Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Around the house...

My reaction when...

You JUST wrote next month's grocery
list and were pretty happy it wasn't over when
your husband's action cam has died and my
headset died the day after my soundcard did.

:P Lindroos luck..if it wasn't for bad we'd have
none at all lol!

Changed battery in the French Loaf and it drove!
Came home and it died. Guess we'll need a new alternator. 
Stupid car died last July as well.

So that's about it here! I washed dishes
this morning and did some laundry. I
REALLY need to vacuum but it's hot as 
Hades and I'll get to it later :).

Hope y'all are having a good day!

Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Bunny butts...

Saw our family bunny and his lady friend
one morning about a month ago. They visited
and didn't leave until well into noon and stayed
a couple days here.

Mostly the view you get lol. His little poo
pellets are all over the yard.

Who is that fat lady taking photos?

Dude...stop it.

I CAN SEE YOU! Where are my carrots?

Very beautiful creatures :).

Monday, June 27, 2016

Around the house...

Bridges near our home...walk from April..

I have so many spring pictures to burn up lol!

Found my 15 euro sound card died :( NOOOOOOO. 
Oh least the headset is still kicking. I kill my
electronics so bad...just Lindroos luck lol.

Hope y'all are having a good week!

We had a good Juhannus (expect pictures..sometime?)

We ate a good meal and stayed home on Friday. Honestly it
was braindead quiet, super quiet for Midsummer!

Still don't have the French bread loaf fixed yet. Hopefully
that gets worked on this week. Thanks Peugeot for 
making your batteries incredibly hard to remove!

Saturday we got out and did some shopping. Thankfully
some stores were open! We saw a pretty bridge and walked on it,
got some photos.  We ate McDonalds for lunch :D
Sunday was pretty quiet too...we had a nice big drive around
Tuusula and Nurmijarvi. 
Today was pretty okay. I cooked quite a bit
for the week ahead (I'm feeling sick, sore shoulder and my
guts are off again).
I made couscous with ham n veges, salmon vege soup,
and nakki sauce with taters all at once. Easy stuff. We
ate egg tacos for lunch, I needed to use up 
some taco shells. 
We drove around Helsinki so Spenser could make
a vlog video. It came out well, plus I got some pics. :)
That's honestly been it. It was 28C yesterday and today
it was 14C and rainy...Finnish weather can't make it's
mind up! 
Hope y'all are having a good week out there!

Menu Monday...



had egg tacos with ham today, nom!

gluten free salmon vege soup

gluten free nakki sauce with mashed taters

tuna melts with fruit

decide that day

? no idea..probably nuke burgers

gluten free cauliflower soup


leftover ham n vege couscous

we had had ham n vege couscous for supper tonight

gluten free leftover salmon soup

fishsticks and leftover mashed taters

gluten free thawed liver box and green beans

takeout or restock meal (we tend
to get expensive subs once a month)

gluten free mackerel rice with veges or ?

End of the month meh menu :D lol

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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Around the house...

Man alive it's been an interesting
time since blogging last lol.

One Pied Flycatcher egg! This was taken
some weeks ago. The baby fledged and we missed it :(
To boot Robert has been flying up looking at the house
like...well's over. :( We both had empty
nest syndrome concerning baby bird I guess.

Then Nibbler showed up today!!! He ran up
to Spenser and rubbed his belly! :D We
gave him some bread and he spent about 20
minutes up in the pine tree just eating, chilling.

:) Solved my empty nest feelings lol!

Tuesday we went on a big shopping trip,
it went okay! Spenser's Mom took like an hour
just window shopping....*sigh* lol. Thankfully
we had stuff to entertain ourselves with at Jumbo.

Wednesday was pretty good. We got out
and did some shopping at Tammisto citymarket
and Lidl...they had good sales. Nothing like blow
your socks off but good deals on yogurt...stuff like that. today has been like a week's worth
of bullcrap rolled into one day.

Spenser has to see ANOTHER DOCTOR before
he can get in line for therapy for his anxiety. He had
to do some blood tests and other things before which just
doesn't make f*cking sense in my mind...but whatever.
So we took the Paskabox car in and of course, it 
wouldn't start after Spenser had his bloodwork. :/ We had
to wait for his dad to give us a jump and of course, his
Dad couldn't find any cables and had to buy new. 

