dear God.

I do think when the blinders came off...lots of people were freaked
by the truth coming out from all these things. The blogs that
once praised this lifestyle dried up because no one wants to be
aligned with "that lifestyle" where a good chunk of male
figureheads have gotten in trouble for sexual sin and depravity. 

For nothing is hidden that will not be made manifest, 
nor is anything secret that will not be known
 and come to light. - Luke 8:17

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Pied Flycatchers and Blue Tits...

Spenser's uncle (as you know) put 
a birdhouse near our window for the
million birdhouses in Finland project
or something like that. 

First Mama's Baby (what a name but he is lol)
was looking to settle in the box.


Hmmm could be home!

But sadly he didn't settle it fast enough because
 Robert the Polygamist Pied Flycatcher fought
him and "earned" his house.

Poor baby :( 

Judging me...

Looking the other way...

He gets called Mr Eggy because he looks
like a hard boiled egg with wings lol! 

I'M A BIRD!...cute but not at 330am lol.


Checking out his wife..well one of them lol...

Roberta! I'm surprised how good this picture
came out! She has been stuffing nesting material
in all week! 

Hey! Can I have some privacy? :)

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Around the house..

We have a front yard again! :) Most of the 
nasty woodpile was hauled away, the worst stuff
thrown away, and we've put down dirt and grass seed!
Wonderful to get rid of the pile of crap that was there 
for almost 8 years! We look less like
Beverly Hillbillies...well..less lol.

Man the tetanus vaccine just made us 
down for the count on the weekend. We
have the poops right now too, hurrah! :/..
also I ate sweet chili sauce and thought I
was chilis lol..:P
Monday I cooked quite a bit in the morning,
rice, fish soup, taters and carrots. Cleaned everything,
got dishes done twice, washed laundry.
We headed out for medical stuff (no biggie now)
and then ate Hesburger for lunch, we used coupons!
I had a bacon burger and Spenser had a salad. We split
my fries and my drink and it was 12 euros, not bad.
Stocked up on like almost a pound of
Oreos for 1 euro :D. Yes I bought them lol..that's
a good price. Kettle chips are like crack darnit.
We came home and took the old nasty wood
to the dumping station, it wasn't too bad. We loaded up
the last nasty stuff to chunk at a later date. The yard work
went well. I will plant some perennials maybe.  

Woodpile was caused by someone who wasn't
happy with Spenser and I..they are gone from our lives
for good so it was totally time to clean that crap up and
move on!

We were busy from 11am to 5pm straight so today has
been a rest day. We went out to a thrift store
and got some groceries at Lidl..good quiet soft nice
kitteny trip :) lol

I'm addicted to the game Kingdom, SO addicting!

So that's about it here, I hope y'all are having a good
day! :)

Not missing this lol

Frugal Things and Frugal Finds....

Spenser and I went thrift store
hopping in April when I had a 
break from blogging. We have updated
some of the features in our house for super cheap
and thought I'd share...also some other frugal stuff.

1) Spenser wanted a used xbox game but it was 20 euros.
He cashed in some of his old ones he didn't play for money,
plus with a store card discount he got the game for about
2 euros! :)
2) I made barley and rice crackers some time ago...
can't remember the recipe since I accidently threw
it away lol.

3) Check out thrift stores with tables...sometimes you have a 
50% off deal and it's a GREAT save! We've only bought 
the stuff from half off booths and while it took a couple 
months, we're doing quite well at replacing some
of our older items.

I got this washable shower curtain for 1.20 euros

This light was 3 euros (not on half off but still
very cheap). It looks so much better than
what we had for years before. We found
another for the basement for 2.50 euros half off.

I needed some new sandals and found these at
Tarjoustalo for 2 euros!

WHAT a deal! Fit me great and very comfortable.

Have the hallway "winterproofed" via rugs. Not
the kind you can't wash, all these can be
machine washed! 

I got the white one with the shoe rack on it
today for .75 euros at a 50% off table. The grey/white
one was 2.50 euros at a half off table, and the glittery small one
('tis folded in half) was 1 euro at a half off booth too! All new
rugs (ugh melting snow at winter) for 4.25 euros! :)

It's spring yes, but being in Finland you always prepare
for winter...ALWAYS lol.

Honestly that's about what I can remember us
buying..I did get a cute wicker briefcase for
the books I'm working on (ha..looong story there). It was
1.50 euros. 

So that's been some of the nice
things we've gotten! 

Monday, May 9, 2016

Menu Monday..


