Thursday, March 30, 2017

Around the house...

Man alive I've been neglecting the blog, sorry
about that to my regular readers. It has been A MONTH..
but I have a feeling April will be interesting too lol.

So last weekend was pretty quiet if I remember
right. The guys played here and there. I rested
quite a bit.

For the first time all month we didn't have
any doctors times so far this week. We did
have the time change and I'm thankful we 
could adjust to it without any
appointments and such.

The beginning of the week we just
relaxed and adjusted, finally could
"let our hair down' so to speak.

Spenser's Dad had surgery yesterday
but he's home now and seeming to be okay. I think
the hardest part for him is to rest, it's not in the 
Lindroos genes :) lol

Today we did some grocery shopping (thanks!) and

I need to shake out rugs and dustmop or vacuum..and fold
a ton of laundry. Sheets will be pushed off a bit...don't feel
like it plus I'm on my monthly..not a good time to 
wash anyways lol. I have a mountain of laundry to fold too.

Tomorrow I have a doc appointment with my
foot so we'll see what's up after that. Saturday is
a party time probably so I might be taking a DAYS
long break from washing lol :).

Hope y'all have a great weekend out there if I 
don't blog again! :)

Forgot I have to work on the grocery list
for next month LOL :P 

Friday, March 24, 2017

Around the house...

It's been a week without blogging. It has been
a very tiring week but not a bad one. 

Monday and Tuesday were rather
quiet. We didn't spend much time out 
of the house. I had forms to fill
out and obsessively OCD over :P
Wednesday was okay, we were in
Helsinki for an appointment. Parking
of course was awful but God blessed us
with a space and we got 'er done. Thankful
for that.

Certain people related to us can't seem
to get it through their yuppie skull that
Spenser and I are private people and they
need to quit asking so many questions.

Pretty much sums up how I feel about the whole
situation. No need for anger, just a need
to say "none of your business" and move on.
Thursday was okay.  I did the usual pre-Sabbath
cleaning of dustmopping and shaking out rugs. Did
a bit of laundry too.  

We watched a bunch of slow tv too. Big Rig Steve
is one of our favorite things to watch on Youtube. He's
funny and very family friendly.

 I made pizza and then we had to shop. Our shower head
died and we bought a new one from Biltema. I could spend
SO much money and time in that place. :P :D I like office

We hung around Jumbo too, did some grocery shopping.
Friday has been okay but I think it'll be a "at home"
day. I'm fine with that. 

This morning I made turkey vege soup (forgot the rice)
and we watched a funny childhood movie :P

 I dustmopped again and folded a mountain of laundry. Cleaned
out the fridge and have been resting. I washed
a bit and changed towels.

I've been listening to native Sami music and while
Spenser feels it's "it's Pagan AHHH" stuff,  I get why. I grew
up listening to Pure Moods (and my sis laughing at me lol)
but it was full of native American music, etc. I just
like stuff like that :).

It's time to quit feeding the birds :(. I'm not happy about
it but God does provide for them.  Winter is over and 
while I'd love to feed them, the squirrels bury things in
MIL's flower pots lol. Also it's good the farts rely on
what the Lord gives them since we go through bouts
where we don't feed them.

I did put bread out, there will always be something like that.
 I am a bit weary though, don't want mice coming here. We caught
3 or 4 and thankfully the trap has been empty for awhile. We'll keep
it well stocked though just in case, we get rogue mice in the summer
quite often.

So that's about it here. Spenser and the guys are playing. I took
a wonderful nap lol. :P

That's about it here. I'm still using my crutch/cane thingie and
it's helping the foot pain minus a sore thumb from hauling all
of me around on it lol :)

Hope you all have a great weekend and I'll
blog later!

LOL this popped up when I was reading about rape
idea but it made me laugh yesterday lol.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Around the house...

So I used the handicap bathroom in Jumbo. It
was NICE, like a spa in there. It's hard to drag
that crutch/cane thingie around in a small
stall for sure. 

I'm pretty used to the crutch now. We went to
Jumbo Friday and got some supper (micro 
chicken n rice meals) and came home. It was
a pretty quiet day. I didn't do squat, did dishes
earlier in the day so I rested.

