Monday, November 28, 2016

Menu Monday..

Look at this high tech photo of smoke
roasted reindeer cheese soup lol :D It was on
sale so we've eaten it quite a bit. Really good stuff.

Our Thanksgiving from last week. 


Whenever we get home again..I WILL make
this face eating Arbys lol

 This week is simple and easy as usual :)


We had chicken vege soup (GF) for lunch and
sausage with veges in couscous for supper.


fishsticks with shredded beets and mashed potatoes

GF leftover chicken soup


Maybe takeout for a special day but I don't know.

If not :

leftover chicken soup GF

sausage n' vege couscous


take out if we're restocking (ramen if not),  probably
chicken nuggets with leftover veges


homemade pizza, GF ham and vege soup


leftover ham and vege soup GF, thawed meatball meals


Decide that Day x2 

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Around the house...

Got 10 of these for .60 cents for my
name day cake..YES. :) Good deal and
they've been nice to snack on. Spenser the
non chocolate advocate has been enjoying
them as well! :)

Lord it's been a busy morning. I cooked ahead quite
a bit (last leg of the month) and that went well. I
did two massive loads of laundry as well. I loaded
up the dishwasher and ran it, unloaded it and put 
more of our stuff in. Counting down the days weeks
until I can wash dishes in my own sink lol. The kitchen..
it is just DRAGGING. It's supposed to take a day for installation..
here it'll take a month. That's how Lindroos' does it.

I called about my foot fysio time..I'm in line and
they'll contact me. Dyslexia..when you don't know if
you or the doctor mixed it up lol.
I called about seeing the sexual therapist and 
this week I go in! I'm kind of UGH about it and
hopefully get some relief too. 
I was up on my feet for 3 hours straight so I was crabby
when it was time to eat lunch lol. After that I've felt 
better. I still have to finish the grocery list for later and
go over what meds we'll need next month.
Just feel like I want to live in Alaska somewhere
and have kids and squirrels and cats. 
:D lol 

Where my junk works, I don't need chemo to stop
my inner vage lips from sticking to my clitoris,
and it's warm and sunny all day lol.

Hope y'all are having a good day out there! :)

Friday, November 25, 2016

Frugal Hints from my Mom and good ole days!

You readers all know I have *the* worst
memory known to man so I have been having lots of
tips from Mom coming up in my head :).

1) Make sure at least twice a year that you
have wedding/funeral appropriate clothing
in your wardrobe.

Double check if your items fit you
or need replacing. Double check your
shoes as well. 

I had some cute pre-pregnancy shoes
and NOPE. It looked like this. Those got donated.

2) Herman, the ultimate sourdough!

We used this a bunch growing up and I still
remember it on the counter. We had electric blue
walls in the kitchen, it was AWESOME. I think
that's why it's my favorite color.

3) When you see a really good sale, make sure
to leave some for others as well.

When you're poor you tend to have the HOARD
instinct. I know I do. If there are good sales I'll
take what I need and leave the rest. The other super
poor people will thank you (mentally..however lol).

4) If you buy bacon cubes, just buy normal
bacon and use scissors.

Not gonna lie, I had no idea about that one
until Mom told me.

That's me lol! :P

My sister is super gifted. I remember in
our elementary school they'd ship her and her classmates
off to a different school. I was SUPER jealous. I did get 
an extra .25 cents for milk or a Star Crunch cookie
and that was AWESOME.

Remember when school meals were cheap? .55 cents
I think when I was in kindergarten. When I graduated it
was like 2.55 for awful cafeteria food in 2002.

Rant over.

5) Get friendly with second hand stores!

I mean this is a no brainer  but some people
feel EW about thrift stores. I love them! I grew up
in them! You save crazy amounts of money with
thrift stores.

Aim for Christian/Religious thrift stores too since
they tend to give good discounts. We got a humidifier from 
our favorite for 4 euros, it is normally 200 euros!

6) Teach yourself/your kids it's okay to be poor.

One of the many things my Mom was *awesome* at
was treating us kids like adults. If we asked something, she
and Dad would explain it. 
We were in Conyers at Walmart and this lady had
about 4 kids. It was Spenser or me or Mom and me..can't
remember. She gave her little girl about 50 cents to do what
she wanted, a ride or a gumball machine. She used it on a ride and
came back asking for more money. The mom said she couldn't
afford it and the little girl was okay. 
That is RARE. Most kids today throw themselves on
the ground/hysterics because of crap parenting. I got
punched in the leg BY A KID THAT WASN'T MINE. Seriously,
the mom didn't even apologize, just dragged her hellspawn off
kicking and screaming.