Gluten free ham stirfry with rice

gluten free mackerel soup

tuna pineapple pizza

gluten free riisimuna with vege medley

Rice's a Finnish recipe. I don't bake the egg
but fry it and lay it on top of the's faster. You
flavor rice with sauteed onion and ketchup. I can
hear my sis cringing now :D lol It's actually really
good though, Finnish ketchup is WAY less syrupy.
decide that day
take out (medical whoopla)
gluten free cottage cheese 
casserole (yet to find recipe) with
fishsticks with carrots and potatoes
gluten free leftover soup
ramen with grilled cheese
gluten free egg tacos
decide that day
gluten free liver box with green beans
leftovers, takeout, or decide that day
Thanks for visiting and make sure
to visit Menu Monday for more!

Friday, May 6, 2016

There's a hole in my foot, dear Liza..

Our Pied Flycatcher...he's such a loud fart but
really cute. I wish he didn't sing the song of his
Polygamist people at 3am though lol.

Today Spenser was cleaning up the woodpile and
stepped on a board with a nail. :( Lindroos
people are pretty cursed with trying to do anything I think.

So I cleaned and bandaged it up, he went outside
to finish. I FOR THE LIFE OF ME couldn't find
the public health nurse's phone number anywhere on the

 I gave up and called the local ER and (thank you Lord!)
got a great nurse who spoke PERFECT english. She
said that he needed to see a doctor as soon as possible....
and we had no vehicles available...:/. 

FINALLY we got one and raced to the local health center
and got in! Spenser was given a tetanus booster and I
was too! :) Last I got was 2000...its been awhile lol :D Spenser
last got his in the 1994. :P

So that was a blessing! We went shopping and got more
fruit (4 pudding cups for 1.50 euros...yes for me) and 
then tried a local animal farm but it was closed. We
went to Lidl and got some pizza, came home the
scenic route.

Been a weird crazy day. Good news is a family
member isn't ill like we thought! Now only if
the other family wouldn't act like hysterical bunch
of weirdos we'd be good :) lol

So that's the update today !

Holy moly I love vinegar...

"MOM...I'M SUNBURNED!!!" How many times
did my Mom hear that growing up?  She'd break out
the white vinegar and a washcloth..and a few applications
later my sunburn didn't hurt at all! It took the "fever" out of 
it and by golly it's still my favorite sunburn cure.

Not that I'm ever in the sun now with eczema..I literally
burned my legs through my clothes today??

You can use vinegar for so much stuff, it's crazy!

1) Relieves genital itching..
People say with lichen sclerosis this helps a bunch. I
have used vinegar douching in the past when I had a pH
upset and it helped. I haven't tried it with my erosive 
lichen planus though, missing all that nice skin 
down there lol.
2) Relieves fever from sunburn..
3) Awesome soap scum remover...
I read this post at The Cotton Apron and it was
a game changer for me. 
Yesterday when I cleaned the bathroom floor, I took a 
bottle of white vinegar and just dumped it all over the 
floor. It popped and made all sorts of noises, SO easy to 
clean up in about 10 minutes later. 
4) Makes a great non chemical all purpose cleaner...

I love this stuff, use it to clean my stove and 
my counter. Also for the bathroom sink, toilet, you
name it. It doesn't give me a headache and smells nice!

5) Make your own buttermilk

Works great and I've used it for cookies back
in the day. 

Those are just some of the uses I can come 
up with but seriously I love this stuff. I can get a couple
of liters for a couple euros too, so cheap!

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Around the house...

Been a busy day today!

Woke up, put the cooking pedal to the metal!
Made potatoes and carrots for multiple meals,
 made a big batch of cauliflower soup, made 
hot dog sauce for later. We had egg tacos for lunch,
so good!

Spenser left for a big bike trip so I finally felt
good enough to clean the bathroom floor (been like...
since October since last time...I've been sick awhile
it seems lol). I dumped white vinegar out all over 
and I heard it sizzle and popping, devouring the
nasty soap scum. It took about 20 minutes
and that wasn't bad! A hard scrub and whoo! clean.

 I cleaned the toilet and the sink, and changed all
the towels and stuff. I'm pretty happy to have
a clean bathroom! :D 

I vacuumed's been AWHILE. I had
kept up with it though via dust mopping and
broom clean here and there. It's nice to have a less ewy
floor.  I dustmopped afterward too. My vacuum
doesn't seem to pick up smaller dust things.

I did like 3 loads of laundry today too..been busy! :) I
vacuumed downstairs too where Spenser sleeps. 

