Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Around the house...

Well I got more sleep last night, whoo!
I'm still super pooped today, I did
a bunch of stuff.

I washed all our sheets and pillow
cases. I got tired of the dusty tv so I
dusted a wee bit. I swept with the broom
and dustmopped.  I changed out towels
and cleaned the bathroom.

I still have to fold a TON
of laundry. I'm debating about washing
the blankets we use on the 
couch. I should change the sheet
that covers the couch too..but these are
way less priority. 

lol his impression of a hot dog :D I still
miss Robin Williams SO much...find myself 
wanting to know when his new movie comes out
and I've forgotten he's passed away. Grieves me
still. In many years of my deepest depression
his movies got to me. 

I was obsessed with bird cage as a kid. I 
was like oh, two men love each other. Okay.
And that's that lol. I guess God had me set
on a liberal path of my life ever since lol! :D

Got off track blogging lol :D

I made chicken couscous (double batch)
for supper and I made a big batch of ham soup
for lunch. It was good. We watched some tv.

We got out around Sello mall...got a bit of candy
and drove around. Came home and had coffee.

Tomorrow maybe we'll restock (depends)
and Thursday I have my first rape therapy
visit! :) Hopefully that goes well and we
can find parking..Finland has the WORST
parking ever.

So I hope y'all out there are doing well. Keep
your heads up and keep the faith! We all need it!

I am pasty white but I will always yell

Monday, January 30, 2017

My oh my what a crappy night..

So I had a dream where I lost
my Dad, and my sis and Mom
and I were searching for him. Found him!
We were outside of some old castle in
Finland though.

Had another dream where we
were all asleep in Mom and Dad's bed,
but we were as big as we are now lol. :D 
Like when you're little and bombard your
parents in the morning :D 

I woke up crying at 5am. I don't mean
like a bit of tears, I mean full on snorting
crying that could wake the dead. I cried so hard
 I got a migraine and hyperventilated. So yeah...
the joys of homesickness and PMS at the 
same time.

By the way, don't have a paper bag
while you hyperventilate? Hold your
breath. I had to Google about hyperventilating
while hyperventilating lol.

I took migraine pills and laid down for an hour,
feel a bit better. I've cried so much my eyes are
swollen and look like I'm punched in the face lol.

It was about homesickness but it was also
about the awful crap in America right now. People
are separated from their families for 90 days. It
breaks my heart. Under different circumstances
that could of been me and Spenser.

I prayed last night and this morning. I pray
it gets fixed and I pray this blight shows and
brings to light the issues of immigration 
people have to face all over the world :(.

God can use horrible circumstances
for good. I trust in that. 

Now to get a shower later on and eat 
leftover pizza. I'm not doing squat today.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Around the house..

Blah, I'm listening to depressing
music. Remember my very first blog
in 2009 called Road Not Taken (long deleted)?
I remember listening to Shadarobah and
Sting lots back then. 

Me reading CNN today. Goodness 
gracious. I don't do politics on my blog but
man alive...it's getting interesting in the 
USA and NOT in a good way.

So on Sabbath I had an ovarian
cyst decide to pop. It's been a really
long time so I was like CRAP when I felt
the "band of pain" and then some blood. Ugh.
Just feel awful. It's better today though thankfully.

Word lol.

Today has been tough. I was cooking this
morning and such a bad pain in my heel/foot
that I couldn't put any weight on it. It's been bugging
me off and on. It was bad tonight I almost ripped the
cabinet pull off, gripping onto it for dear life. If this
keeps up I'll have to go to the GP on Monday :/.

Me today


Onto a lessing ranting of a note, here's
a gif I made of Gabe :D

Is 5 years younger than you cradle
robbing? *cough* lol

After a Sabbath of resting, today I got quite
a bit done. Probably one reason my foot is like DIE.

I did a huge load of laundry, cooked ahead rice
for supper and froze some. I cooked the sweet
potato we bought and mashed it, froze it. I 
also made homemade tuna pineapple pizza,
 it was GOOD!

I went through and took inventory of
what I need to restock next week. I made next 
week's menu and on Sabbath I forgot, went
through and updated all the medical paperwork
for Spenser and I.

So that's up. We did a bit of shopping too.

Hope y'all are having a good week out there!

Word lol

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Around the house...

Breakfast today. It was GOOD. :) I don't
do wheat for breakfast but we had a medical
visit for me today and it worked out.

This week has been okay. Tuesday I
cooked ahead quite a bit and it's worked
out, we're still eating off of it lol :). Works out,
I can just chill tomorrow. I need some chill time.

