Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Around the house...

Hall when I finally cleaned it on Tuesday.

Other side. The sheets are downstairs and
all the kitchen stuff will disappear whenever
we get the kitchen built.

It is nice to have a space for odds
and ends meant for that :).

I cooked some on Tuesday and did a bunch
of laundry. It was rather a quiet day though.

Today has been okay. I'm tired, had some
insomnia last night. We had tuna melts
for lunch and then left for Spenser's appointment.

It was ANOTHER evaluation and we'll
hear if he gets extended therapy in about a month.
Please pray for him to receive it, thanks a bunch! Poor
dude has been through a bunch and the pile keeps

We came home around 16:30pm after going to Ikea
and checking out lights and laundry baskets.  I skyped
with my folks then we ate taters and carrots and BBQ
chicken we got cheap on sale in cans. It was okay..I prefer my
own :D.

So that's been the day. I'm pretty worn out and so is Spenser.
 Hope y'all are having a good day!

Monday, September 26, 2016

Around the house...

Tammisto sunset a couple weeks back.

Weekend was pretty quiet for us. Sunday I 
felt up to cleaning the bathroom and so it went 
well! I cleaned the top of the medicine cabinet and 
chunked a bunch of going old medications.  I cleaned
the inside of that too.

 I cleaned the floor. I cleaned around the toilet and
cleaned it too. I cleaned the sink as well. I used
about a half liter of vinegar but it's 
clean now and that makes me happy!


The floor IS clean. The lovely stains
on the lower half of the tile is where the
old clunker shower cabinet was. They
used some industrial grease crap and it's
impossible to clean up without replacing
 the tile....*sigh* lol.

John is clean. It wasn't bad though. I 
used my mom's tip about a washcloth and
a stick to get into the hard spot between the wall
and the john. Now if Spenser has his friends
over the crapper won't look so bad hopefully lol!

My fibro was like NO after an hour and I don't blame it lol! 
That was the FINAL thing on my fall cleaning list so whoo! :)

Today Spenser and I celebrated our 14th anniversary! :) We
had some good food (easy thawed stuff) and we watched
a bunch of tv. 

Around the afternoon we got out. We stopped at TH Market
and I got 2 headbands for 2 euros! I need to control the Jew
Fro, my hair is just BHAM! all over the place.  

We went to the recycling place and Spenser found
two dressers for 20 euros a piece! SUPER cheap. I went
with his idea and when we got them home, they fit most of
our stuff PERFECTLY! Saved a bunch and Spenser didn't
have to put together a bunch of crap lol :D

NICE! Tons of space. We kept 1/2 of the 
old white dresser thing (Spenser recycled the rest)
and I LOVE them! :) Not bad! Plus I have
more space on my altar! :)
We visited Jumbo and did some grocery shopping. We
checked out Bargain Basement in Klaukkala and Tokmanni
but didn't buy anything. :) Good trip!
Spenser moved tons of the dressers and I moved
our stuff around. Now we have more space in the hall
I'll make good use of it :).
So that's all here! :) 

All I want to do lol. I want to play Kingdom and
neglect my homemaking lol.

become one with the pizza...

Goodbye responsibliteis...also good spelling
with dyslexia lol.

Menu Monday...

Hot Dog Pie was REALLY good. I added some feta
to the top instead of the recommended cheese and it
was GOOD. I used 1 cup homemade Bisquick and 
this was awesome :D. I REALLY recommend this.

Our anniversary meal. We had thawed garlic
cream potatos, cheese and bacon thawed sausage,
and leftover cali veges. It was REALLY good. We ate
at home since the car situation was kinda funky today.

Monday - Anniversary meals...
Food above plus liverbox and green beans for supper. At 
least it was a gluten free day!

Tuesday - gluten free cream of chicken vege soup 
chicken nuggets with potatoes and carrots

Wednesday - kinda depends...Spenser's medical
stuff is after our lunch time so we'll eat at home probably.

Leftover GF soup and a decide that day or ramen.

Thursday - tuna melts with fruit, thaw gluten free
chicken and rice, eat it with eggs or something.

Friday - nuggets with taters and carrots, 
with potatoes and carrots or other veges.

Saturday - ham and pineapple pizza (or tuna),
and thaw gluten free ham potato soup

Sunday - gluten free bbq chicken we found
canned, or bbq hotdogs  with veges....meat patties
with veges

Thanks for visiting and make sure to visit
Menu Monday   for more menus! :)

END OF THE MONTH!          

Kotka Pics 13 of Willem's...I don't honestly know anymore lol

The lower right thingie is a oil can.

Pottery from old wreckage..


Furry dead stuff..

Quite the cannon...

Quite the ram rod...

lol :D 

One of those rope gun things I think.



Saint Anne would but she
has no hands :( lol. She's Mary's
Mom. Mary wasn't conceived in sin
thus she could carry Jesus in the womb.
Something like that, Catholics can't
agree on anything lmao :D. 

Building a boat!

Finnish flag...maritime edition..

