Saturday, December 31, 2016

Around the house...

Thought I'd post a bit. I tend to avoid
internet around the holidays, just meh.

We've had a couple okay nights of sleep.
I don't know about tonight since we've had
fireworks going on since 6pm. It's 9:33pm and
who knows. I had lots of caffeine before bed
(cherry pop on sale).

Sabbath was good, quiet. I washed some
laundry and took trash today. We ate Hesburger
for lunch, thawed taco mix for supper.

I worked on the grocery list today and will
work on the menu/bible study. 

Earlier this week I had bought a sweet potato on sale:

It was entertaining to clean and get into
smaller sizes.

I roasted up a bunch of veges. I boiled some sweet potato
and put it in to the freezer, plus some of the roasted bites. 

I missed roasted veges, whoo oven! 

:) So that's about what's up here. Forgot to blog earlier so
this was a quick one. Hope y'all have a great new years!

Thursday, December 29, 2016

No such thing as a perfect Sabbath...

I'm tired. Spenser had a rough
night with insomnia and I had a
 bad nightmare and 40 minutes of sleep
paralysis plus epilepsy. Needless to say, I'm tired.
There is no such thing as a perfect Sabbath. For
us Sabbath Keepers, good enough is good


WHOO to those who go this far, for I don't lol.
Everyone imagines it should be like this :
Most times you barely get the food on the table, the
sun has disappeared, and either your rampaging elderly
inlaws or kids are AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH through
the house. 
Real life doesn't quit on Sabbath.
So I shook out the front rug. I dustmopped and
swept the kitchen. I'll dustmop again tomorrow if I remember.
The toilet has been cleaned, I'll thaw food for tomorrow's
supper so I'll have a break from cooking. 
I'm washing laundry right now. Maybe a load tomorrow,
who knows.
I'll probably wash dishes on Sabbath..we don't have
a dishwasher :P.
But I have peace on Sabbath. I don't need to worry
about doing extra things, no extra load on my mind
about chores or what's going on. I try to remember to light
a candle and when Spenser hits the hay, I read the Bible. 
It's good enough for me!
PS- WHY is Topol NOT my Grandpa? :( I'd
love to have him sing and dance and all that, plus
it'd be POPPIN' having him tell stories and all
the cool stuff.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016


The dishes are done, everything
is clean and waiting for tomorrow.

All I seem to do is wait. Life is
keeping me waiting.

When is Spenser's next time..
Waiting to hear about my glaucoma visit..
Waiting to see the fysiotherapist for my foot..

Waiting to hear from the rape crisis people..
Waiting for better weather...
Waiting for Spenser's insomnia to lessen...

Waiting for the New Year to get done and over with..
Waiting for tv shows to come back I like...
Waiting for things to calm down..

Waiting for a sign, a notice, whatever.
This waiting..I'm sure it all has a point.
But I'm waiting on the waiting to be done with..


Monday, December 26, 2016

CHRISTMAS IS OVER...I mean...hello another week!

You and me both Rami...50 Shades of Malek lmao :D  I'm
ovulating..never mind the awful humor...Let's make some
opposing tribes babies lol.

Meh....that's been the weekend..meh.

I used this today, whoo! I can't stand Finnish
calenders where the week starts on Monday....AHHH.
Saturday (the day Finns celebrate Christmas) and
I started feeling bad. Like I'm going to faint,
heart aflutter...typical "oh crap I have a virus" bad.
Turns out it's just Mono flare (what,
rape PTSD, holidays..nahh) so I had almost a 100F fever
and was pretty nauseated. Spenser had a good time
with his family at Christmas, this is how I celebrated.
I slept on my face for 40 minutes straight. Ate
one deviled egg and 3 hotdogs...then just was sweaty
and watched this great documentary on Youtube.

About Mennonites in Mexico, good watching!