Wednesday went okay. We got out early
and ate lunch at Hesburger. I have discount
coupons :D lol We did a bit of shopping and then
I went to my last fysio therapy for my pelvic
floor appointment. 

There has been some improvement
(via the EMS machine) but I'm bumped back upstairs
due to my chronic pain. :S I'm not looking forward to
ANOTHER visit with my feet in stirrups talking to a 
doctor over Kate Bush. :/ Oh well, it is what it is.

Family situation has went downhill rather a bunch
this week. Everyone is rude and moody, so surprise there
lol. Hmmm everyone was nice for what, 5 days?
Yente and Nachum need some chill pills :D lol 

Today I had an eye visit. It went okay minus
 the stinging drops of death but the guy was 
nice, but quiet. No problems there, Spenser
and I aren't exactly queen and king of 
conversation these days.

My eye pressure is LOWER off of 
medication. It's 20 and 22. The doc said though it
varies so you can't say for sure. He saw damage on
my optic nerve in the left eye more. :( I failed the read
the chart test WITH my glasses :S.  I was reading letters
and he was like "they're numbers"....yeah :S.

So we're hopefully going to get more testing
approved to see what's up. It'll take months :S. 
I have to call the old health centers and get my
eyeball info...didn't bring it :S. No one told me
and it's 3 years old...I probably threw it away :S lol.

We went to eat at hesburger again (more coupons)
and got the morning Coffee House deal :D It was SOOO good.
After having my eyeballs poked, it was well deserved lol.

We got some candy and came home. We got out
again later (I washed some laundry) and checked
out thrift stores in Klaukkala.

It was a good full day. I'm tired, Spenser's tired.

He had one last talk with his doctor. She told him
to try Effexor but 25% have insomnia...25%!!! That's
just nuts. So NO. That's his one issue mostly with anxiety.

Lord I'm thankful for our public health but you
just wait, and wait, and wait. I have become
REALLY good at waiting lol!

So that's what's going on here. Tomorrow we 
have nothing planned, hurrah! :) I hope
ya'll have a great weekend out there!

Supper..one pot couscous. It's SOOO good.
You can use whatever, I used ham since I'm
lazy lol.

I was thinking "I have some wood you can chop ;)"
but that sounds like I have a boner so no...bad joke lol. :P

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

I was on muscle relaxers and body parts in a bag Story!

Talked about this with my Mom on
Skype, it's too good not to share. YES
it's true all the way lol. I have a weird life.

So it was Monday or Tuesday, I
had a car wreck on that Sunday. My
left arm was messed up and I had pretty
bad whiplash. This was 2002 spring when I
was graduating in a month and Spenser was
coming over soon :D

They gave me pretty strong muscle relaxers
and pain killers for my whiplash. I got a
prescription so I was supposed to take these for 
awhile. They made me STONED..well what I guess
is stoned, I've never done drugs. I was OUT of it
and insanely calm lol. I fell asleep sitting up
in french class for 90 minutes.

So we had human anatomy and it was
some *great* decision we'd go check out
a university in metro ATL that had a 
autopsy place so the med students could
learn about the human body.

So we ride in the good old USA cheese
wagon school buses and I'm super stoned
from the muscle relaxers. I was sitting with my
friend Kristen. 

The school was nice, it was a pretty cool day.
They bring us to a place to show us an introduction
video. The guy who founded it had CRAZY eyebrows
and the two guys who always sat behind us in class
started making bad jokes. I'm cutting up and we all start
laughing since it was a whacked out video.

We walk around, take a mini tour of the campus. We stop
by the gift shop and Brit decides to buy 3 almond mounds
bars. WHY does a college with a dead body department
have a gift shop? No idea. So Brit is chowing down
on these chocolates and the teacher gives her a look.

We take a bit more of a tour and then bham! dead people
lab. The smell gets you first. It's like rotten soy sauce,
just nasty. It's a room full of preserved corpses so
it wouldn't smell good of course.

Even me in my high state was like UGH
at the smell. I had grape chapstick and split 
it with Kristen. She smelled the cap I put some
in, I smelled the chap stick. 

So the smell hits Brit and next thing you know,
the back door is open and she's barfing. I mean
like from the knees up just HURLING. Wes is
holding her hair back (they're still married btw)
and she's just throwing up. 

That doesn't help the ambiance of the matter. So
there's a naked old dead lady and you can see 
her genitals. Hence the two guys making bad
jokes again. So we're laughing and the teacher
and dead guy instructor is annoyed. Ever tried laughing
and not inhaling dead pickled people smell? It's hard.

