Friday, October 7, 2016

Around the house...

SOFIE! Finally had to sneak a picture of her yesterday. You
can see the cold weather fur tufts start growing on her ears :D

She's a college student now. She shows up for food but
clucks and twerks at me..and barely comes up to me anymore :(
She did come up and get this bread! It was too big so she
ate the middle out and carried it away down the neighbor's
fence lol.

I saw Reba, she's all fluffed out in her winter coat. She
twerked at me and ran up a tree. Guess she's a preteen now?

Sophia's smooth move to see if anyone
is around so she can steal bread. 

Goober. They are the first birds I started
feeding alllllll those years ago lol.

Today has been a bit better. I'm so tired...just
like I got ran over by a truck. Lunch was simple, I
cut some canned ham and roasted it in the oven. We had
green beans and beets for a side. Supper was ramen

I did a load of laundry this morning too. Not much on
the homemaking front, I've been taking a break really
from everything.

Turns out the French bread loaf didn't pass
inspection so inlaws have decided to get a new
version of the same car lol. I mean same year, etc. It's
a good car and my Mom had a good point that maybe
this one wasn't driven into the lake and resold lol. 

That's really all that's happening today. Hopefully
get more regular with posts next week. I have a bunch
of the museo pics and all.

I wish ya'll a peaceful weekend :)

Fall view from our window...


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