Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The F*cking Art of Grace...

When I was younger, I imagined myself
as this headcovering modest dressing Christian
having 6 kids with Spenser, driving our mini van.
Christ somehow descending with easy immigration
and we'd be Stateside.

32 years old, no kids, and with chronic illness
and a husband with severe anxiety disorder. Not to mention
living in the Lindroos nut bin lol.

It has not been a good day. Yesterday I said
I feel it would be bad , it was.


1) Spenser has had lots of panic attacks. 

2) I'm burned out with PMS and Mono.

3) The red car died. Hence a crappy
tacos day with Yente and  I'm tired. 

4) We have TONS of appointments I'd
rather keep (one I can't miss) and one car.
With a family that can't keep it's ass at the
house for more than a day at a time. HA.

5) Got insulted the entire way home by
Yente. Spenser thus having another panic attack.

6) Laundry rack falling me.

7) Dumping water all over my book/Bible on
the coffee table.

8) Pickle juice leaking all over the fridge.

9) Burning my grilled cheese twice because
Spenser had to talk on why Yente and I 
don't have a better relationship.

10) If it wasn't for Pamprin...HA. I'd of 
burned the f*cking house down and humped 
Stephen Lang.

I don't care he's 64, I'd ride it until it snapped
people. LOL :P

I don't seem much like a Christian. Newsflash, 
most Christians are dealing with crap situations
and feel pretty crappy. 2% of Christians are like 
Duggar holy roller folks. 

This is me. I am myself and sometimes, that 
includes not having an ounce of f*cking grace. I'm
tired, I'm exhausted, this year has f*cking sucked,
and that's okay to say.

Fake it 'til you make it doesn't count as a Christian. 

I go to God with this steaming pile of shit called
my existence and my life, and talk about it with him.

I have set you for a tester and a fortress among
 my people, that you may know and test their way.
- Jeremiah 6:27

I can't tell you how many times I get that
when I read the Bible. I wish it wasn't so, I 
don't want to be a tester among the people.

The people can f*ck off...guess that's my
God ordained job. Shit fucks up for me
and God tests the reactions around me.

Some days I don't have grace, it's gone. 
It's like a tornado has blown through everything
and left me ass up in the wreck of it all. Today
is one of those days.

Let us therefore come boldly 
unto the throne of grace, that we may 
obtain mercy, and find grace to
 help in time of need. - Hebrews 4:16

God is always good, and I don't know why
he lets crap like today happen. It's not a biggie
for some people , but when you have burn out
anything is enough.

Talk to God, don't hold back. I cuss, let it rip. He
created me after all. When shit seems f*cked up
and you want to rip your hair out and scream,
fleeing a burning house upon the glorious crotch
of Stephen Lang...come talk to God.

But they that wait upon the LORD 
shall renew [their] strength; 
they shall mount up with wings as eagles; 
they shall run, and not be weary;
 [and] they shall walk, and not faint. - Isiaiah 40:31

Monday, February 27, 2017

Around the house...

Got this great deal on sale! I made a huge
pan of scramled eggs (half whites half
yolks) and froze two baggies for the future.
It made a great breakfast with canned pears.

White out! It was funky weather on the weekend.

I basically rested on the weekend, I did no laundry or
anything. We ended up eating some takeout at Hesburger
(cheap menu lol) and so I didn't have much to do.

Today has been pretty busy. We got out this early
afternoon, eating McDonalds. The red car is getting to
have lots of problems. I wish I'd have enough money
for a vehicle that works well and is trustworthy. Then again
 I didn't buy it so...can't complain lol. (family vehicle)

Went to Jumbo, hung around and got some candy. Spenser
likes to spend time away from the house so good thing they
have nice seating in some spots.

Came home after having coffee (mmm decaf ) and
got to work on housework.

I did dustmopping, changed all the sheets and bedding,
including duvet covers which I hate!, and washed a 
massive load of normal clothes plus changed all
the towels. I am literally out of drying room
in the basement lol. Changed table cloth too...I keep
forgetting to do that more lol.

I made ham/potato/green bean/feta soup for supper,
it was pretty good. Had a good Skype with my folks.

So that's about what's up. I did the grocery
list already for next month's restock and all..have to
put down pizza...always forget the 2 for 2 euro cheapo
pizza from Prisma lol.

