Monday, October 10, 2016

Menu Monday...

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! :)

Eat lots of good stuff and have a good
turkey coma! :D


We ate fishsticks with taters and carrots for lunch. Supper 
will be leftover GF  chicken vegetable soup I made Sunday.


tuna melts with canned fruit, gluten free nakki sauce with taters


chicken nuggets with veges, GF creamy ham vege soup


egg white tacos, leftover GF creamy ham vege soup


chicken and vege tacos, gluten free thawed liver box w/ veges


GF decide that day, ramen noodles


thaw rice n chicken for GF meal, a decide that day too 

Thanks for visiting and make sure to check out
Menu Monday for more menus! :)

Avoid Thanksgiving with Stephen Lang :D lol

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