Yesterday I felt a bit better. We ate the
traditional I'm so tired of family interaction
American Christmas meal (just Spense and I) and
it settled well. We got out to Nurmijarvi for
a jaunt and drove around.

More laying around, had a good time on Skype!

This was supper. An oven meal with 'angus' steak. Well it
didn't settle well for me or Spenser. It couldn't quite
settle between coming up or going down. I took a garlic pill
to cleanse it out. Happy to say it went south of the border
but Spenser and I are NEVER buying these again. 

No food allergens in them, no idea. Findus..y'all
dropped the bomb on this one for sure. The gravy was
like battery acid. Finns have gentle guts man lol...this
was too spicy/weird mix.

Today has been okay. Spenser had anxiety
and insomnia so woke me up at 520am. I was
like wah?? and so we laid no avail of sleep. After
breakfast I fell asleep propped up on the couch for an HOUR. 
We got showers, ate leftover Christmas food, and then headed
out to Jumbo. Got more paper plates (Saving money using our
normal but if I'm sick you can't beat them) and yogurt. My
birthday broom set was crap and it broke so we got this
pretty thing from Tokmanni today for 6 euros! :)


Miriam, I knew you'd like the color lol! :D I
like it too! :D
It gives the Nordic kitchen a "pop" it really needs.
So that's been it. Spenser's folks are off somewhere
and we're having a quiet day. I am washing
towels and laundry. 
Supper is gluten free Chinese for me and gluten free
curry for Spenser. 
I hope y'all are well out there! 

Santa forgot..nooooooo :(

Friday, December 23, 2016

Around the house...

Bread I made in the oven! I need to
rework the recipe a bit but it was still good.

Tuesday was a pretty day. I changed all
the bedding and made the bread above. We ate 
lunch out, and had a quiet trip.
Wednesday was a nice day! Santa stopped by
and I got some goodies :D We ate out again and
I picked up some nice stuff. We were out 6 hours straight lol,
so I was pretty pooped.  

6 euro boots! :D I LOVE them, it's like free Viking footwear.
 The tongue was ripped on them but I fixed'll be
another post. REALLY comfortable.

A gallon size teftlon pan :D I am HAPPY! I 
can make all sorts of goodies :D.

I also got candy and fuzzy socks to keep my feet warm.
Spenser got new pants and candy too. :) 
Thursday was a good day too. We went out again and had Starbucks...
did a little last minute shopping for Spenser's Mom, then went out
again. Well Santa gave this 90 euro pan for....50 cents.

NICE! I washed it well and greased it up, it's
fine! Fries well too! :) 

I also Sabbath cleaned on Thursday. I vacuumed
and did laundry. Dust mopped and cleaned up
the bathroom. 

I also de-molded the window sills. I hate running
the humidifier but our sinuses need it. The windows
were NASTY.
Today has been pretty okay. I made us 
curried chicken gravy to eat with potatoes
and carrots, pretty good. We watched tv.

We were stuck at home so I got to some mending. I fixed
my blingy black leggins. These things are like...6 years I think?

Process of sewing. If you're mending a pant leg, use
an empty pop bottle. It works great! Or a book too.

Final product. Another legging death from
chub rub lol.
I washed laundry.

So we got out, Jumbo was surprisingly quiet. We
came home and watched tv until 'twas Skype :).

I washed dishes and wrapped the kid's presents. 
(Not mine lol) So now it's the down low, the quiet
of the Sabbath. :)

  Happy Holidays whatever you celebrate out there!

Monday, December 19, 2016

Around the house...

This was 8:50am the other day. The camera
makes it look brighter than it is lol. Sunrise isn't
until about 9:24 yeah. Darkest time of year! 

It's almost 12:30pm here and sunset is 3:11pm...soo...yeah lol!

Last week was okay minus snooping people seeing the 
kitchen was complete lol. Oh well, it's been a long time
in the making so I got over it ;) lol. Spenser had to 
recaulk part of the sink on Friday night but so far
it's pretty good!

