Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Around the house...


Did I ever tell you guys about the trash pick
up people last year? We have shared trash
can bins since we have a housing company. 
The normal guy sent his 16 year kid to do his 
route (Saturday night so guess he was drinking)
and so the teenagers try...aaaaaaaaaaand
rip the door right off the holding container for
our trash.
I heard and saw them, but since I don't
speak fluent Finnish, I was like meh. Spenser's 
brother was like WTF the next day...and I 
was still meh lol! At least they rested the busted door
on the trash unit instead of throwing it away
with the rest of the rubbish :D lol
 Today has been okay, but stressful. Spenser has
had multiple panic attacks and I'm having 
PTSD about the rape stuff. idea why
but it's been BAD the past week.
Stupid random thoughts like "Would have
it been different if the guys were the same race as me?" 
HELL NO it wouldn't change a thing. 
Just meh, it's a Whirpool of crap
in my brain here of late. :/
It's hard to blog/be in contact with
people having Spenser's panic attacks
and my PTSD stufff..hence lack of any
foreblogging. The past couple of weeks
have been pretty stressful.
Tomorrow hopefully we restock and Friday
Spenser has his dentist stuff. Hope y'all
are having a good day out there!
 Which one is Sofie? Can you guess? (Not my gif
but Sofie acts that way lol.) Tonight I got 
treated to squirrel parkour.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Around the house...

Man today has been a busy day! :) 

teenage Blackbird we had a couple days ago :). 
We have been having a couple of pigeons hanging
around too and I'll upload those photos later on.

This morning we woke up, Spenser and I
had a nice morning of cuddling. I took Levolac
though last night so nothing like waking up to
machine gun farts then falling back asleep. Hey..
keeping it real :D lol 

We had melties for breakfast (cheese slices
nuked on gluten free cracker bread) and Spenser
went for a run. I started cooking and of course my
Italian spice fell and shattered all over the floor. Plus side,
the vacuum smells like pizza spices lol.

That aside, cooking went well. I made chicken soup,
BBQ chicken melts for us for lunch today, hot dog 
gluten free pasta with veges too. Also some mashed
potatoes to eat with fish sticks and stuff. It went well. I
loaded up the dishwasher and ran it too.

I did about 5 loads of laundry today. I washed
our towels and normal clothes. Then I quick washed
a couple loads.

 Spenser and I set out after eating lunch
(and me having cramping/poops again but quit
as soon as I took the Somac meds). We stopped
by Lidl and got some yogurt and cheese. 

We went to Jumbo and got some decaf coffee.
Spenser and I gambled a little and won 40 euros! :D
That was nice and a blessing! :)
We went to Starbucks with half off coupons
(which have disappeared from Citymarket..nooo)
and got middle size drinks. I got a coupon for a free
drink since they didn't have mine!!! :) AWESOME! :)
We then headed out to Selki thrift store. Fall is 
coming and I found a XXL sweater that fits me
TO A T! The thing is about my size...I'm a XXL
on top and a 3x to 4x on bottom. It is hard to find
stuff that fits accordingly. 4 euros too! :)
We went to Tokmanni (tarjoustalo formally)
in Klaukkala. Found some noodles for super
cheap and I got 5 pairs of socks for 3 euros!!! Anttila 
has a closeout sale and I didn't find anything so good!
So that a blessing! We went to Lidl before coming home,
restocked on milk. I washed the stuff
as soon as we came home.
Spenser's parents came home, they had been
overnight on a trip. It was so quiet :D. Not 5 minutes
home, BHAM! his dad watching tv on the couch lol :D 
They surprised me coming home so early, before 5pm. 
:) lol So we were out for 4 hours! Crazy long time. We had fun
though! Came home and skyped with my folks! :)
So that's been today! Friday Spenser has a 
dentist visit. I have to work on the grocery list
for this week too. Next week my fysiotherapy...
can't spell that in English..for my crotch
will begin...hopefully that has some benefit.
So we've had a good and FULL day. Spenser now
has a slight fever, ( I do too), and his brother and 
girlfriend are home sick...:P ILLNESS :/.
 Me right now, laughing at life's weirdness lol

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Around the house...

LOOK at that smile! Sofie is a cute little fart :D 
Fall is coming when the squirrels show up.
We came home at some point and she twerked at 
us while we were in the car lol! :D Fart. 
So I am still having a slight fever, 37.3C or 99F. My
normal temp is 36.6 or 97.8F (my core temp
changed after swine flu..go figure). 
I have been having intense cramps around
my belly button, today it was bad enough I 
doubled over at Ikea. ulcers have
opened. I had the same here in 2002 when I
first moved to Finland. 
I have some leftover
Somac from my Oxiklorin days and within
30 minutes of taking it, I feel WAY better! So
note to future self, when I'm having severe 
cramps and feeling I'm pooping acid, it's ulcer time!

We had a small party, I made these
from the mix I bought a couple weeks ago.

Mmm. Spenser and I had one each from the oven
and I had one at the party. We have 3 leftover so 
pretty popular. Mmmmm :D 

My fever spiked and thankfully I got out...
I was BORED. Plus I was Tumblr looking at 
pictures of Gabe "Guns" Brown.

Pretty sure I look like this during ovulation. My egg
is supposed to drop (BUY MY ALBUM YO!) tomorrow
or by Tuesday. I.Chart.Everything lol.
I made us pizza for supper, leftovers for another
meal tomorrow. Spenser and the guys are playing Xbox together :).
I took the time and washed some dishes, then admired
the sunset.