I did some dishes tonight, Spenser went to bed
early. He had some panic attacks this evening.

I'm kind of stressing about lots we have to do, and
an appointment I can't miss towards the end of 
March. I'm like what if I get noro or I'm sick? AHHHH.
I need to relax man...stress isn't good for me (or
anyone for that matter).

So if anyone wants to throw a prayer our way, we'd
appreciate it. Thanks! :) It's going to be a loooong
week I think and I feel it lol.

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Around the house...

Fell in love with this at Viiri Market in
Klaukkala. I can see my characters in
my books riding around in this.

Spenser measured my butt by the way, and
I take up 3/4 of the seat lmao! :D

I got a big ole butt!

It's been a bit since I've updated on what
we've done. 

I don't remember much about Tuesday. Oh yeah,
we just basically relaxed after all the stuff going on
on Monday. It was a zone out and watch tv day :) lol 
I did change out towels and washed laundry.
Wednesday was a pretty busy day. I cooked
a bunch ahead. I made curry cauliflower soup in
a big batch and nakki kastike with mashed potatoes.

I also made ham green bean impossible pie and it was 
GOOD. It's better to use homemade wheat knock off
Bisquick and all, it's okay gluten free but loses
it's "mmm childhood" taste :D

We had to hurry to the mall but the
shopping went okay.  We had a HUGE
blizzard descend at evening. It was pretty bonkers.

We watched lots of tv. I took a break
from doing laundry. 

I did call my old eye doctor and the nurse
and I got very mixed up lol. I have to get my
old files from 2014 for the new doctor.
Thursday has been good but busy!

Spenser made music, I did two 
loads of laundry. I cleaned off the snow
from the cars and our porches this morning. It was
nasty wet snow that compacted on the broom, just

We got showers and headed out. Got the car for a good
chunk of time today!

We ate at Hesburger for lunch, it was good. We walked
around and sat a bit in Jumbo. TONS of adorable babies :D.

 I love them in their big snow suits with tiny 
clonky boots :D  Yes I'm ovulating, yes I cried
watching Steve Irwin's son being all grown up
on a clip on Youtube. lol

We went to Viiri Market (it's a cheap haunt lol)
and I found vintage Easter cards for 30 cents each! WHOO!
I got them and it's enough for our 30,000 relatives
and friends lol.

We stopped at Tarjoustalo and I got some good
sales. Citymarket at Jumbo had great sales too!

Sales stickers! I got meals for .70 cents each (blue things),
grill sausage for a euro, and the two nuggets for 2 
euros, and the two hotdogs for .70 euro cents each too! 

Sweet potatoes were on for .99 cents a kilo, I 
got two for 1.20 euros. I got bread 50% off (50 cent loaf)
and I got hotdog buns for 1 euro! 

I stocked up the freezer for next month already.

Speaking of next month, ever feel like
this when you're trying to budget with a small
income? lol


I worked on the grocery list for a good
couple of hours (oh juggling stuff between
months, hurrah lol) and it went okay. March is
turning to be busy and we're not even there yet lol.

We watched tv and just rested. Spenser had a bunch
of panic attacks today, poor guy. 

While he cleared snow I cleaned up for
Sabbath. Shook out rugs and swept a bit and
dustmopped. We're good with food and 
the bathroom can survive a week without
a tidying so we're good :) lol

So it's been a busy day today. Oh yeah! The
doctor called when we were out. He said
he can mail me the info. He seemed a bit
sad we had switched doctors but it wasn't
my choice. What the public healthcare pays
for, I go to lol. I'm poor :P lol

So that's about what's up here. I hope you
all out there have a great weekend! :)

Monday, February 20, 2017

Menu Monday...

I wonder if Willem has trouble at the

Easy and simple :)
Today we had SOS and microwave GF 
rice n chicken.

Nuggets with taters and veges, fishsticks
with taters and veges

GF chicken soup, ravioli

GF egg tacos, GF nakki sauce with taters
(been bumped forever)

GF chicken pasta with sauce and veges, GF leftovers

Decide that day..x 2

GF impossible pie with veges, GF leftovers

Thanks for visiting, make sure to visit

A Day in the Life of me...with pictures :P

6 something am

Spenser was awake, I went
to the bedroom so I could sleep more
and he made music.


Woke up and ate breakfast.

