Monday, October 17, 2016

Around the house...

For my birthday I got myself a feeder. (bird feeder,
not a feeder person lol). So far it's went well minus
the Great Tits (left) having a war with the Sparrows (right).
Mama's Baby (Buford the Blue Tit) is finally standing up for himself
and getting food! 

I enjoy watching them. Reba got upset she can't "hack"
the feeder so I got a serious twerking. She came down
and stole bread after I went inside...ugh..Preteens lol.

Fuzzy  pic but you can see Frank is back! I 
love seeing the Bullfinches every winter :).

Loki eating alone. Their colors remind
me of Loki from 2011 plus they're devilish
little shits :D 

Tom and the good ole baked potato in his pants.
Funny after him boinking Taylor Swift..just don't
have it any more lol.

So the birdies have been nice to watch. I haven't
really cooked, I made some chicken vege soup
over the weekend but I'm just so blah and tired. 

Today I finally felt like doing some chores. I stripped
the bedding and washed some of our sheets. I've been keeping
up with towels and normal laundry.

My period showed up in the middle of a headcold :/..wasn't
very fun lol.

So that's what's been going on..not much really. Lots of 
laying on the couch/complaining/coughing lol. :)

I'm feeling better but still not super whoo! 
we'll see those starting to come out more. It was a chore
but I have enjoyed going through them :).
Hopefully we'll get out of state to see Spenser's friend's
farm this early's only been 1.5 
years since our invite lol. Ah, the joys
of chronic health issues lol.

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