Thankfully we had enough money for breakfast, it
was croissants and yogurt drinks.  You know you're
poor when you don't have bus ticket money lmao. 
(Wonder why we don't live Stateside? It's f*cking crazy
expensive to move to USA and live there. We just
don't have the cash on top of a shit list of 1000s 
of other reasons why. We'd of been bankrupt in
the States with all my health issues and no insurance.)
 Well guess after years of blogging it's 
good to get that out there lol.

So I fed a seagull and named him Grumpy Bob
while we waited for the jump. 

Finally got home at 10am...we must of waited 1.5
hours so that was sucky. Thankfully I had a super early
load of laundry and then today I stripped all the bedding
and did 4 loads of laundry including all the sheets/etc.

Spenser has had multiple panic attacks today,
and I'm f*cking worn out. I had a serious bout of
colitis getting off the antibiotics I 
spent most of this week on the toilet to be frank.

Hopefully the shitbox car gets fixed...but who knows.
I love to blast this from the mountain tops. WE'RE POOR. 
Like...POOR. Like hey this holler looks pretty good lol.

So that's been my week so far :P

Monday, June 20, 2016

Around the house...

Forest walk some months ago...

My antibiotics quit today and I do say, I feel
better! I had a bit more energy today so I 
was able to clean a bit.

Yesterday I did clean up the sink and potty.

Today I cleaned the oven after a big cookahead.
I hate cooking a bunch when it gets hot, it just
works out to cook in bulk twice a week for me. :) If
I want to. Winter I tend to do more stuff daily since
I'm not burning to death lol.

I did a load of laundry too and dustmopped.  On
the "charts" this week I hopefully
get around to changing sheets and vacuuming.

Ha ha charts, I
just wing what the hell I feel like doing homemaker
wise. That includes eating chips at 9am in my
nightgown playing Kingdom lol.

So that's what's been up. We got out 
and shopped a bit after Spenser mowed
the yard. We got some good deals but nothing
mind blowing lol.

I hope y'all are having a good Monday out there!


Menu Monday..


gluten free (GF) mackerel soup (lunch today)

GF sausage stirfry with converted rice

chicken nuggets with taters and carrots

tuna melts with canned fruit (supper tonight)

decide that day 

Juhannus Meal (midsummer)

GF pasta with hotdogs and veges


GF leftover mackerel soup

GF leftover stirfry (if none left we'll have riisimuna)

fishsticks with taters and carrots

meatballs in gravy with veges and mashed taters

decide that day

creamed ham on toast

GF leftover pasta with veges

Midsummer Meal

Peach betty for dessert

Parmesan and bacon grill sausage (made in oven)

thaw Karelian pies

thaw Lanttu box

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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Saturday, June 18, 2016

Ramblings and Updates...

Ah Willem, he's a goober! 

Sorry for the lack of posts this week, I ended up
with the telltale smell of vaginosis so I've been on
antibiotics. Instant trots and just feeling super under
the weather, plus a fever! 5 years of an undiagnosed
infection will do that to you :P lol.

Sorry if that's too much info..honestly this blog
probably qualifies as TMI lol.

We've had a pretty quiet week for the most part,
I've been resting. Lots of easy food, too tired to cook
anything really. Thank goodness for tacos and valmis ruoka..too
tired to translate that bit lol.

Weather has been super rainy and cool, and it's been nice!
I have super enjoyed it. I hope it doesn't get too hot, I'm 
too pooped for heat.

Good news, I got a pelvic floor therapy appointment
for September! It's already looking to be a busy fall 
and we're not out of June yet lol!

Vaginosis, pelvic floor dysfunction, vulvodynia,
and erosive lichen planus. WHY DOES MY

Speaking of hating vaginas, Tom Hiddleston
is dating/boinking Taylor Swift.

Really Tom? Really? God just get married,
crap out 4 kids and start teaching a class on
acting already! 

I'm having my period right now to boot so
I can be grumpy and blog what I want lol.

Pretty least we have Gabe..

 Yes....yeeeeeeeeeeeees. Damn you unworking

Anywho, meh. Oh yeah Spenser's Mom
called me a Princess lmao! Some of y'all
know the interesting personal issues about
that so it was freaking hilarious :D

Also I figured out the asshole teacher who saw
me being dragged into the bathroom and didn't do
shit. He was this old ex Navy asshole who hated women.
He was just awful and rude to us girls in the class. It was
around the time my aunt died also in 2001 spring...what a
crap time that was.  My teacher was on maternity
leave and this prick got to take care of us students.