Saturday has been pretty good. I've noticed that my
foot is feeling MUCH better using the crutch. If I'm
home and doing stuff I take constant breaks so I can
move around pretty well without it. If we're out
and about I use the cane since walking any distance hurts.

God blessed me with an energy burst to
get my cleaning done! :) It has been probably
a month since I've vacuumed and our house 
 needed it, BAD.
So today I :

stripped all the bedding and washed it

vacuumed and dustmopped

shook out rugs

washed the shower curtain

cleaned the bottom of the medical cabinet

cleaned up the sink and the potty (around it too)

folded a huge amount of laundry

changed all the towels and the sheet I use
to cover our couch. 

washed normal laundry.

mid month restocking

I have been busy lol. :P God really blessed me
to catch up on cleaning that really needed done. 

I think it  was mentally needed too about
the mice issue we've had. 

Spenser didn't find a mouse in the catch today
so hopefully that's good news. We'll wait and see!

So that's been about it. Nothing tomorrow planned
but who knows! :P 

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Around the house..

I have a pimp cane everyone! :D 

Tuesday was pretty quiet from what I remember. My short
term memory is crap lol. 

Tuesday was pretty quiet. We were at home (without a car)
most of the day so I did some laundry and we watched tv. We
are into this stuff called Slow Tv, it's actually pretty good 
for background noise.

The mice were smart and ate the cheese RIGHT off
the mouse trap that was set correctly! Ahhh! 
Wednesday was good. I made a catch n release
trap but none took it.  I was like OH look how 
cheap humane traps are in Biltema! So we got
 two of the big ones. I didn't know how the mice
would fit in something so small but figured it wasn't
a biggie. Spenser set it up with a big piece of cheese.

I checked later that night and a big brown butt
was sticking out! The trap worked! I was like oh it's 
stuck so it's not moving. I called Spenser...nope...'twas
dead. It's a humane KILLING trap. :/ I wish they didn't die
but it is SUPER fast (no squealing) and you can dispose of the 
body pretty fast.

:/ The trap caught ANOTHER last night. We'll see if we
have more, they say to put out the trap for a week until you don't
catch anything else. I think with certain hoarding issues with people
in our family....we'll have a trap set for forever. 

We had a good trip out, went to Jumbo and walked around. Got 
some candy and came home. We did visit the thrift store
and Tokmanni but not much really there.
Today (Thursday) I had my fysio for my foot! We slept 
okay but I can't quit having dreams about M...driving me a 
bit bonkers! (Spenser knows, we figure it's tied to my therapy
somehow). I need schedule another appointment when I'm
not swamped like I have been this month.

We ate lunch at 930am, and supper was 6pm lol. Yeah, it's
been a bit of a weird day. 

Spenser shopped for his Mom while I did fysio. No improvement
on my foot/gait etc. So I'm...using a crutch :P Hence my pimp cane. I
have another visit in two weeks to see how I'm doing.

I rented a cane (go socialism lol!) but it wasn't open 
until later in the 
afternoon. So I have a new set of exercises 
and I am suggested to get the steroid 
shot because there is a probable
infection in my plantar fascia :/.  

I hate steroids, I've packed on 50 plus pounds from all
the damned steroids after all these years but hey, it is what it is. 
Lose my crotch function due to cancer or gain weight on cortico steroids...
hmmmmm options lol.

So that's about it. We came home and I had a mood 
swing, not a happy camper about alot of stuff going in
in my mind here of late. (rape stuff). 

We went to pick up the elbow crutch and that went well. Spenser's
Dad had some banking so we took the same car. I am getting
used to the crutch and it HELPS a bunch! Way less pain on my foot. I
am walking slow as Moses though. It's fun annoying people trying
to get by me :D I'm THAT person lol :D 

Spenser's Mom was like AHHHHHHHHHHH when I
came home lol. Yeah they're in their 70s and sporty...and I'm
using a crutch. God is weird sometimes lol.

So that's about it. We had storebought cheapo food and it
was good, didn't feel like cooking. 

I hope y'all out there will have a great weekend! :)

Monday, March 13, 2017

What a Monday..

Well the tv is dead. Well our old one at least.
Got a new one (gonna feel that in the 
ass in the that a bad saying? lol)
so we had a trip to Helsinki.

I hate Helsinki. I'd live in Karelia with
all the bears than downtown Helsinki. Thankfully
it was pretty quiet..for Helsinki.

