Thursday, October 13, 2016

Around the house...

We were in Helsinki for Spenser's birthday! :) 
I have lots of pictures to edit from around
downtown but I'm still sick (only reason
we did stuff yesterday I was doped up on
Coldrex pills lol). 
 We had a good time :).

Today (Thursday) I cleaned up
a bit in a not so physical impacting way...
good luck translating that sentence lol.

I can't stand to be sick in a dirty's
one of those pet peeves with me.

I took trash, swept the super dirty
stuff with a broom, used a dustmop 
too, did a huge load of laundry, washed
up some silverware and Tupperware,
and dusted the tv and coffee table.  I
picked up the random stuff that was going
to the trash anyway :D.

House is cleaner and I feel better :) I'm going
to get a shower and then just relax as much as I can.
We got microwave meals so I can take
some time off too :P

Sickness, God's way of giving
homemakers a vacation lol :D 

Can you tell I'm on PMS too? 


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