Saturday was pretty good, got some light shopping. Sunday
we restocked a wee bit for the beginning of the week. 

I did a bunch of laundry yesterday and I've been washing
dishes everyday. I'm still happy about doing dishes in
my own sink :D. 
I've rested most of the weekend honestly...feel a mono cycle
happening and I had a fever on Friday a bit. 
Today has been pretty okay! I feel faint (oh fibro, hurrah!)
and all but it's getting better. I'm hooked up to my TENS
unit (2.5 hours now) since my pelvic pain is BAD today
and all. It helps!

I repierced my ears today on the couch. Spenser
was like :S <blargh>...yeah because nothing screams
oh that's pretty like a popping noise and gore lol.

I cooked quite a bit! I made potatoes and vege medley
for sides (we had chicken nuggets) and then I made gluten 
free pasta with sausage curry sauce to eat for supper. :) Yum! I
do plan on making bread when stuff calms down/ we have an
afternoon I KNOW we'll be home.
I just washed yesterday lol. I skipped laundry
since I've been washing a ton and Spenser's mom hasn't
had a good chance to get in there. Today I'll take
a break, tomorrow, maybe sheets..depends.

That's about it here. Lunch was good and we've been
grazing. Typical mono, I want to barf in the mornings
and then by lunch I'll eat anything in a mile radius lol. 
Not pregnant lol :) 

Been enjoying a bit of our "old" schedule not
having worker folks come over every 5 minutes lol :).

Hope y'all are having a great week out there!

Oh! Some post - construction pics to show
what our living/kitchen space looks like now.

Saturday, December 17, 2016

Sis and I...a study in contrast..

My sister was AWESOME at Cello. She
had private tutor, just rocked. She played with adults
and we went to see her live on stage. She practiced and
can read music like a champ.

Then there's me...the hurricane of AHHHHHHHHH.

When we'd be at the private tutor's house I wasn't
paying attention to the instruments..I was laughing she
had a cat whose butt you had to shave.  Also the tiny
baby violin kids practiced on would of made a great
Barbie guitar!

When we watched her in concert my Dad kept
giving me orange tic tacs to keep me quiet. It was

We had a music class at our school in
Ohio, it was in an old gym prop room
downstairs. No matter what, I couldn't
read music. It just didn't happen.
 ( hello early dyslexia lo).

I did try on the violin though. Instead of practicing I'd play
like Jethro Tull on that stuff though! It sounded like a cat
farting backwards into a fan.

I was running and my violin fell out of it's case, skidding
down two flights of stairs at our school. We had marble keep that in mind ;) lol.

It was pretty awful. I just didn't have the ear for
it..nor the desire lol. 

We moved to GA and while my Mom was disappointed
we had no wood instruments in band..I WAS HAPPY. I 
mastered the weird little instrument that looked like a 
pickle with lines in it :D.

I did join chorus in middle school to get
out of gym for half a year...:P My fibro showed up
around 12 years old so that was well timed lol.

guiro..that's the instrument :D

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Kitchen is 99.5% done!

Lots of cleaning today! I wiped out
the cabinets last night. Today I unloaded
the foodboxes into them and arranged
our dishes/stuff.

Lots of cleaning of stuff I forgot I had lol.

Spenser took loads of trash for me
and helped me move out stuff. I vacuumed
a ton too. Now the
apartment is back to normal! We sat at
the kitchen table for 2 hours today, just enjoying
having more space. 

We have to redo the caulk around the
backsplash and sink..then we're 
finished! It's totally functional and
good to go though.

I have used the oven for the pizza and
tuna melts the other day. I made 
ramen and grilled cheese with hotdogs
in it for supper on the flat top, it went well!

Pic time!

The Beast finished. The caulk was old
and we needed a new one. What..Lindroos
never prepared for a situation? lol ;)

Spenser and Helper Dude put the oven
hood in yesterday...was quite a feat!

