Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Around the OMG WILLEM DAFOE...

I am so unoriginal with titles y'all lol. 

Been an okay week so far!

Tuesday was pretty good, we just 
kind of chilled after arranging all the 
medical stuff for me next month.

We took Yente, again lol, to the mall.
It wasn't so bad, we tend to go our different
ways. Got some restocking done, whoo and thanks! :)
We also had coffee at Coffee House and it was nice,
just people watched and all.

No good deals really. Sales have been lackluster but we also
go really late these days so if there was anything, it'll be gone
by 11:30am lol.

I did dishes and read the Bible last night.

Today has been good! It has been WONDERFUL getting
around without a cane :). I missed just doing normal
household activities and stuff :D. 

Spenser had a walk this morning and I vacuumed. It
had been awhile so it was MUCH needed. God gave me a 
good idea (I mean he gives us all ideas..and he gave us
Stephen Lang's arms! That'll set your crotch aflame
 but for me that's the Elidel now lol).

I keep track of homemaking stuff on a simple 
print out calender.

It has helped me keep track since my other calender
is full of me tracking our doc visits, my periods, 
bowel issues, etc lol.

It was good to vacuum, the house needed it. I also cleaned
up the bathroom and dusted. I also dustmopped too.

It wasn't that dirty, guess the regular shaking of rugs
and dustmopping kept the crud out?

We got our showers and ate lunch, had the rest of the
curry chicken soup. I made 3 liters of soup at a time ;)
Spenser loves it and it's easy for me so hurrah! lol 

Got out to the mall, had some juice and walked around
a bit. Not much to see. I like walking through Stockmann's
and having a mini heart attack looking at clothes prices lol.

We got home and I played Sims, Spenser was making music.

We spent a good chunk watching Steve driving. It's nice to
chat with other people too. :)

I did two big loads of laundry today, clothes
and then towels and the table cloth. I also cleaned
the humidifier, it was SCUZZY. 

I soaked it for an hour in white vinegar watered 
down, it looked great! About 1:1 ratio. It's drying
downstairs, to be used for another winter :).

We had nuggets with veges and potatoes for supper,
it was good! Watched Love it or List it Vancouver
and then Spenser went to bed.

So that's been the day! :) It's been a good one, lots
of cleaning and all. What PMS? :D Tomorrow I need
to work on cooking and making the grocery list for next

So that's it here! Forgot we had 
SNOW overnight....DUDE. Vappu
(may day) is in under a week lol.

Accurate depiction of trying to get out this
month lol. 

I caught Frank unaware so snapped these
pictures of his annoyed majesty the other day :D

Groomin for ma lady!

I SEE YOU..feed me!

Have a great rest of the week everyone! :)

(I might blog..I don't know. Stephen Lang
could show up to my house with a cheese cake
and some blue pills..who knows!)

Monday, April 24, 2017

Around the house...

It's a miracle! I'm walking
without a cane! WHOO cortisone
shot is working pretty well. It won't be
forever though :( Oh well.

So Friday I basically rested up, we ate
whatever was leftover in the fridge lol. I 
skipped laundry or anything like that. It was
a pretty okay day if I remember right.

Saturday was okay. We got stuck with
 Yente and went to the mall. We sat and
had coffee for an hour lol. :) It wasn't a bad trip though.

Sofie stopped by and spent some MUCH over due time
with her squirrel mom :D It was nice!

Sunday was okay, quiet. I cooked a bunch in the 
morning. I made side veges and then a massive pot
of curry chicken cream vege soup. That stuff is like
crack lol. Spenser and I love it.

I was in a homemakey mood, I sorted
my papers and cleaned up my desk (ovulation for
sure). I cleaned up the coffee table too. I did 
some laundry and took trash, etc. 

Monday has been pretty okay. I slept decent
for once! 8 hours, whoo!