Pulling out from Verkko Kauppa...tons of 
apartments else no one could live in the capital.

A boat!

Helsink is full of these little side roads and stuff,
it's an amazingly big place. 

Little brick place downtown...

Old docks buildings on the right...

This looks like a cake made
from fabric? No idea but it was interesting
to stare into while we waited for traffic. 

To top off this weird day WE HAVE A MOUSE
IN THE APARTMENT. I swore I saw something last night
running around, YES. Spenser was saying it's just 
anxiety but no, I saw it and he did too. It looks like a 
house mouse or a deer mouse. Spenser put out traps so
let's hope. EW and EWWWWWWW.

Hope y'all are having a good week out there!

Menu Monday...

My almost gluten free dinner the other night. Sure
it's grilled cheese but there's no soy. Spenser ate some
nuke burgers so this was mine. I had egg drop soup, it
was SO good!

Easy as usual :)

We had oven roasted grill sausage with vege mix
and potatoes for lunch. For supper we had ham 
and vege cousous. (Monday)

Leftover sausage and veges GF, leftover ham couscous

GF chicken curry with rice and veges, leftovers or GF nakki sauce

GF creamy vege soup, GF leftovers

ramen, souped up oven pizzas (storebought forever ago)

egg tacos, pulled pork sandwiches

Decide that Day x2

Thanks for visiting and check out here for more menus.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Around the house...

A pretty rose I got on Women's Day.

I slept a bunch last week, just 
rested when I could.

Spenser had a friend come over on the earlier
part of the week, that was nice! They went
for a walk and talked. I fell asleep for an
hour lol :).

The friend also checked the shoddy workmanship
on the sink install and said it'd be fine for years to come
so that's a blessing!

Spenser had a therapy appointment on Wednesday,
it went very well. They talked and all. Of course 
the waiting room had not enough seats. A young guy
in his 20s gave his seat to a girl, it was nice that the
younger generation has some civility left. Don't they
say that about us old farts though? :D lol 

Thursday was pretty quiet from I remember. 

Friday....yeah. Friday's visit didn't go so good.
 In 2015 the women's hospital was great, I had
a huge amount of time to talk with the doctors. Somehow
(from what I feel) the medical cuts have made it awful.

I got max 20 minutes and there was a GUY in the exam
room. Too much overstimulation for me : A guy screaming
to me about my other conditions, a lady in my vagina pressing
down and asking does it hurt when I am LITERALLY yelling
MOTHER OF GOD because it hurt so bad. 

It wasn't a good visit and I have to say whenever I visit
the GP, I'm going to ask to visit a different hospital or something,
 I don't want those people ever touching me again.

The male doctor tried to blame my lichen planus
for the pain. It doesn't cause pain to sit down. I have had 
vulvodynia YEARS before LP. 

My internal muscles all around my vagina are
super tight and really painful. The vestibular vulvodynia is
annoying and ever present, yet I don't qualify for surgery..which
I don't want.

If a surgery was offered for a man to remove ALL the skin from his
penis and have new skin attached, he'd not do it. WHY do people
consider that's an option for women? It's got only a 60% success
rate anyways.

At least my vage swab showed no inflammation plus no BV
which was interesting. I did get off a 3 day bout of garlic oil
tablets...guess they worked. 

So in the end, they offered me anti depressants. (My rape
therapy WAS brought up..which has NOTHING to do with
my issues).  Yep, that's the end of the line folks, anti depressants.

I said that I'm opposed to them because my emotional 
unstability background and they were like TAKE THE PILLS. 
I asked for a gabapentin cream and they said no..because *he*
didn't believe they worked.

The pills he gave me have a 44% success rate, gabapentin compound 
has up to 65% success, including me in 2010. 

What a load of horse shit. They also refused to listen to my
complaints about my heavy periods, my back pain/random bleeding
 I get, and possible ovarian issues. Also they said no to testing
my hormones.

Needless to say, I don't plan on going back there. What a load
of horse crap. They can take their professional opinion and stuck
it up where the sun doesn't shine.

Sabbath was good and quiet, very restful. Today was been good,
we've done some resting too. Took Spenser's dad's car in
for a wash and came home, ate leftovers.

Hope y'all have had a good week out there!

Monday, March 6, 2017

Around the house...

