Thursday, October 6, 2016

Been a crap week...*cussing and Mr Lahey*

Weekend was pretty good last week. I cooked
a bunch and cleaned pretty well. 

Monday was okay but we had to restock and
it wasn't in the morning, it was in the afternoon lull
and we have the flu and feel crappy. We had a mixup
with the pharmacy about my inhaler but that got resolved
thankfully. It was a pain in the butt.

Tuesday was just kinda crap, I don't remember

Wednesday I had my pelvic therapy. It went 
okay but I had to put this in my cooter. lmao
thought it was shaped for butts, but it's better
for us with f*cked pelvic muscles too.
I have to do all these exercises and use
a dilator 4x a week and balance it with
my lichen planus. 

It is a lot to take in for me, and I'm
depressed. I hopefully have results in half
a year. My vagina is an asshole :/.

I wrote about this on Facebook today and a person
was rude as hell about it. Well congrats you
got blocked, hope it was worth it! Spenser is
fine with me talking about this openly so that
was just so stupid. That's all I'll say about
that ;).

So that made me cry and I'm on f*cking pms 
to boot. 

But today was going to get worse!
The French POS car has some problems so
it's being repaired and is in inspection.

Of course I got pissed for a myriad of reasons, it
was basically take a number to f*ck me in the ass
today and I'm just fed up and tired.

So that's basically it. I just need a
rape ptsd trigger and that'll blow this
shitstain of a week out of the water.
 I wish lmao...


  1. Do you want me to bring you some?

    Seriously, sending you a ferry load of hugs!

    1. I'm good lol! Thanks for the offer! The family has some Alko lifelong members :D lol

      Thanks! :) I appreciate it! :) Today has been better but man alive I'm tired lol.


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