Spenser went on a walk. We organized my ultrasound
today, it'll be late in May. I also reserved my last
fysio time too. May is panning out to have
lots of doc stuff :/ What is it with me and spring and
doctor's stuff all compiled? lol

We got out today for my pap and a pee test. My hip decided
to become really painful so I had to hold up my leg during the :/. My joints are just crappy lol.

We came home after that, not much to do.

Watched some tv and all. Spenser had some freak out
about his music that turned out was a bumpy afternoon.

I did a load of laundry.

I cleaned our porch chairs and had our first cup of coffee
on the porch! The Chaffinches were back..beeping and humping.

Spenser went to bed after we ate pizza for supper and I 
listened on a group chat on Youtube, bothered mr Big Rig :D lol 
He's a nice dude, love his Youtube.

I wiped down the refrigerator and cabinets then listened to
Reba McEntire and Confederate Railroad. Funny how you
miss the South sometimes. It's a special kind of 
homesickness I guess.

So that's been about it here. Nothing stands out 

EXCEPT I got a lovely handkerchief containing a 
BEAUTIFUL decade rosary! :D Thanks Miriam! :D 

Hope y'all are having a good day out there!

The look on that cat's face LOL! 

Menu Monday...

Me looking at the menu this week lol.

It's a bit unconventional but it's the end week of
the month...and creativity is GONE.


So far we've had from this menu since

homemade pizza, leftovers

GF curry chicken soup, GF bbq hotdogs and cole slaw

decide that day, leftover egg drop soup n bbq hotdogs

Now onto the rest of the menu :

GF curry chicken soup, nuggets with veges 

GF chicken cream vege soup flavored with 
onion and bacon (ruokakerma)
baking cream ... fishsticks with veges

GF chicken bacon soup, quesadillas 

GF chicken bacon soup, ham impossible pie w/ veges

GF scrambled eggs with hashed taters, leftover impossible pie

A couple of decide that days maybe...ramen too.

My look at doing any cooking..can't food just
magically appear? Oh and a cheesecake sampler
platter is 30 euros here..

30 heard right...

Thanks for stopping by! :) Make sure to
check out other menus at! Menu Monday

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Around the house...

I'm back, have you missed me? Muhahahah.

Sorry Facebook readers, my 
ashy foot is still haunting you :P lol

So that beauty was a cortisone injection yesterday.
I felt a cramp and it HURT SOOOOO bad when the 
lidocaine wore off (in the shot only..they didn't numb me
so I got to feel a huge needle digging around in my foot..)

Turns out they injected it into a tendon so now my foot is
in REALLY bad shape and painful. I'm on 1800mg of
Burana for like a week. If it's still bad I go back in a week
to see what's up. Plantar's doing better and this darn shot
made me gimpy due to an irritated tendon now. 

Hurrah :/.  Now to go time...DOLPH LUNDGREN.

Monday was pretty okay. We had pulled pork and
then we had thawed soup. It was a pretty nice relaxing day.

Tuesay was okay from what I remember. I made an
easy cheesey broccoli potato soup. REALLY good.

I'm starting to get over my flu/head cold issues. Spenser is
down with it though and really sick, poor dude :(. Plus on his
pills he can't take lots of head cold stuff, poor guy.

Wednesday started to roll the poo ball downhill.
Spenser woke me up to tell me my cousin had passed away. I
didn't know him but he was YOUNG..had a suspected heart
attack in his mid 30s. 

If you guys can pray for my Aunt B, she's lost both
her kids now :(. She's going through a tough spot so please
throw a prayer for her, I'd appreciate it.

That was a super dampner of course. I moved to doing
housework to take my mind off stuff...

I dustmopped and shook out rugs. I then stripped
all our bedding and washed the sheets plus normal
laundry. Homemaking went pretty okay.

We went to the doctor and they were 30 minutes late
for me, hence my agitation starting. The injection went
okay (so I thought ) since I was numb and didn't feel anything 
until way later.

I've been having spotting so I went to the doctor, she did
a pelvic but said she couldn't really feel anything so that's good. She
said I might have ovarian cysts that aren't too big but I have to schedule
an ultrasound so we can see. Insert anxiety here! :/ She said she doesn't
think there's anything wrong so that's good.