820 am

Spenser went on a walk and I took
my meds. 


laundry needed folding, bad.

I noticed the floor was scuzzy, time for

I also filled the humidifier and got
stuff laid out for lunch.

8:45 am

Done with homemaking. I read the
Bible, got Psalm 78.


Got shower after Spenser, got 
started on lunch.

 Got started on SOS

Comfort food.

We ate lunch around 950am. 
It was early but I had my fysio
time for my foot! I wanted to have
my brain working so I ate early and
so did Spenser.

1050am, Spenser's dad takes me to
the hospital. We had a nice talk! 

Yente issues on why we didn't have
 a car..but I'll leave that for another day :).

So I get inside the hospital.

From the waiting area towards the 

I called Spenser and we talked until they
called me. I love the auditorium seating 
here lol. Don't look fat friendly for sure lol!

So that's my good leg. It is pretty
straight (minus my crap line) and you
don't see much of my foot.

DAMN. I mean come on, that's pretty insane how
much my gait is off with my left foot.

Basically my left heel does nothing from what
the fysio therapist said. It's supposed to slightly rotate
when I walk and it does zilch. The therapist took
this picture to show me, I was like darn.

I also have REALLY tight muscles. She did a 
massage to loosen the tightness in the calf muscles.
She took this roller thingie and y'all, I was about
asleep. I'm thankful I didn't fart I was so relaxed lol!

She was like did it hurt? I was like nope, hadn't been
that relaxed in like...months. I had super spaghetti
legs walking though lol. It helped with the pain a bunch.

So that's also why my knees are bad, from the knee
below all the muscles are compensating for my
fudged up heel bone not working. Hence, plantar

So darn. I have exercises and an appointment in
3 weeks.

She was really nice and no "fat" commentary! Thank
you Jesus! (We talked about weight but she was 
respectful and all.)

Uhhh..so that was about it. Finally Yente returned
with the car and Spenser came and picked me up!

We went to Jumbo. Candy was on sale
since it's ski vacation week and yes, I
bought some lol. :D Had a good trip. Not
too many teenagers which was nice.

Next we drove to Viiri Market and got
tennis balls on sale for my foot. DON"T
use spiky hard balls on plantar F, bad idea.
Tennis ball are better. 

I had and the therapist thinks I had 
an infection from the way I described it :S

Also checked out bargain basement :D I
love this place.

We went to Tarjoustalo and 
then came home. It was like 3pm
at this time. Spenser picked me up around 12:10pm.

So we get home and decided we want to go
out again. Spenser had some anxiety attacks
today so we drove a loooong way to
Selki, had a nice trip.

We've had snow off and on all day.

We checked around the thrift store,
nothing really jumped at me. 

We got me cheese poofs and got
croissants for a snack on the way home
from Lidl.

We came home, it was like 430pm.

We watched tv, talked with my folks,
and then ate supper around 6 pm.

Mmm nuke food lol :D It was good though.


Spenser headed to bed and I did
a small load of dishes.


My evening usually concludes with
a glass of "poop juice", my fiber mixed
with juice so I don't puke it up. 

That's about it! :) I skipped laundry since
it had been a BUSY day and my foot hurts from
all the stuff. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

What's in your Sabbath?

Cool, this is David's tomb..I think. It was
from Pixabay. :)

So for those who don't know..I had the
Catholic issues stop me from pursuing it
in 2016. Turns out there's a sect known
as Old Catholics or American Catholics, and
they are pretty much wonderful :D. I have 
emailed a really nice priest guy, he's awesome. 

So you can be Catholic and not be Roman Catholic!
You can still go to Mass in a Roman Catholic church
but it's really different, it's pretty nice. Should of listened to
my friend who told me to look into it :D 

So I'm still observing Sabbath the good ole
Sabbath Keeper way. It's just me :P

What do I do for Sabbath?

Now some Sabbaths I'm like heck no,
and do zilch. The dust bunnies watch
me from the floor and I'm like meh. Then some
Sabbaths I'm like MUST CLEAN.

This is my bottom of the basket Sabbath preparations.

1) I try to have meals planned or cooked. Less
 stress on me and all. If we don't then it's 
something easy. 

2) I deal with things that annoy me

I make sure there's a new roll of paper in
the bathroom, make sure we have matches
so Spenser doesn't stink me to death So just
in case :D. I make sure we have new soap and
shampoo if needed. 

