Monday, October 31, 2016

Kotka Pics 24 - Last one! - Beautiful church...

Pretty downtown..

Cool 60s architecture..

OLD building..

Beautiful isn't she? :) Built in 1898. The graves are 
those who died in the War. 

Very big structure! We couldn't go in, a wedding
was due. :) 

Area around church...

Drive home. Man alive, it is so dark right now in 
the end of October. I miss the sunlight! 

Thanks for viewing all these :).

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Kotka Pics 23 - War Memorial and Others -

The church had a really well done 
war memorial. Probably the most
intricate one I've seen.


Those who have lost a fellow solider in war..

This one was moving. The husband is looking
towards the front lines where he has to go, his arm
on his wife's shoulder comforting her. She in turn
has her arm on the son's shoulder, comforting him despite
her knowing how bad the war is. At least that
is my interpretation..

A fellow solider I guess...?

The horrible Winter War...

A writer..his memorial..

No idea...

This one..iti s a memorial to all those who got
displaced when we lost Karelia to Russia. Sad :(.

Thursday, October 27, 2016

Around the house...

Sunset a couple days ago. The cloud bank looked
like a sandstorm rolling in.

I'm still sick, surprise! :P I'm doing okay but
my throat is still red and irritated, and hurts. I'm resting,
not doing anything strenuous really.  Of course I'm
cooking here and there (easy stuff) and doing laundry as needed.

Not much going on, Spenser had his first day of therapy
yesterday. It went well and the lady was nice. Same office
as last month. Best thing is free parking, hurrah! 
(we're poor, hurrah!) lol

I finally filed the papers lol! I worked on my book
too and got some snail mail around. 

I have to wash sheets next week and do a grocery
list by the end of this week. Hurrah, nothing like
digging through stuff all sweaty while trying to figure
out what we need. I don't think anything too heavy, hopefully.

Next week I have fysiotherapy on Tuesday and then
next week after that I have a crotch cancer check and Spenser has 
therapy. After that I need a GP appointment for my
eyes and then a flu shot time. November shall
be busy...alas!

So that's what's up here. Other stuff going on,
not much to blog about though. 


Late to the party : Pepsi Next Review..

Not paid, just a homemaker who
likes soda pop :D lol

Basically this tastes like Pepsi is having a teenage
identity crisis and can't figure out want it wants to be.
This gif from Bob's Burgers comes to mind:
Kinda like me until I found the right religion lol :D

Basically the pop is still sugared but flavored with 
stevia too.

So it doesn't taste like sugared pop, and it doesn't taste
like diet pop either. 
Honestly, it's not very good. I'll drink it because I like
caffeine but I'd never buy it again. I think it tanked
in Finland because there are pallets of this stuff in Jumbo
for 1.50 euros on sale. (Hence my purchase..)
So that's about it. 

Kotka Pics 22...Last of Sea Museum...but still more to go...

"Tis a boat...a big boat lol.

That's a big crane...

Back of museum, you can see part of Kotka town.


More boats...

Lobster boat lol :D 

Cool curtains...I swear we had sheets in the 1980s with
these...? Or a towel or something.

Cool thing, President Kekkonen's boat! 

Pretty cool.

A mine and a time to say Goodbye to the museo :D

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Kotka Pics 21 of Boats...

This thing's just like "wha?" when you look at it.
It looks like the Batmobile and Ghostbusters car had a kid lol.

Britney? :D

3 hour tour?

Neat boat.

My favorite of course :D Looks like something
from Great Gatsby, you could see Gatsby driving
Daisy around on the water on this :). I need to 
read this book again.


Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...