Then I was offered a bypass :P

Pretty sure the GPs see me this way lol

I was like no. IF MY FOOT WORKED I'D BE
FOOT PROBLEMS. Lord almighty, I don't know if I can
make this ANY clearer to them lol.

yeah...that's pretty much it. I've actually been fatter
than this and had no foot problems lol.

Whatevs lol. Let go and let God. Spenser and me
aren't big fans of GPs..and me even more so after the foot
debacle. that was yesterday. Spenser did the dishes for
me while I sat and ate candy, hurrah! It was nice of him :).

Today has been okay. My pain wasn't better and Spenser 
was like let's go to the doc! Off we went and I only had two people
ahead of me in line! HURRAH! :) It was nice. 

So basically my tendon is super irritated at the cortisone shot
and I have to relax and let it heal. Good to know!

Spenser took me out for lunch, we had buy 1 get one free
at Hesburger. It was GOOD. First takeout in awhile. We goofed
off and won money for coffees! That was really nice.

Jumbo from Coffee House. It was nice to
sit and enjoy some decaf :).

So then we came home and I am finishing
up laundry. I changed the towels and the couch
cover today, needed a washing. I'll dustmop
probably tonight, that's about it for Sabbath cleaning.

I'll make a big pot of curry chicken soup 
tomorrow maybe (maybe do bacon/onion) and just try to 
relax as much as possible over the weekend.

I need to get back to my armchair exercises, I miss
doing them actually lol! I love how peopel
think fat is inactive...*sigh*. :P 

So that's about it here. Spenser and the guys are playing
for an hour, having fun :). I took this time to blog before
hanging up my laundry.

Oh! Mom and Dad are trying to save a cute baby
bird so if you can pray for Charlie, that'd be great! :) He's
their second bird child to show up lol! :D

Kind of how this week is it's Rami everyone! 

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Around the house...

The best picture of Sofie ever! Spenser took
this last month, she's SO cute! Hasn't been seen since,
guess she's having babies or something.

Sorry for the lack of blogging this week, this was
a NASTY headcold. I'm feeling better and yesterday
was the first day I didn't take ANY medicines except
syrup at night. I'm still stuffy but it's
know what I mean?

Happy Easter and Happy Passover to all
who celebrate those! :)

Spenser put the kabosh on the big Easter meal,
we're having pizza when he comes home LOL. :D I'm fine
with that, a bit tired to do a bunch of cooking.

We did quite a bit of stuff this week but really no
pictures. I accidentally deleted some from my phone :/.

We had our midroof (attic) door blow off in a 
terrible storm at the beginning of this week. To hold it
down we used a bag of fertilizer...:P It needs to be fixed but
until ya go lol.

It was SUPER windy, almost 50 miles an hour bursts. 

Spenser had a good therapy session on Monday and I made
a time for a doctor for next week. 

The rest of the week we just went out shopping here
and there to get away and out and about. I didn't do much
housework outside of dishes, dustmopping, and laundry.

We got 2 euro coupons to try this new coffee shop at Jumbo
and we did. It was pretty good for what I could taste, my nose
was super stopped up.

We have all kinds of birdies back! Buford was gorgeous
as always. Robin is back and so is Florence n Frank!

Robin WHO WOULD NOT sit still for a picture.
I finally got one lol.

Frank and Florence are Fieldfares. Typewriter birds is what
I call them lol. 


The crabbiest LOL. They always have the "you came
to the wrong neighborhood" look lol.

So that's about it here. Hopefully blogging gets back
to normal. Hope y'all are enjoying your weekend!

Monday, April 10, 2017

Menu Monday - Easter Eggition :P

We shall enhance this Menu Monday via
Tom Hiddleston. Pre-Taylor Swift. But to quote
my grandma "He can put his boots under my
bed anytime"..except we sleep on the floor due to
bad back issues so....? That'd not work.