Pretty! :)
We had a big day out yesterday. I found this 
AWESOME mother of pearl inlay Oriental 
figurine for .10 cents. TEN CENTS. I found
a cool necklace but it broke right after I
bought it lol.

The coming and going fever, Mono, and my
ulcers have kept me from really blogging this week. I haven't
cooked ahead either. We've done well considering. :) 
Hope y'all are doing good out there!

Oh yeah, I got a letter from THE VATICAN. Mucho

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dream last night...

I was sitting under some trees on the
gravel and grass at Charlie Elliot Wildlife center
with my Mom. It was me but not me..if that makes sense.
My family but not my family...

Mom asked me why I let my boyfriend look
through my phone. I said it wasn't a big deal and 
Mom said that relationships need more trust.

Boyfriend popped up, he held my hand and
we walked down one of the many gravel
roads headed towards home. He had curly
dark hair.

Next thing I know we're at some ice cream
stand like in What's Eating Gilbert Grape.
Boyfriend cracked a joke about getting
a job there and they needed someone so
he got hired.

Next thing we're back at my parent's
apartment. (They live in a house in real life).
It was a two bedroom kinda rundown place,
and my sister and I shared a room. The beds
were surrounded by sheets for privacy. Mine
was yellow and my sister's was red.

In the living room boyfriend slept on the 
couch. No funny business, just innocence 
and feeling hopeful about the future. 

I cradled his head against my chest as he


Funny how you miss innocence, real life
can be really sucky.

Kotka Museo Pics 8 of Willem Dafoe's Poopdeck..

Really old shipwreck pieces from the 1200s. The second
one looks like the poopdeck :D

Cool! Kaukola means far away place
Spenser said.

Signal lantern for ships..

They have TONS of miniatures or models at the museo.

Spenser and I one day...:) 

Stuff not to get lost at sea and sextons.

They had some things sailors would take home.
This is a tree made entirely of seashells. I really loved it.

Fake mermaids. Ew. Reminds me of watching
Ripleys Believe it or Not as a kid. 

Saint Nicholas

Pretty sobering they found these in the wreckage.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Around the house...

Sofie enjoying a snack :) 

Not much been kicking here. Well alot but 
I forget so much lol. :) I've been enjoying not
cooking though! :) Tomorrow we're having
chicken tacos :D.

We came across some money (woo!) so
we went to restock and went to Jumbo. We had
half off coupons to the new Starbucks and we had
larges, it was GOOD. I had peppermint mocha decaf :D.
Even better it was cheap :D lol

Spenser went to hang around when I went shopping. I got
rice porridge bowls for tomorrow for breakfast, 2 for 2 euros.
4 pack of fruity yogurt for 1 euro, 3 drinkable yogurts for 2 euros,
and in the other store I saved 30 cents on meat patties. Not shabby! :)

We came home and chilled. Spenser was going to meet 
his friend for supper (hello grilled cheese and 
In the Heat of the Night...can't help it..I can't
stand Bubba..more of a Parker girl myself :D)
 but alas, nope! Trying to arrange a dinner
with a friend who lives out of state and has a sick
kid...not easy.

We just relaxed a bunch. I've been tons of candy like 
it's going out of style..I just feel really crappy here of late. 
The heavy steroid cream gave me microtears so my lesions
opened on the uh..."slit" I guess you call it for my crotch
and around my vagina. Not feeling so hot here.

I have Mono, AGAIN. Brought on by stress about
something magical that hopefully will happen..or
start happening soon.

I'm not pregnant, we're not moving to America,
and we're not visiting...but something *magical*
hopefully will start happening soon in September beyond
this wall :) 

Prayers please, it's been already met with quite the
opposition and all. Pray that it will be continued
and that our finances won't be "conflicted" by it. Thanks
a bunch! :)

Today I did some laundry and washed some dishes
by hand, that's about it  :).

Poor baby squirrel :( She had a face injury
but is doing okay now. I named her Reba and 
she doesn't know what to make of bread yet :).

Oh I FINALLY got my desk and drawers cleaned too! It 
took 2 hours and I had a big trash bag full of random stuff. 
I have a looooong way to go to declutter little things here and there.

I hope y'all are having a good week so far! :) 

Monday, August 22, 2016

Menu Monday...

Beginning of the week I'm on a 
easy if not no cooking schedule. I'm taking some
time for me and not doing any stressful recipes :).


We had tuna melts with fruit for lunch.

Supper will egg white tacos.


wheat free thawed liver box with green beans

thawed pizza


thawed wheat free potato meals (with ham or fish)

Thursday - Sunday 

(All made in large batches)

wheat free mackerel soup

wheat free chicken pasta with veges

couscous with ham and veges (or I'll use sausage)

fishsticks and veges, decide that day or party food

Thanks for visiting and check out
Menu Monday for more stuff!

Kotka Museo Pics 6 of Willa What What?

 Lots of cool old photos :)


Boys goofing off and girls doing work..hmm..
things haven't changed ;) lol 

Kotka port I think...

I fall in stairs and these dudes rode

NOOOOOOOO. Nightmare material! 
(it's a boat rolling in bad waves)

Finnish version of Ghostbusters car lol :D

I have a photo of Spenser's grandpa driving one
just like this with a sidecar.

Pizza box? :D 

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...