I charge batteries if we need some just in case,
and I pull out bread or stuff from the freezer if we might
run out. Just stuff that is like...crap gotta remember.

I also accidentally dumped 1/3 of Spenser's yogurt into
the sink today draining off the whey. That's stuff is 
very expensive so...poop :(. Use the lid next time lol!

3) I try to vacuum and do sheets a couple of days
ahead of Sabbath. I don't want to be changing
duvet covers on the day of rest.

4) Change all the cups and wash bulky annoying
dishes the night before Sabbath. 
Basic list (like I'm sick and tired aka most
of the time)

Sweep up with a broom the dust bunnies
and stuff, it takes a minute or two. Dust mop
just around furniture. 

Pick up random crap that accumulates and 
declutter a bit. 

Check the bathroom again for anything I need
to replace. Clean toilet and sink if I'm feeling
really into it. Spray vinegar onto floor so soap
scum disappears and you feel you've cleaned it.

Fold laundry that has it's pile in the bedroom.
If it's small I don't mind but I don't want a monster
of a load accumulating and I'll have to fold that. Dust
mop in bedroom as well if needed.

Have Spenser take the trash. 

Water Cletus if he's looking dead.

Shake out rugs if needed but I mostly
do that when I vacuum. Hall rug is the worst
for gravel. 

That's honestly about it. 
I light an electronic LED candle (thanks Mom!)
when sundown comes and I remember. I 
won't burn the damn house down with my
fibro fog memory lol.

I tend to do a load of laundry on Saturday
morning if needed. I may cook too. It's pretty
much business as usual for me minus doing stressful
stuff if so.

So that's about it! I'll read the Bible or work on
my books I'm writing, or read. 

So that's that. Have a great Shabbat!

(Also yes we eat pork on Sabbath, some folks don't. I'm
also an American Catholic in learning who does
Sabbath Keeping..so yeah..I'm already weird ;) lol).

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Willem Dafoe is having my baby..

Random title but we're all getting a bit
tired of "around the house"...right?


Okay...so today has been pretty okay.

We got out and about after I made lunch.
It was curry chicken sauce with rice
and veges.

Spenser went for a walk and I started
to read Dr Zhivago. MUCH better than
the movie. It's fun being 32 years old
having to relearn reading..hurrah. :P I
make myself read every line and I'm using
an orange clear overlay to help with
eye fatigue.

We got out to Jumbo, and drove around a bit.
Dumptrucks had kids graduating lukio throwing
candy.  One guy chunked a piece at our windshield
and it freaked me out a bit. It washed off but ugh..
stupid teenagers. They were on the opposite
side of the street and this kid would be great
at baseball if he wasn't a little annoying twat lol.

I'm trying to be a positive force but darn it, it's
hard considering...just being me lol.

Word lol

Spenser and I cut each other's hair when we 
got home and I'm doing laundry. 

I got my paper 4 months after waiting for fysio therapy
for my foot. It says :


DISAPPOINTING PENIS have I been waiting on??? DUDE!

So that was annoying lol.

I try to remind myself we're blessed to have
this health care because in America many people
aren't covered. 

So that's the low down of what's going on. 

Wednesday was pretty okay. We got a great deal
at the store: chicken filets for 1.50 euros instead of 4.50!
We also got two ground chucks for 3 euros! :D Those are
in the freezer. I hate cooking raw meat but we
need to eat some more red meat (for my anemia and its' cheap)

So that's about it here. We're supposed to have
freezing rain, hurrah! :P

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Around the house...

Happy Valentines' to everyone
out there!

Sofie stopped by today! :) I caught
her and she stopped for a picture. Aw,
 I have missed seeing my fur baby. She 
was too busy and ran off back to her nest..
no time for human mama :D lol 

She was licking moisture from the tree
before lol. The old camera is hard to get
a good non-fuzzy photo. It's getting old.

Monday was pretty okay. I went to
the dermatologist and it was my old
doctor I hadn't seen since 2015! Nice to
catch up and see an old familiar face :).

Key points: My chronic
irritated throat is snoring, not GERD.

He showed me how to take care of
my warts at home. (foot warts)

He gave me a different rosacea medicine.

I DON"T have rosacea in my eyes!