Kids today! 
Also demon possessed kids act like natural
birth control. See a hysteric meltdown from a 3 year
old and your ovaries instantly drop baby fever. :) Free! 

I'm sure this will be a series when I remember more. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Around the house...

In Finland, things that say Ranch don't 
always taste like American Ranch. 9 out of 10
they do, but this was paprika flavored chips.

In the past 48 hours I have:

Hit Sofie by accident with a piece of bread (she's fine)

Fell into the house via a slippery porch while our
neighbor was out smoking. Hopefully I didn't
flash him lol. 

Had my last fysio therapy appointment for my
crotch minus a control visit in January

Been missing sunlight like a son of a B 

Am homesick for the holidays

Actually had a good trip out shopping with
Spenser's Mom. It went really well!

Had explosive diarrhea 

Ate delicious smoked reindeer cheese soup, 
probably giving me said diarrhea. That stuff was GOOD.

Changed all our sheets and washed an epic
ton of laundry.

Washed dishes.

Complain and ovulate

Yeah that's about it lol :D

We have some cabinets on the walls people! WHOO! They
are currently empty. One more to go!

We can't get the electrician to call us back and neither
can the handyman. :/ So it's at a standstill...opposite of Midas
touch in this family, let me tell you lol.

Last Sabbath I was freaking about the apartment being
dirty and looking like crap, then God hit me with a thought that
"Yeah, it IS a construction zone" lol. :) I felt better after that.

Well tomorrow is Thanksgiving. Hope you who
celebrate have a good one! We're having the handydude
come over tomorrow, so typical Finnish Thanksgiving for me lol.


Monday, November 21, 2016

Menu Monday...

I'm back! Been a couple weeks off from
menu planning, because basically I was 
winging it lol :) 

This week's Thanksgiving Meal

Not that lmao! :D

 Oven baked ham
Potato Box
Karelian pies

Dessert will probably be thawed vanilla rolls. 

Gluten Free Meals

chicken vege soup x 3
 (I made over 2 liters so we have a BUNCH of soup.)

hot dogs with veges and corn pasta in a curry sauce x 2
(good, had it for lunch today)

sausage with rice and veges

decide that day or leftovers

Wheat meals

chicken couscous with veges x 2

fishsticks with potatoes and veges
chicken nuggets with potatoes and veges 

Thanksgiving meal

So that's it for here. Thanks for 
visiting and check out Menu Monday !

Good luck to all those stuck at toxic family
parties this week! Keep Strong! 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Around the house...

Sofie defying gravity on the feeder today.

It's been a bit of a crazy week. Wednesday
we got our flu shots. So far no reactions really,
though I'm still battling a bit the crappy virus we 
got in October. 

So I have needed to visit the GP for awhile, and while
we were waiting for the flu shot line, we made an 
appointment for me. (ha, no doc appointments this week) lol
Someone cancelled right when we were there so I got in
on Friday the 18th! Super fast.

So I went (Thursday was a down day I think..can't remember)
and it went okay. Remember my 2 new diagnosis a year joke?
 2016 hit the mark again lol.

I was pretty blah coming home but Sofie ran up to me 
on the porch! Aw! :D Wild fur baby was cute :D 

I have (now diagnosed) plantar fasciitis! I will not 
be trying to spell that again lol. Plantar F will work for me :D.
I have to see a fysio-therapist for my foot. I also need
some stuff for it but night boots around my toes won't 
work, got that (maiden name) neuropathy baby lol. 

 So we'll try some of what they recommended and
something else :). I still have to make the fysio time.

Combine that with the sexual therapy for my 
rape PTSD I've been putting off, my crotch fysio therapy..
that's going to be a bunch of stuff I have to do.
I've been off of my glaucoma drops since they
made me pretty sick. We tested my eye pressure
and the left eye is good at 22 but my right eye is 28, the
highest it's ever been. :/ So I'm in line to see an 
ophthalmologist.  Probably in the spring. 

I got a steroid nose spray to hopefully help my
inflammation and snoring. So that's good! 
I think that's about it. Oh! She said we have
had a virus (she checked my throat) and I have been
taking my reflux meds wrong ALL these years. Take them
right before bed and it has helped a bunch! I feel better
with them already.
So that's what's been up. It's been a pretty
funky week and not much blogging going on.
I hope y'all are doing well out there!

No Tom...NO. 



Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Blizzard pics...

The snow came down last week like in a blanket, it was crazy.

You can see it here.

White out conditions. We barely made it home it was so bad! 

I call this Snowflowers. :) 

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Around the house...

Some progress! The holes for the sink and 
stovetop are done! Tomorrow it's buy more parts I think
and who knows. We still have to fix electric, run water,
and install cabinets. Lots to do but hopefully we're getting
r done a bit faster.

Not much kicking here lately. I've been doing housework
but as you can see above it's still a construction zone. I wish
we'd it done soon, before Thanksgiving. It keeps dragging sadly.

I'm still on my monthly...can you tell? :D lol

I've had a steady work of dishes and laundry. I found a bunch
of stuff to donate which surprises me. It's always good to do that
before Christmas since I'm sure I'll get something to go into
the "donate later" box :D lol 

I made taters today for fishsticks and vege medley for lunch.
Supper was microwave burgers. I made cauliflower soup too. 

No Sofie encounters. Frankie the Squirrel came into
the yard complaining the entire time and twerking. *sigh*
He was such a cute baby lol! Darn teenager years. 

Buford the Blue Tit flew up and looked at me through the window. He
at on the porch ledge and fluffed himself out, then flew off. At least
someone loves me lol! :D 

The Blackbirds were having a rap battle at 7am this morning. Noisy
farts :) Bessie is weird. I'll talk to her with the door open, she'll
wait about 20 seconds before squawking and flying off???

No doc appointments this week so that's been nice! Next week
I have another fysiotherapy and Spenser has a therapy session
as well. I don't know if we'll do anything for Thanksgiving, I don't
have a real fire in my panties about it to be frank lol.

So I hope ya'll are having a good week out there! 

Methinks slept with Taylor Swift.

Ron has the right reaction :D 

Monday, November 14, 2016

I finally remember...

In 10th grade I was walking down the hall
carrying a box full of food for a French
party we were having in the library. 
I was with my french teacher and we bumped
into a group of black guys. 

She read them the riot act about not paying attention
where they were going. He apologized and we were
walking away. I looked over my shoulder and saw 
him giving me a weird look.

THAT IS THE GUY. The guy who pinned
me up against the bathroom wall with one
hand undoing his button/zipper with the other.

He was a grade ahead of me. He had short
buzzed hair and a goatee, with two earrings. to put a face (another one..I need
to unlock the other two) to that horrible life
altering act.
I just laughed telling Spenser because
it makes me really uncomfortable to think about. 
I guess that's the first time he noticed me. I joked
to Spenser did he spend the entire summer
thinking when would be a good time to try
and rape me? 


Well funny how the memory jogged from this. I was
digging in the basement when I found my sweater set from
10th grade (2000). I laughed because it still fit. I always felt weird
wearing this later on in years...guess it's the last time I didn't know
about horrible the world could be. 
I'll keep it, it's a bitchin' sweater set and looks good on me :D lol 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Well that was weird while it lasted...Not a Catholic anymore...3 years out the window...

The guy I first dated wanted to dress up like Rocky Horror Picture
for Halloween. HOW did I not get he was gay? Then a couple
years down the road my lesbian best friend dated him..while
he was gay. Man I had a weird lukio time lol.

Oh and you CAN have gay/lesbian friends and be straight. I 
don't get why people don't get that. Meh, whatever.

That has nothing to do with why I dropped Catholicism...but
decided to share. I've told that story probably like a 1000 times
and don't remember lol.

My sister when she reads this lol :D

The who what where when why Willem Dafoe...I'll
explain that in a coherent post. It's night time and tomorrow
we have construction going on so it won't be tonight.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Late night thoughts...

It's about 9pm here now, Spenser's in
bed and I've spent the past hour thereabouts
checking up on old ex fundie friends on Facebook
and blogs that I had read for years, 
having used to leaving comments.  Many of
those are now defunct and gone.

I think there's always a sense of longing for 
the communion of friendship with those lost from
our lives. I'd not say it's dwelling in the past but
missing a familiar comfort.

But the fact is so many of us 
Quiverfull and Fundies were just that way because
of some stress of issues going on in our lives. I think
it was a blip on the radar for most people that I knew. 
Situations have really changed.

T is dead. B is divorced with like 1,000 kids. A is divorced.
A couple of people were going for darn
things have changed.
Just funny how things like that go.  Now I'm Catholic and 
way more at home with myself than ever before. Maybe it's
that I'm older and don't burn with the enthusiasm I had
in those days, but I'm okay with it.