So next comes out the duffel bag of random
body parts. I'm not kidding. There is a leg and the
skin is removed, you can see the knee implant.
Some other stuff. It was REALLY stinky.

Brit and Wes were in the lobby getting air. So
after all that, we went to the newest mall. Everyone
was quesy. Except me. I was still REALLY high
and hungry. I wanted Chinese. So we ate Chinese. 

Then I had a huge cookie sandwich.

Then we came back to school :D 

We had to talk about what we wanted to do,
I said EMT. Me, work in an ambulance?
Non-medicated me HATES gore and plus I'm
emetophobic lol. So...noooooo.

So never think of what career you want
while you're hopped up on muscle relaxers 
and painkillers :D lol 

Monday, January 23, 2017

Menu Monday..

Made my first gluten free impossible
pie yesterday! :) We don't have anything like
that in Finland so I had to make my own 
frugal bisquick, came out okay! :) 

This was lunch today. It was good! Leftovers
and the sweet potato was thawed.

Monday we had leftover GF hotdog pie with veges,
and microwaveable burgers for supper.

I have to cook ahead for some medical appointments
so we'll see what's up this week :). Flexible is important!

GF chicken vege soup, leftovers

nuggets with veges, fishsticks with veges

ham couscous with veges, leftovers

Decide that Day x2

GF ham or chicken impossible pie w/ veges, leftovers

GF chicken heated in oven with thawed oven
veges, leftovers

If you can make your own or have
bisquick, look up impossible pies. They are GREAT.

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for more menus!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Around the house...

Sunrise this morning, super pretty!

 I haven't blogged much, sorry about that. It's 
been kind of a "ugh" week. Spenser is lowering his
meds and so we're in another adjustment phase. Trying
not to stress and just take it easy. 

You guys, the tv is so dusty it looks like it has a fur coat :( lol
 At some point I need to clean/dust, oy! Whenever it calms down...
if ever? lol

Monday Spenser had a phone call with his doctor. It went
pretty okay. We didn't do anything really that day or 
all week. 

I found a great deal, carrot breads going old at .10 euro cents
a bag! I froze the stuff out of those right away! Sooo good with

Honestly we've been really tired and worn out (how...
hmmmmm...hmm...no stress here lol) and just kind of 
doing super minimal stuff.

I did change all our sheets and towels this week so
that was good.  Been doing laundry whenever I have
a load but not stressing to wait a day or two.

So that's it here. Not really much to blog 
about lol.  I'm alive, good enough :D lol 

You can see some snowflakes
in the picture. We had a dusting yesterday.

Found this great Jesus Icon yesterday for .90 euro cents on
sale! I love it! :) 


The truthiest poem ever...

Someone who wrote that must know me
in real life lol! :D (though I'd wish
they'd use the word complain lol)

Monday, January 16, 2017

Menu Monday

This gif makes me happy :D lol

Simple and easy as usual. 

I made gluten free turkey vege soup for 
lunch and we had chicken couscous with veges for supper.

GF leftover soup, leftover couscous

GF Finnish farmers eggs, nakki sauce, or Finnish bologna 
cheese bread (non GF)

GF pasta with something??, leftovers

GF chicken fried rice, leftovers

nuggets with veges, fishsticks with veges

2 Decide that Day

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 In some past life or something, me and Van Damme
were buds or something lol.

Eddie Long has passed...

For most of my readers that'll mean nothing,
but from someone who grew up in the
suburbs of Atlanta, it's kind of a whoa.
2010 was a strange year for lots of
religious reasons. 
We had the pastor of
Church in the Now (or 6 Flags over Jesus
as my sister's friend called it)
come out as gay. The church tanked membership after
that. It disbanded and now some
other Church has the property. We drive by it on the way
to Conyers to do any shopping.

There was the scandal of Bishop Eddie Long all
over the news. We had been gone almost 2 years 
overseas and when we landed this was all over the news. 
It was all settled out of court but they too lost members
of the church.

Last time I had seen Eddie Long he was wrapped up
in a Torah on stage and carried off by some guys while
sitting in a chair. Didn't give much thought after that.

Before all this we had the Church of Prayer in ATL.
That was sad stuff. I remember they would bring underage
girls over the border to marry in Alabama.

Atlanta/ Metro has seen more than it's fair share of
controversy in the past years.  Then again I only paid
attention since it was where I'd grown up.