It's not a OMG you sleep apart...I snore and he
has insomnia so it works. Honestly we're happier for it!
Plus we can't fart on each other...that's a plus lol :D.

Yesterday  I dusted and cleaned out the bookshelves
Spenser uses. It wasn't too bad. I brought up all 
my summer clothes too and that went well!

We sat on the porch in the
afternoon and enjoyed the heat and sunshine too. :)

That's been about it today, but it is NICE
to have food cooked, the bathroom clean,
and floors nice and shiny :).

A month ago...don't quite miss that lol! :)

You know you shouldn't watch that...

Spenser and I heavily patrol ourselves
from new television, unless it's really

Everyone knows I love Tom Hiddleston
so I was whoo! after his new movies started
coming out in 2015 and 2016.

I loved him as Loki and have watched
a few of his movies since then. Only
Lovers Left Alive was really good. 
Sadly lots of the new ones coming out
are really full of violence and nudity.

I decided I'd never watch Crimson Peak.

Fast forward until we're on an airplane, 8 hours 30 minutes
until we land and I'm BORED. There is only so much 
beef jerky and Breaking Benjamin you can listen to.
(I dreamed Dark before Dawn for weeks). 

So I settled in and watched Crimson Peak. It
started pretty well but I got bored. It got to
the sex scene and I tried to fast forward it.

The touch screen didn't go, but then it got
kinda stuck. So I'm talking with the 
cabin crew lady while Tom Hiddleston
is getting rode like Marshal Dillon's horse :(..and
it was stuck on a loop cycle.

At the end there was Ghost Tom and that
made me cry....and it was a pretty cruddy
movie. :/

Really stick to your guns folks..if it doesn't
feel like a good thing to watch then don't.

Monday, May 2, 2016

Menu Monday...

I actually stuck to my menu during my
blogging absence! :) 


leftover gluten free ham soup (today's supper)

couscous with green beans, feta, and
fried eggs

ramen noodles with grilled cheese 

gluten free cauliflower soup

fishsticks with potatoes and carrots

gluten free decide that day

gluten free hotdogs and rice with veges


tuna melts with tinned fruit

gluten free egg tacos

gluten free nakki sauce with
taters and carrots

Google finnish hot dog sauce for recipe

gluten free leftover soup

creamed ham over bread

decide that day or leftovers

Thanks for visiting! Check out 
Menu Monday for more menus! :)

Been a busy day...

Finnish weather is nuts. It was like
5C last week and now it's 21C! The house
is of course heating up something fierce...80F inside or
27C. I try to remind myself that fall is around the
corner in a few months. :) I just don't tolerate
 heat well...figures lol!

We had a busy shopping day!

Went to Citymarket in Jumbo, got some
good deals. Cheap yogurt for me, cocktail
weiners for 1 euro, nuggets for 1 euro each...good
savings for me. 
Went to Prisma and it went well, got same
old same old. Only thing I didn't find after Vappu
was paper plates and mayo...Finns do strange things
on May Day lol.
Went to the pharmacy and it was much cheaper than
I thought! I got a kilo of fiber and it was 15 euros instead of 
19 so that was nice! 
I got some salmon meals and chicken meals (2 each)
on sale half off and those are in the freezer. I didn't find
any pizzas or liver box so oh well...keep an eye out for later.
Went to Lidl and restocked well...they never pull down
their old sales signs and this was like...3 hours after opening. They
are kinda scuzzy about that. 

Visited a bakery outlet and got a french loaf, big
sandwich bread, juice box (spenser drank my smoothie lol),
and 3 bags of carrot rolls for about 7 euros! Not bad!
We ventured over to Ikea and got more pillows,
new black toilet brushes (all don't have to see
old nasty poo stuff anymore), and a new shelf so I'd have a place for 
our coffee stuff. Spenser installed it and some hooks for my
towels and stuff in my kitchen.


Nice! :)  It will free up space in the cabinet 
for other things.
We came home (unloaded perishables) 
and ate lunch (storebought subs)
and watched some tv. Had coffee on the porch 
and I did 2 loads of laundry today too, plus 
put on the dishwasher.  
We had to put air in the tires of the 
other car, so of course the first gas station
we visit didn't work. We went across and it
was just fine. Front right tire was 2/3 lower
than it was supposed to...oopsy lol.

We checked out a thrift store, got a
great messenger bag for 1 euro! Spenser's 
carry on died when we got here so he's got
a new one. I might claim it too though, I like it :D.
Came home, talked with my folks, and ate supper.
Not really much else but it was a BUSY day for us!

Klaukkala art baby...looks like a poo lol.

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...