Inside. Kind of random storage I
don't want clogging the counter.

My spice rack thing wasn't working so I 
did this instead, it worked great! This pan is too
small for cooking anything really so waste not,
want not!

Wrong holes got drilled yesterday. So now
our vent hoot cabinet has boobs.

Under the kitchen sink.

Under the oven. Kind of a collect all.

Bottom cabinets. There is an open area next to the
trash can and it kind of grosses me and Spenser out
to put anything down here. It'll be for random stuff. I
don't know why there's no panel. Spenser's Mom's kitchen
is the same way and other homes here have it.

Silverware drawer. 

Food boxes unloaded into the cabinets. Funny the
boxes seemed stuffed but this didn't seem very much. The top
right cabinet will be stuffed with cans next restock.

Spenser moved the hooks over for me! :) I have
all I need now! :) 

Freeze then thaw then freeze has left weird
patterns all over the ground.

Thanks for those who prayed about getting
the kitchen done, God answered it. I told God it'd
be the best Christmas present ever if it was done by
Christmas :D WHOO! Thank you Lord!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Menu Monday..

 Guess what got installed today? :) 

 Mmm called it our victory pizza! First meal from
our oven! :D

Wheat free 

McDonalds wasn't gf but it was lunch (A DTD)

curry chicken GF or fried rice

curry chicken vege soup GF x 2

GF pasta with sausage n' veges x 2

GF nakki sauce with veges

Wheat meals

Today we had above pizza for supper
nuggets with veges
hot dog impossible pie with veges
ham couscous with veges x 2
ramen noodles
DTD (decide that day)

Thanks for stopping by! Visit other menu folks at

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Around the house...

 I have a working sink :). It makes me SO happy to wash
dishes in privacy, just me :D. Thank you Lord! We still
have quite a bit left to do so hopefully it goes well this

Electrician is coming tomorrow and Tuesday
hopefully we'll get the oven vent up. :) So close! 

 Friday was pretty nuts. We put on the backsplash
and it is NICE! :)

Lots of sawing and all kinds of stuff. Good news is the big
funky hole is sealed by a metal plate AND expanding foam
so I'm way less paranoid about mice :D.

Bad news...gaping hole in our ceiling waiting for the
oven vent lol :D it'll happen hopefully this week.

Friday was okay but Sabbath got blown out of
the water. I was like WE WON'T STRESS. If I'm
yelling we won't stress...we're stressed lol.
Saturday was okay, lots going on. We got the water
finally running clear so I got my dishes done :D. We
went to Ikea and picked up some odds and ends. There will
be lots of odds and ends :) lol

We came home and went out with Spenser's Dad, picked up
some stuff too. Came home, I did laundry.  Then we left to Ikea
again and then came home. Washed the shower curtain.

My feet were like NO. I was limping pretty bad with the 
plantar F going on. I wrapped it today and it seemed to help. We
walked like 3km in stores alone.
Sunday has been pretty okay. We got out and
grocery shopped. God blessed us with some good deals! :) 

Oh I forgot, Spenser cracked a tooth on Saturday :(. It's thankfully
a root canal tooth but he'll have to get it fixed. Thankfully
he says there's no pain so that's good.

Homeboy grew up with well water :/ No fluoride.

Then again I grew up with fluoride and I have craptons of
cavities. My dentist said it was genes baby! I visit the 
dentist next May I think?

Spenser's mom went on a little trip so tomorrow it might
me cooking for the electrician. Well it's either pizza or 
ham couscous..either way it won't be Finnish lol :D

Spenser and I watched tv most of the afternoon. We
had microwave burgers for supper.

I cleaned the bathroom tonight, hurrah! I don't remember
last time but ugh, I hate cleaning it. My OCD goes off the
charts. The low point of homemaking, Mom you were
right! :D

I cleaned the hair out of the drain, cleaned the toilet and
all around it, cleaned the toothbrushes and the shelf we hold
them on, cleaned the sink, replenished stuff we were running
out of (toothpaste, floss, shampoo, crapper clip on cleaner),
and sprayed vinegar on the floor to help with soap scum.