Man...the stuff that happens in under 20 years.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Around the house..

Lord it feels like I haven't blogged in almost a week. Well it
is Sunday night.

Thursday Spenser had a therapy visit. It went well
and all but he had a bad reaction with his medicine so
it's been kind of "egg shell" situation around here. We're
both pretty pooped about it all.

Friday was pretty quiet if I remember right. The guys
played on Xbox so I had my folks to myself on Skype! :)
It was a pretty okay day.

 I ended up washing
pretty late on Sabbath though since we had a bit
of washing machine competition lol. No problem
though. Got r done. I didn't clean or anything for
Sabbath. Miriam you were right, paper plates lol! :D 

Night fevers keep bugging me so it's the middle of
January and I'm washing dishes with the fan on me lol.

Saturday was okay but Spenser was feeling pretty bad. We
went to Jumbo and sat a bit, had some juice and people
watched. The mall is a happening place on Saturday, too
much for me lol. We headed out to Klaukkala
and got some good deals. 10 pack eggs for 10 cents (going old)
and carrot sampyla breads, 50 cents a bag (going old too). :) 

Spenser had his friend drop by which was nice! I hope
 at some point in the future he can hang out again with everyone,
it's nice guys have guy time. I watch horrible movies and 
eat ramen lol, that's about it lol. The friend was here very
shortly and that's okay, wasn't feeling very social (do I ever?).

Today we were out for like 4 hours from the house! I had
to rewash laundry lol. I had like two days of dishes to do as well
tonight. We went to Jumbo and restocked a bit (thanks! :)) and
then headed to Klaukkala again.

Viiri Market, they had the shining beacon for all
of humanity.

 That's a big inflatable dick lol. I lolled and all :D 

Better than the party blow up sheep certain 
family members had :D lol We found it deflated under
a box in 2012 and we both yelled/screamed lmao. The
joys of inside jokes with your big brother lol :D

Found some good deals in the half off uhhh...
thingies..cupboards?  Stall..I think that's word. Goodbye
good English, we're getting Finglished up here lol.

Great "fire king" oven dish I got for .50 cents!

Bathroom rug yes, but is great for me doing dishes.
My feet are killing me and this thing is PLUSH. Way
less tired lower limbs using this. 

We checked out Bargain Bin thingie and found two
soup bowls on sale, whoo!

Nice! A bit shallow but they work. It was the
same type I've gotten from the Selki thrift store
so I guess I know who had this stall lol!

We went to Lidl and got milk products and 
came home. Watched tv the rest of the
evening honestly. Kinda fried.

Hopefully things calm down but who knows. So that's
what's up here. Hope y'all out there are well!


Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Around the house..

Man it is SO dark outside during these
winter days. We'll get some daylight here
and there, but man it's dark. It was still kind of
"light" at 4pm so there's hope lol. 

We have to buy 3 
blackout curtains since I sleep out here and the
sun will soon be bugging us quite a bit lol.
(over the spring of course, got lots of time lol)

This week has been kind of topsy
turvy (lord hasn't it been that way
since 2010? lol). Spenser has a doctor's
appointment tomorrow with his therapist
so hopefully all that goes well.  He had
a big talk with the person on Monday
on the phone. 

Monday we did some testing for him
and hung around at the mall a bit. I did
some laundry and just kind of rested.

Tuesday was pretty okay. We watched tv, I
am too tired to do anything really. Spenser and I
have been just "getting through" these days here
of late. I have mending and busywork I can 
do but not feeling it really.

I did cook ahead a bit pot of soup that was funky
colored due to bouillion but today (Wens) we ate it
and it was fine! Color got back to normal? Meh,
who knows.  I also made a big batch of tacos
for lunch, they were good! Used up ham going old
and eggs out of date.

It was interesting lol! :D Tacos tasted great.

 We got out late (been hard to get the car lately) and this
was traffic on Klaukkala bypass. The arrow is the offramp,
we're in the emergency lane trying to get into that lol. They
REALLY need to make the darn bypass 2.0...been talking about
it for like 35 years or something. 

Today has been okay. We reheated the soup and watched
tv.  I washed a load of laundry. We got out a 
bit earlier and got lucky at Jumbo! Food wise ;) lol 

I found our favorite mircowave meals 2 for the 
price of 1 in the bargain bin! Considering it was 
pretty late in the afternoon, I was surprised to see all
the stuff there. I got Spenser's fav (curry chicken and rice)
and mine (cream chicken with peppers and taters). :) I got 2
each and we'll eat those tomorrow plus nuke burgers.