Man wish we had this guy as a teacher then lol.

I've been having PTSD dreams about the crap again...
*sigh*.  So that's really all that's going on here..

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Around the house...

The blog was on auto publish most
of last week. It has been a tiring week
of medical, trust me on that lol.

Spenser's dental exam went well!
He needs a filling, a filling replaced,
and his gums scraped. Other than that
he's okay! It was heck finding
the place though, an old 1960s bunker school. 
I had my new visit to the vulva
specialist last Friday. 

1) I have bacterial vaginosis and have
 had it for years. Definitely got worse after
miscarriage all those years ago. She said if
my husband can smell the fishy smell...yeah it's
pretty bad. I have antibiotics for it now. Multiple
rounds of antibiotics lol.

2) My ulcer/lesions have healed up! The Dermovat
worked well but we have to switch me to something lower 
I can use daily. I am using another topical chemo
called Elidel and I tolerate it better being a cream than
petroleum based (Hey Mom, I'm having that now too lol!). 
I am having a special cream mixed together of sulpher, lotion,
hydrocortizone, and something else.  It hasn't come yet but
hopefully soon.

3) Oral treatments for erosive lichen planus suck
and make more problems than they solve 
(remember oxiklorin and me?).

4) I was prescribed the wrong medicine which aggravated 
my conditon, oh yeah!

So basically we're doing a bunch of treatments again
to keep the ulcers/lesions healed.  My specialist is
located in the "ew" part of the hospital, STD clinic. So well...
that sucks but hey she's REALLY nice and cool!
We tried to make my appointment for the vulvodynia
specialist but alas, the newbie clerk lady couldn't
find the referral in the system...though my doc talked
with me about it on Friday and saw it lol. *sigh*.


Things that were out of my control and royally pissed me off
left us without a car for Spenser's doctor's visit today. He's
going to get the therapist!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful news
and all! He'll get bloodwork done soon too to check
up on him. 

All aboard! How we got home today.

Friday, June 10, 2016


At the cafe in May. We had ice creams.

Britney? :D

My favorite shot of all.

Wednesday, June 8, 2016


Robert knows he's one handsome polygamist birdie! 
Just look at how regal and poised he is...

Maybe not? lol

Monday, June 6, 2016

Menu Monday...

A leftover meal we had a couple 
months ago. Green beans with couscous and feta,
hard boiled egg, leftover potatoes, and mackerel
in tomato sauce. It was GOOD!

Due to lots of medical whoopla this week
I cooked a bunch early so I can just reheat
and all, don't have to stress. I'll make
tacos and stuff amongst the precooked
stuff if I want something too.


 Lunch today was salmon soup with
carrot bread rolls.  (Soup was GF)

 ham, vege medly, and couscous and feta

GF nakki sauce with instant potatoes

take out or storebought quick reheat
(probably mcdonalds wednesday, friday)

ham n pineapple pizza

decide that day

GF riisimuna (rice eggs)
with veges...I need to make a 
how to of this Finnish recipe. 


Supper today will be tuna melts
with canned fruit.

leftovers couscous/ham/vege stuff with feta

GF salmon soup

decide that day

GF scrambled egg tacos 

GF cauliflower soup

GF leftover soup or boughten
liver box with veges (need the iron :P)

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Nakki Kastike....or Finnish Hot Dog Sauce...


Saute your hot dogs. I use gluten free cheapo
hotdogs. I use about 5 for both Spenser and I
for one meal of nakki sauce.

Use some flour and make a roux. I use
gluten free flour for my roux, they make
a great sauce. 

Add about 1.5 to 2 cups of water. You can add
some bouillion too. I use Fond Du Chef since
they don't have celery or soy in their chicken stuff...
at least in Finland.

Now here the recipe gets a bit American. I use
paprika, garlic, onion, and black pepper powder. Finnish
recipe doesn't really use any of those but we have
a Finnglish fusion thing going on here lol.

Ketchup, the secret ingredient! I have
lower sugar/salt ketchup. 

A big squirt and mix it up well. Let it boil for
a couple of minutes.

DONE! Put to the side or eat over boiled
potatoes. It's really good!

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...