I DO have eczema in my ears! I THOUGHT
so! I was right last year and the dermatologist wasn't.
He looked in and was like, yep. No biopsy needed!

I have been pulling large chunks of skin from the
outer canal for years, surprise, it's eczema! So I
got some ear drops (steroids again..ALL my meds
are steroids) and I use them for a couple weeks
at a time.

Poop thing, our medicine copay (as you will)
changed in 2017 to save Finland money..(I'll
keep my opinion to myself) so NONE of my
meds were covered. It's all out of pocket and I
can't afford it. My chemo cream,
steroid cream, and steroid ear drops are all
out of pocket. That stuff is specialty and
the price racks up.

How I feel :


We got some sandwiches for lunch
and then did some grocery shopping (thanks!).

It was a pretty quiet afternoon if I remember. We
kind of rested and all. I skipped doing any chores.

Today (Tuesday) has been pretty
okay. We don't really celebrate holidays
much anymore.

I did a big ole clean session. I vacuumed
the bedroom and changed all the sheets/duvet
covers. I REALLY hate duvet covers lol.

Spenser went for a walk, I vacuumed
the rest of the apartment. It wasn't too bad. I
used the duster I bought and man alive, lots
of dust bunnies lol!

Spenser came when I was dustmopping. I
in all did 4 loads of laundry today. I literally
ran out of drying room in the basement lol.

We sat around until 2pm when we finally
got a ride and went to the pharmacy, got
my ear drops. They burned a bit at first
but I feel they're already helping.

We went grocery shopping after
that. We stopped by Lidl too and then
came home.

Spenser had a ton of panic attacks
today so it wasn't super whoo time. Poor
guy, it just happens like that.

We came home and watched tv until it was
supper time. We picked up cheap microwave
burgers and that was that.

We had called yesterday to get an appointment
time for Spenser at his therapist to see what's
up after the crap out with the day program.

Turns out we got the letter on Friday and no
one bothered to let us know lol. I was like uhhh. Well
he goes in March and I go a couple days later
to see why I have internal pelvic pain (oy).

So that's good info to know. Not much going on
elsewise. I do have some pictures :).

We had some freezing frost. It was nuts
to see every pine needle covered.

Super frosty!

Beautiful sunset a couple days ago.

Wood carving at Viiri Market. 

Owl..what I saw though...

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Around the house...

Been a weirdish weekend but 

Friday we had a good Skype, it
was pretty quiet if I remember. I 
had a bunch of dishes to wash so
I did that. I skipped laundry since
it was Sabbath.

Saturday was okay, but Spenser
and I had lots of anxiety...too much
in depth conversing and all that great stuff.

Sunday has been okay. Spenser and his dad
went out for a morning walk to talk
about everything. 

Spenser had woken me up at 430am so I'm
kind of out of it today. I used the time they were
exercising to cook ahead a bunch: ham soup,
chicken vege couscous, and side veges. 

I have a medical appointment on Monday
so I needed some food ready for that.

We ate pizza for lunch and watched tv.
 We got out for a bit and came home. Spenser
made music and I goofed online. I washed laundry
and due to some issues, had to move all my
linens stored downstairs.

 Prayed for a situation
and God gave me a good one. I'm quite
happy where I've located the sheets and stuff I use :).

Spenser and his youtube friend chatted on the
phone a bit. He went to bed and I did dishes,
and read online about just random stuff.

So that's about it here. Tomorrow I have an 
early appointment at the skin clinic and 
hopefully whatever afterwards.

Oh and of course, Spenser's brother
showed up on Saturday and it was just
plum awkward after all the rape telling. Seriously,
like Isaiah, a lodge in the desert lol!

I spent a good time laughing at Robin
Williams standup on Youtube lol. LOL that
scene...watch his "Viagra" video and you'll
get it lol. 

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Late night thoughts...adjusting to a spouse with anxiety..

Spenser is in bed. He had 6 or 7 panic attacks
today. Poor guy, they're very scary and uncomfortable.
I hope he has no more tonight but I don't know.

 Washing dishes I was thinking of my
 Mom's book on the little bookshelf in
their bedroom as a kid, Willing to Follow
but Forced to Lead. I asked Mom about it
and she told when I was a kid...I just 
remember the title.

I've known Spenser much longer than we've
been married, and it's been an adjustment to
seeing him change.