Cold water suit, keeps you alive
longer. Kinda funky looking but would
be nice in Finnish winter lol.

Our Finnish lion thingie. 

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Around the house...

A small Ikea kitchen we saw. :) Hopefully one day lol!

Pretty funky to think we've been in the new addition for
a week tomorrow!
Yesterday was a good day. My visit to fysio therapy
went well. I was given dilators to help my vaginal pain and 
I have basically no muscle definition in some of the muscles
in my vagina. I have to pressure release points and keep
the dilator in to help my vaginal muscle tone. Kate
Bush is now the proud owner of Femmax  dilators.

I was given a referral to call a therapist about
the attempted rape in high school. That will be
great to talk about and move on from. My fysiotherapist
was really wonderful and supportive when I mentioned it.

Dilator isn't a sex toy, it's a medical device. I'm ANNOYED
that people keep trying to sexualize dysfunction in women.
It's not kinky, it's not erotic. Using dilators is actually really
painful but necessary for vaginal tissue issues. It's also for
lichen planus so that's a plus for me!

Okay rant over :D lol

We got some groceries and came home, I took a day off
of any chores yesterday. Watched some tv, just chilled.

Today has been a good day!

Spenser had a rough night so we had a slow start to
the day. I did two loads of laundry in the morning, clothes
and sheets/pillow cases. It went fast!

Lunch was leftover cauliflower soup and we
watched some tv. We went to Motonet afterwards
and got ant poison since we've got a nest butt up
to our foundation. Now we've got an active kitchen
going here, it's been kinda freaking me out. I HATE ants.

After that we went to Jumbo and did some more grocery
shopping. We visited Lidl and got some cheapo cheese
and muffins on sale. We checked out Lantilla but they
had zilch for sale...good thrift store stuff isn't really
there anymore.

We came home and had coffee, watched more tv. Supper
was ham and egg tacos :).

I dustmopped too. DUST. lol So that's just been
what's going on here. :)

Kotka Museo 12 of Stephen Lang is a Hot Grandpa...

1640s shipwreck decoration..

ANOTHER mini boat. 

Book is from 1775.

"Tis a lady but reminds me of
the Cookies n Cream dude.


Side view..

Pretty cool...hope ya'll can read it.

One of those front decoration things. I didn't find
any info but it  reminded me of Stephen Lang lol.

Anyone else? Mom? :D lol 

Can't believe dude above is the same! Homeboy
got ripped! Well he can get a senior discount
on the polygamy bus :D lol 

Monday, September 19, 2016

Around the house..

Man alive, feels like I haven't blogged in forever.

So we're really enjoying the new apartment! :) It's just
so nice having a large space, don't feel confined. Plus the couch
is mucho comfortable. Spenser spends more time laying on me :D lol

Thanks for the wonderful comments, I appreciated them all! :)

We just kind of rested on the weekend after moving
stuff around. I've done laundry out the wazoo lately
and tomorrow I might do depends. My left
foot is really sore, hurts to walk.

I finally got around to mending my pile of stuff!
It wasn't too bad. Spenser's exercise pants from 2004 or 2006
are in the "paint" pile. I couldn't sew them anymore and
just duct taped the butt lol. I mended this great
cutaway it!

I love it except it's like HERE ARE MY BOOBS
We have the heater on in the living room/kitchen now.
We like to sleep really cold in the bedroom so that's
the last minute kinda deal. :) Nights have been 4c or 39F. COLD.
I am enjoying fall though :) Critters abound. Sofie is still
eating bread like a crazy squirrel (only one slice a door tore up into bits).
I FINALLY got Reba to try bread! She liked it, she ate it sitting
in a pile of leaves listening to me and Spenser lol.
I have moved all the summer clothes to the basement. I need to
wash jackets and stuff but the hats/gloves are cleaned
and ready to go.
Spenser thinks we'll have snow by his birthday and I agree,
wouldn't surprise me.
OH YEAH! Spenser FINALLY got his new therapist
info and all so that's great. He goes next week. 

Not really much else kicking here that I can think of. I hope
y'all are having a good week! :)

Menu Monday...

Mmmm bread. Stupid wheat allergy. If you have
wheat sensitive problems, READ THIS. We have
sensitivities  to ibuprofen. :/ 

 Okay, to the menus! 

Monday we had nuggets and instant potatoes. Lunch was
BBQ hotdogs (sauteed in sauce) with leftover chicken
soup turned into couscous. Wheat overload but I'm sick
so good enough :D.

Tuesday - GF cauliflower soup, ham and pineapple pizza
Wednesday - I have fysiotherapy so don't's kind of 
open I guess. Leftovers could happen like leftover soup. I might
cook meatballs ahead of time too...depends.
Thursday -  gluten free hamburger soup, ramen noodles 

Friday - gluten free hamburger pasta with veges, hotdog pie with veges

Saturday - GF mackerel and rice, egg white tacos (pushed aside for weeks)
Sunday - leftovers or decide that day x 2
Thanks for visiting and make sure to visit 

I wish it would rain chocolate truffles...Willem can
be there too :D lol

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...