Not much really going on here. Friday we were stuck
at home. Car was picked up, it is better. Now all it needs
is a new battery and to replace about 6,000 other
sensor issues lol. As long as it runs, who cares.

Saturday Spenser had a screaming match with
his mom on the phone, quite the ambiance for
a shower lol.  I just was like whatever. I feel like
we're in a house full of kids fighting over toys,
it's a bit tiring.  Whatever :P lol

Sunday was insomania. Spenser had it
and woke me up at 230am...then giving ME
insomnia who had it the night before. Literally
did nothing that day.

Monday has been better, but we're still
super tired. I haven't cooked since......?
Meh can't remember. Well I made pizza
yesterday lol.

Today it was leftover pizza and ravioli,
not really been gluten free for a couple days now lol.

I did a big load of laundry today, folded some

I dustmopped and swept with the broom at bit. Spenser
and his friend are trying to coordinate a meet up but you
know how it goes..."life is canceling plans until you're dead"
or something like that.

Damned boob intertrigo is back, it itches! Plus all my
bras have shrunk and are digging into me, hurrah. :(

So basically that's all here. I'm alive lol. Got medical
stuff out the wazoo this week.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Around the house...

Another quiet night here. Spenser's
friend who he has made music for is
moving back to the States tonight. While
we're not in the same country, it's an end to
an era. I for one am jealous a bit since
we're here. 

It is what it is. 

I'll recap so far :

Wednesday was actually a good day
after the epic crapstorm of Tuesday. We got out
restocking and it went VERY well. I got lots
of great deals and it went well.

I took the world's worst passport pictures
too. Oh well, it's paid for and needed this month.
I look disheveled. The guy was rushing me through
though it was like 930am and NO ONE was around.
Oh's done lol.

We went to get our monthly meds and then went
to Lidl, got what we needed. We ate lunch out at 
Burger King and while it was okay, the fish king was
like almost burned. Tuusula, not only terrible roads,
but terrible food.

A good representation of how 
Tuusula is laid out road wise lol.

We came home, unloaded groceries, etc. We
then went out again and hit up thrift stores!
Mama needs new clothes!

I found a cute shirt, a soft sweater, and PANTS.
All for 7 euros. That is HELLA cheap. All in
great shape. It's hard to find pants in a size 56 
european baby. These are comfy and fit nice. (Like a 4x
to USA folks)

Spenser found two pairs of jeans, whoo! That's
great for him :D He needs some new shirts too at 
some point, but he's REALLY picky about those lol.

So I washed two loads of laundry and had a great Skype
with my Mom and Dad! :) It was a good day :).
Today (Thursday) hasn't been so bad. 

Very fatigued, stress isn't good for mono and
HA...this week.  I slept 7.5 hours and after
breakfast took an hour's nap.

Washed a load of clothes in the afternoon,
filled the feeder, and took trash.

We got showers and ate liver box and kerma peruna,
'twas good. :)  (scalloped taters)

We kind of just sat around, very tired and talking.

Got out in the afternoon a bit. Jumbo has some crazy
weird sales and it had a lady yelling through the speakers,
which HELL NO to me and Spenser. That doesn't work
for me and him since we like to relax, so we came home the
slow way and talked.

Candy was on sale. So were ski rolls. YES. :P I laughed 
since there was a thin blonde lady with 3 kids, she had like
6 packages of ski rolls and Berliner donuts half off lol.

We came home, Spenser and the guys played some xbox! I
then fell asleep for another half hour. I'm sick, my throat
feels bad. Not like snoring sickness, like damn I'm full of
snot/aahh sickness.

We ate. Spenser got his soy nuke burgers, I made a BBQ
sauce mixed with mayo cheese bun with cheese and 
ham in the microwave. It was REALLY good :).

They think a brake sensor messed up in the red car,
so if y'all can pray that it'll get fixed quick, that'll be great.
Also can you pray if I'm supposed to go through
with my internal exam next Friday, that my period won't
show up? Thanks! 

Spenser went to bed and I chopped up the sweet potatoes
we bought forever ago to roast up tomorrow. I did dishes
and that's about it. Sat down to blog.

Hope y'all have a good weekend out there. I think
I'll take a blog break for a bit. See you guys next Monday!

Wish PMS cleaning was this easy LOL 

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...