He was a young go getter just hopping on
the plane to USA to come get me. He could of
gotten deported but he came anyway, and
we knew we loved each other. 

Spenser was
always the leader. While I've always been a 
very vocal and opinionated person, Spenser
took the lead. He's the husband and he made
the decisions.

The past couple of years we've kind of 
switched that role. I started taking on things
as I could (given I have no car and language
barrier). I ask what he wants to do and when we
go out, we base our decision on that, for 
what he feels up to. Other than that, I do
most decisions on a day to day basis.

It's been hard adjusting to the change. I'm
kind of doing everything these days (finances,
cooking/cleaning/etc). Spenser was never big
in the housework helping...what he did I miss lol!

We were talking that it's a constant
readjustment and it's true. I almost fell
asleep in the middle of our chat, I'm just so tired. 

Life has made me tired. I don't feel 32. The
rape counselor said that I work day and night
(Spenser has night anxiety and wakes me up)
and that's true. Combined with my health

I feel 100 years old. It sucks watching
Spenser get panic attacks, his face reddens and
he gets this panicked look on his face. I try to
comfort him and there's nothing I can do. I
am just helpless and it sucks.

We were having trouble opening the door to
get back into Forum parking in Helsinki. A lady
helped us. Spenser got a panic attack waiting for
the elevator to open. She freaked and closed the door
as fast as she could. :/ It just looks scary, it isn't. 

Sometimes I feel like I'm ready for life to
be ending in some big KABHAM!

I don't know what other 32 year olds
are planning or what they're doing. It's just
day to day and see what symptoms and 
changes will pop up next. 

Is there a new chapter coming? I don't know.

It is tiring for sure. I love Spenser
though, and it's worth it.

I love this movie! Lol 

Around the house...the week that won't let up

So having written Monday, I was like
ah..this week will be awesomer and calm.


This gif will be my 2017 gif...I feel it lol.

So Tuesday rolls around and we (thanks!)
got out and did some shopping. One of those
months you run out of everything lol. At least
February is short!

We got to Jumbo, buy all kinds of food
and a new hair dryer. My old one burned my...
bum. (Intertrigo prevention means blowing
at your private bits with a blow dryer lol).

So we're loaded up and we sit and have
our drinks. Spenser wants to walk around
Stockmann at Jumbo so we do.

So we're checking out prices and this security
guard shows up. He follows us for a bit and 
while we go to the food section he stands right
next to Spenser (who is Pasty white Finnish person)
and stares at us.

I am tired of this shite and say in Finnish at him
"Ei mustalainen" or "not a gypsy". He is like oh
and wanders off. What a racist asshole.

Google mustalainen and thanks to my
Jewish genes, I'm skin/hair tone like these
folks. At least compared to the majority
of pasty ass Finnish people. 

So that sucked. We get home and Spenser
gets into it with Nachum 2.0. Basically reality
checks his ass on his anxiety disorder. I'm eating
candy and being on the computer. Spenser later comes

 The ONE thing ALL my therapists have said NOT 
to tell and it was MY choice if and when I wanted to tell. Well
don't have to worry now because I'm sure all 
of the f*cking family have heard by now. Sure the smoke signals
have reached our cousins in Karelia folks.

Joy of joys. HELL TO THE NO of
me doing anything with Spenser's family
outside of a funeral because people are 
inappropriate as f*ck and will ask 
dumb questions. 

 Just ugh...ugh all the way. Spenser was 
like ooopsy and I was pretty upset at him.

So that sucked.
Wednesday was pretty good and quiet. We went to
Jumbo (surprise, it's cold and boring up here,
nothing else to do but hang at the mall) and 
we rested most of the day. We laid in

I did some laundry, washed a bunch of
dishes, roasted sweet potatoes (froze a ton),
and dustmopped. 

So it was a good quiet day.


Today has been quiet too. I did some laundry. I cooked
turkey vege soup for over Sabbath and so I can
rest, not do anything really stressful. 

We got a 3 euro book, Dr Zhivago! I'm looking forward
to reading it here and there. I need to get used to reading
with the dyslexia guides, they still bug me to use.

I filled the feeder, looked out and saw the HUGE
Magpie Sofia sitting on the tiny part eating lol! :D Aw,
she was doing her Sparrow impersonation. 

No plans here. Sun is setting and we'll eat something
for supper and watch more tv.

Have a great night out there!

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