I also found this beauty!

 Precooked turkey, 2 pounds for 2 euros! :D WHOO! I 
processed it after Spenser went to bed and got 7 little
baggies (about 1 cup each) of meat! Nice! Thank you Lord!

I washed dishes and that's about it. Drank my nightly ritual 
of poop juice ( flavored juice and fiber mix) and watch
meme videos on Youtube lol.  

That's about it here. Oh yeah, Aunt Flo showed up
so I'm like nooooooooooooo lol. Cramps ahoy but
it's all good. Easy meals are a plus tomorrow, I 
can just rest and not worry about dishes. Sabbath
will be something REALLY easy.

I think that's about it! OH! In a month I
should find out about my glaucoma time so that's
really good to hear! 

In two weeks I have my final crotch fysio therapy,
we've failed that class Kate Bush lol. :P  Oh well...it is
what it is.

I hope y'all are well and all. Oh yeah, for those
who know me off this blog, I'm off of Facebook for
a couple of weeks, Undisclosed reasons :). 

 You and me both Rami. I'll bring the 
Fiddler on the Roof movie and chocolate muffins.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Menu Monday...

That feeling when you have a brand new 
menu plan to try out and it all goes to hell
in one day lol. Just roll with it lol.

We had pizza today for lunch and we
bought potato chicken meals for 1 euro each today.

I will devour the chocolate muffins in the
cabinet for the monthly is nigh. All I need
is my crying session and we're good lol.

Menu plans

Gluten free ham and vege soup, leftovers

gluten free rice n eggs (finnish recipe), 
nakki sauce GF with taters (finnish recipe)

GF ham pasta (or some other meat) with veges, leftovers

gluten free chicken fried rice, leftovers

fishsticks and veges

gluten free chicken curry with rice or DTD

ham and egg tacos (tomorrow), pulled pork from
a can or ramen noodles 

The new system I'm using is:

Finnish recipes
GF pasta

vegetarian or easy

Decide that Day x2

It'll hopefully help me expand what we 
eat more. :) 

Thanks for stopping by! Visit Menu Monday 
for more menus!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

My mostest favoritest winterst shots everst...

Just love these shots!

Around the house...

Still love seeing the kitchen :D I did the dishes tonight
and everything is done homemaking wise. We still have 
construction junk laying around here and there, like
stuff got displaced while we moved around again, and 
I have to find a home for it all/remove it. 

New tablecloth looks great! :) It's a nice color. I
got a poinsettia from Spenser's Dad, forgot to water it
for like a week. Good thing they're hardy, it wasn't
dead lol.

Today wasn't too bad. Spenser had to plow snow
again and I swept off the porches. It was -20C
and now it was -5C with a blizzard. Finnish
weather is nuts.

I worked on a new "system" to ensure we 
eat more variety. I stole it from my mom, thanks Mom! :)
It's like one day rice meal, one day a Finnish recipe,
one day something easy, etc. I have been digging through
my Finnish American cookbook finding good stuff
to try. Spenser's meh about it lol. It's Americanized
Finnish food though, I think he'll eat it lol.

I did a load of laundry and that's about it, moving
stuff around. My period is going to show up
(surprise..me willingly cleaning lol) and I've been
spotty all week so no idea.

I've been mulling over a book idea for
my writings, I'm on the third one now! :D No idea
but I'll write as long as the characters kick around
in my mind.

I had two huge boxes of scraps for me starting to
quilt or make a quilt skirt...threw them away because
I never had time or the space. :/ Darn it! I wish I
had kept them because now I have tons of time
and would like do something like that.  One of these
days I'll go up and buy more fabric or something lol.

 Today I drained another batch of tangerine 
vinegar. I was like oh crap since bits were floating
around but it was where I squished the extra
out of the skins. I strained most of it out through
a towel, good enough.

With the skirt fisasco I need to hem my
longer skirts. *sigh*. I don't mind mending but
I HATE hemming lol.

My dad had a good email point escalators have
a BUNCH of torque and better a skirt than my
leg and death. I agree and so does Spenser!

Well...watch out there boys, gonna see my
cankles from now on lol.

 There is probably something I'm forgetting,
but that's about it here. I will end the 
post with some winter shots.

Earlier snow.

 -4F...this was the "warm" time of day!

More snow...

Frost build up outside of our side porch door.


You can see the crystals, I love it :D. I smashed
the rest of it off today with a broom handle lol.

Thanks for checking out the blog!

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...