Around the house...

I still have to edit the pretty snow pictures,
this is more of a usual around the house.

Slept pretty okay, we got to working on
making the cabinets for the kitchen! We did
them in an hour using a power drill (SHOULD 
of bought one when we felt we needed it) and
it went together well! 

All we have to do next week is run plumbing
and drains, fix electric and hook up oven and 
stovetop, put cabinets on walls, etc :P 

Cabinets being built...the lower half.

Spenser put together the drawers. He was smiling...
but you can't tell lol :D 

Ta-da! Hopefully goes together FAST and smooth
next week (please pray!). :) Looking forward to 
having our own kitchen!

Not much kicking else. I washed 3 days of
dishes in the dishwasher and that went okay. I 
did a HUGE load of laundry and that went well too.
I have been having to put off doing cooking/cleaning
and all that jazz with the house fixing going on. Hard
to cook with everyone squeezed in here doing stuff.

We got out today and got candy and bread, more yogurt
for Spenser. We're starting a modified Daniel fast for 10 
days at some point next week. We'll eat modified vegetarian
because I can't eat soy or beans so I'll have some egg and 
dairy in the mix here and there. I hear people say it's 
not the idea of the fast but they're eating soy patties
and flavored tofu...yeah that's not bending the rules...right? :) lol

More pictures!

Spenser was in therapy the other day and I
took a photo of this huge long
needed something.


I got papers today that say I can vote (I think) so
cool! I am excited about the municipal elections
here (because how many of one party you vote
for adds up and they get more seats in the Parliament..I think)
and it's next spring.

                                   Anyone want snow? I almost made a 45 degree angle
                                                        opening the door lol :D

Have a great weekend everyone! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Problem with politics...

We really don't know. For all we know
Trump could surprise us and be a good president. As
humans we don't have the ability to see down the 
road into the future.

The division in politics is like the division in the
Church. Trump vs Clinton had Catholics going
at each other. It makes me laugh since Trump
has been divorced and remarried, that is against 
the sacrament of marriage in the Catholic church.
Yet the traditionalists were very pro-Trump which
surprised me. 

It is what it is. Only God knows what's in our
future as a WORLD. There is more to the 
Earth than the USA...sometimes I think Americans
forget this. :)

There are SO many problems that we should be
putting political passion into instead: starving
children, no access to clean drinking water, famine
in Yemen, helping our fellow man even if it 
just a couple dollars for the beggar on the corner.

Don't let the politics and issues of today
blind your heart against what we CAN do in
our day to day life to help those that we can. If you
are an Atheist, a Catholic, a Protestant, whatever you
are, we should work to better the everyday 
lives of those around us as much as in our 

We are after all citizens of the World, not
just our nationalities.

 You shall not wrong a foreigner, neither shall you oppress him,
 for you were foreigners in the land of Egypt.
- Exodus 22:21

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Around the house...I'm not dead...

I really love Saint de Sales. He is the
real OG...for a Catholic saint. I've been
reading his stuff the past couple of days
and love the way he writes hits home!
I spent a week offline for
the most part minus emails and
Twitter..(oh Stephen Lang is
going to be upset Trump won...
let your muscles absorb

It was nice being away from the OMG election
OMG OMG OMG. So Trump won, okay, whatever.
When you live next to Russia you just hope you
don't get invaded, American politics fall into
the background.
 So I have some pictures from Monday on  (I rested
most of last week) and here you go.

The blizzard started on Monday.

On the way to Ikea. I of course got carsick and
as soon as Dad in law heard that lol, drove reaaaalllly slow :D

Me and the inlaw checking the kitchen.

A rare glimpse into me, Chava :P 
WHOO! We had 3 of these pushcarts
full of stuff. 

At home and loaded up.

Inside new fridge/freezer. I had to clean ALL
the baskets/shelving. Not fun hauling
those up and down the stairs lol. It's
got limited space but when we get cabinets I won't
be storing cans in the fridge anymore :D.

Today headed to my doc appointment. It's a
blizzard but doable.  The appointment went well! :)
I got a new steroid to try next month.

Coming home. Total white out conditions and
you can't see the lanes anymore.

Helsinki had a good 5 inches of snow on the main
roadway downtown.

AAAAAAAND our windshield froze! Crappy
wipers plus soggy snow not a good mix.

 Spenser got to look through this tiny hole to get us
home from the new store lol :D. We skipped
Jumbo, it was really bad driving conditions today.

More snow pictures later :D.

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...