I'm tired lol. I did dishes before though :). I'm like
CROSS CONTAMINATION...and all that jazz with
tons of hand washing. I dustmopped too.

So tomorrow we'll see what'll happen. I have laundry for sure! 

Saturday Sunrise

Saturday, December 10, 2016


Sofie. She's such a crab lol. She was like QUIT TAKING
PHOTOS. Nope. :P lol 

Mom, PLEASE STOP. She's cute. The pics are fuzzy since she
was twerking and spazzy as usual.

The face of noms and defeat. Mmm seeds and she
just gave up, letting me get this picture :D lol 

Barbara the Bullfinch being judgmental and hard to
photograph. Half of the shots I got were of her butt lol.

Overly concerned Dog niece lol. :D 

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Kitchen update / Slight around the house..

We had a pretty good Independence Day. Ate
greasy sausage and had taters and carrots. Had
lemon cake from the freezer, 'twas good! 
Kaari mall was open so we went shopping,
it was nice. All the old folks are like REMEMBER
THE WAR and people Spenser's age and younger
are like ooooo cheap candy lol. :) 
For the first time in months Spenser has 
been having bad insomnia issues. Please pray
for him! Thanks!
I've been up with him so I'm not getting as
much rest as I could be. Shit always hits the fan
when I'm on my chemo cycle in the month :/.
We picked up some stuff for the kitchen on Wednesday.
Got a nice backsplash and some doodads. Found we need
a new toilet downstairs lol. Lindroos have some powerful
craps obviously lol. :P
We had the plumber guy come and fix our pipes! WE
HAVE WATER HOOKED UP! :) There was some
interesting hit or miss stuff about the plumbing but in
the far so good it seems.

Today has been pretty okay. I wrote a couple
chapters in my book. I caught up some snail mail
and mailed off Christmas cards to those in Finland.

We had the electrician show up! He's nice and
dedicated, worked for a good chunk of time! :) Spenser
ran the electric cables and I helped him so that was interesting.

I did two huge loads of laundry. I have to cook ahead
tomorrow morning since it'll be Sabbath and we're having
the other dude come over plus the electrician on Saturday. It'll
be BUSY weekend. I have an automatic blog for Saturday but
I won't be on else.



Yeah..not so pretty lol. Spenser wants
to make a cover so it doesn't look like
all gross. It looks like a dick and balls if it
was made on Minecraft lol.

Electric cables!

We have water hookup!

Brushed aluminum backsplash! :D

SUN. It's kind of abnormal to get so much daylight
in December here so it's been nice...

Minus it's right in my eyeballs when I sit at
the computer. You can see the setup I've
been having to use since we're building the kitchen.
I miss having space darnit lol! 

Sent this to my sis (happy early birthday sis!)
and laughed at the dude blanketing the other dude
on fire. I'd be flailing and like AHHHHHH GOD..not
laying there all chill like..yeah this is okay. It's a good
represent of heartburn though. 

Remember when people said Bauhaus had no 
mini kitchens? ;) lol FOUND IT. Small as heck but
would of been easier, cheaper maybe. I'm okay with
ours though, we need a bunch of space. This
is more like a summer cottage thing I think.

Not bad space though.

Different burner plates. Bauhaus is real professional 
leaving crap all over the displays lol. Y'all might
need to fix that! lol

You can see it in white too. There is a fridge under the 
burner on the right, and space under the sink on the left in white. 

The foot broke off of the Ikea counter. :/ Spenser and 
said fixit person can fix that. Ikea didn't include all kinds
of parts too (they were supposed to). Kind of makes me NOT
want to use them again. Plus they use non standard hookups
for plumbing so guess what fun we've had with that!

:) Close, but no cigar.


Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...