Friday, July 29, 2016

Helsinki Tech Museo 5 of 5

Lots of big tools!


Cool old boiler thing!

In case the plant didn't work, they had
coal powered ovens for power.

Lots of oven thingies.

Coal storage. I used flash, and hey, no
ghosts lol.

Railroad tracks on the floor, you can 
see where they brought the coal in.

This is a SHOVEL the coal
guys used to load it into the ovens.
Spenser is well over 6 feet (over 183cm)
and looks HOW huge that thing is!

Me standing next to a massive turbine
blade. I'm 152cm so that thing is massive!

I hope y'all liked the pics :)

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Helsinki Tech Museuo 4 of Wha?

We were told by the nice lady about the 
power station! It still works which is neat! :)

Bridge again :)

Stinky river. I hope we didn't have a 
poo mist going on when we were on the walkway. You
can't help but get sprayed lol.

What really grinds my gears..I'm here all night!

Cool old sink. Remember (my family) the
little red plastic drinking thing stuck on the side
of the house in Ohio we could drink from? Like
a small water fountain? :D

More boilers and stuff.

Yeah that's a small staircase...I mean SMALL.
Like I barely fit lol. I'm fat but not that fat.
People were smaller in those days.

Funny I had trouble due my chunky and
Spenser had trouble because he's over 6 feet lol :D

Cool dragon pattern!

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Home Medicine..What works for me...Aloe Vera...

Disclaimer: Not a doctor so if this seems
weird to you, ask a doctor before trying :). 

I'm not paid for this, but am interested in treating some
of my health issues naturally. 

Things I have Found Aloe Vera Gel Good For

1) Itchy piles or hemorrhoids (might burn for a few seconds)
2) Soothing for eczema outbreak
3) Soothing on face for rosacea flare, can use
instead of washing with soap.
4) Clitoris itching (might burn for a few seconds)
5) Sunburn (I can't be in the sun but heard it works)
6) Inner ear canal itching (helps a bunch)
7) Moisturizing inside of your nostrils (really good for that
at winter and if you have boogers..(lol))
8) Moisturizing your feet (ashy issues like me)
9) Itchy scalp issues
 So I hope these help if you have the same
issues and want a cheap alternative :).

Monday, July 25, 2016

Around the house...

28C inside (82F)...I shouldn't complain
because back home it's 36C or 96F...ouch!

I skipped Menu Monday last week and
so it figures it's not happening for two weeks lol!
I went ahead and did it anyway :D 

I'm always interested in what other people
eat, curse of the homemaker...figuring out
what to cook lol.

I hope ya'll had a good week last week!
I took some time off blogging, just feeling
pretty run down. 

Can y'all throw a prayer out to my Dad and Mom?
They are having mucho stomach upset and issues
lately. Thanks!

Not really much happening to blog about though. Today
is one of the cooler this week so I did the sheets and pillow
cases plus normal laundry. 

I cooked pasta salad ahead, chicken soup, and eggs
for egg salad. I made the dressing and tomorrow I'll
mix it together in the morning so the pasta salad
will be good for lunch :). It's too hot to eat heavy
meat meals.

I have SO much to do here of late. I have my list
of stuff to do before fall and I'll get to it here and there :).
Clutter, so much clutter!!!

That's just a quick bit. I hope y'all have a great week! :)

Menu Monday..

We're having the last hurrah it seems for summer,
and that's okay. I'm praying it goes over quick and
we just get some fall weather here fast :). I'm ready!

Changes in the way I write the menu,
we have the wheat free recipes and then
the normal recipes. 

Wheat Free Lunch or Supper

chicken soup

leftover chicken soup

cauliflower soup

leftover cauliflower soup

ham pasta salad

thawed liver box with green beans

thaw frozen hot dog pasta with green beans

Wheat Lunch or Supper

egg salad sandwiches with canned fruit

tuna melts with canned fruit *lunch today*

egg white tacos or egg sandwiches
(eggs are easy protein in heat)

thaw pizza

microwave ramen and have sandwiches

meatballs with potatoes

decide that day..*we had this
micowave meal and it was GOOD!*
Got 2 for 2 euros in the sales bin :)

Thanks for stopping by! Though there
is no Menu Monday, thought I'd share mine
anyways :).

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Around the house...

The urge to fall clean is starting with me but
I've been sick an IBD flare for 3 days now. I
wish I'd quit pooping/cramping!

I hope y'all are having a good day out there! :)

I have been so sick I've haven't been cooking..
and y'all know me...I ALWAYS cook. So we've
been doing pretty okay with throw together meals..
and ironically following my menu this week lol!
I have SO much to do! I need to vacuum, clean,
organize, ahhhhhhhh! WHY do I get these urges
when I'm sick and barely able to move? lol
The weather has been pretty pleasant at least.
Spenser got out for a bike trip today.  We've been
home and that's not bad, just relaxing as best I can.
I'm writing another book, hurrah! :P 
So that's about what's up here. Hopefully
cook tomorrow and then on Friday Spenser
has another therapy visit.

Monday, July 18, 2016

Helsinki Tech Museo...3 of Hiddleswift

Inside from the other side. We took the
elevator and it was max 320 kilos lol! Old timey lol!

Robot overlord!

Mining driller but looks like a robot!

Choo choo!

Pretty cool miner's hats and lamps/head lamp. Shows
the progression.

Dark, dirty work!  Thankful that someone
does it!

Rock samples!!!!!




Uranium!  Talc for my cooter issues! (intertrigo)

One of those sparkly ones is lead :D

Oven! :)

Friday, July 15, 2016

Helsinki Tech Museum : 2 of Willem Dafoe...


Kids complaining about not having a new Iphone...
well at least you didn't have to pick up recycling!
In the cold! Uphill! Dead chickens for shoes! :D Dad lol :D

Barrels...Spenser said Finnish tar was important
for ships and ropes.


Anyone else see it? 

Miniature refinery 

PRETTY. I love shiny :D I'm a Magpie lol

Finnish dude got a Nobel.. filter :/ lol

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...