ONE CHOCOLATE Tom? ONE? There is lots 
of chocolate near Easter!

Easter Menu

Ham baked in Oven
Thawed sweet potato mash
Cheesy Veges
? Maybe something else?

Dessert : lemon cake!

Donuts are good. We need the real Tom
at home with bed hair just eating these in his
sweat pants watching tv.

Good enough.....

Onto the rest of the menu!

Triple batch gluten free curry cream of chicken
vege soup. SO good.

Fishsticks and veges, chicken nuggets and veges

GF sausage in pasta sauce with veges, (GF Easter meal)

homemade pizza, ramen noodles

GF layered tater bake (recipe to come later), leftovers

Impossible pie with veges, leftovers

Decide that Day x4.

Not super inspired but I have a fever
and a headcold so meh :P

Preview of our wedding night..

It's all good in Loki's neighborhood!

Thanks for stopping by and make sure to check out
other menus at : Menu Monday

Sunday, April 9, 2017

Around the house...

Well it seems this month will be as bad about
me posting as last month, sorry :( I hope 

I have a cold virus or something, hurrah :/. My
throat is raw and  I'm congested. My throat hurts
eating soup. SOUP people. :P Figures, I'll
catch every darn virus out there. I'm thankful
we got the flu shot, how bad would it of been without.

Today the guys are playing, right now it's 2 outta 3
compared to the normal crew. Who knows :P 

I was like WAAAAAAAH Third eye blind's album is
20 years old...ahhhhhh. This isn't helped that I've
had a period for TWO WEEKS by next Wednesday. 
My hormones are so confused right now. (not pregnant)

I've been playing Sims 3. It's not my favorite
but it's fun to mess with here and there :). 

We had a pretty good Sabbath, pretty quiet
minus annoying teenagers and thumpy music. 

It's same old same old here. I'm doing laundry
and cooking. I made curry cream chicken vege
soup. It's Spenser's favorite and it's pretty good! :) 

I made some side veges ahead and sausage in
pasta sauce to eat with pasta later.

Tomorrow Spenser has a therapy visit so I wanted
to have food made ahead of time.  I can relax more
which is nice :).

So that's about it here. I'm going to play Sims
and hopefully get over this current blah. Also wish my
body would just get over this darn period!

Local tornado damage back home in Georgia. Mom and Dad
took the pic (Thanks!). We drive by that at least twice a week
sometimes when we visit. Thankfully no one was hurt! 

Third Eye Blind

It has been 20 years since this album came out, 20

I didn't find it until 1998 though. I had to change
schools and leave all my friends behind in 1997. It
sucked so bad. I cried all the way home on
the bus. 

I went to the new "white" school. It was full
of preps and yuppies, and I wasn't used to it 
at all. I never really made friends there. 

I did get my first crush on David. He became
some big shot attorney who lost all his hair 
by the time we graduated. I was too poor
to be his friend.

I remember we had some stupid pep rally 
and they played Semi Charmed Kinda Life. I
loved the lyrics and the beat (not understanding
it was about sex and meth lol). I asked my parents
for the CD. I must of got it for Christmas or something,
can't remember.

All the songs on there mean different kinds for me,
it's like a memory in songs.

Losing a whole year -

I did
find myself in cyber space and later on I found
Spenser! :) No gays or piercings, that was
in high school lol.

  Found your place
with the queer pierced teens in cyber space.

Narcolepsy - I felt the same way about
my epilepsy as a teenager. Also it was a great
song to blast and block out fighting, etc.

Semi Charmed Life  - It used to make me
remember having friends and a normal life
before moving to the white people school.

Jumper - Already in 1998 there were hints
of depression with me and my friends. Teenage
angst started I guess. Too bad it never stopped lol.

Graduate - :) Wonder how it would be 
graduating high school when I was 13. Little did I
know, engaged at 17 and in Finland a couple
months later lmao :D

How's it gonna be - The weird emotions
and stuff you feel with your first crushes and all.
Lots of horny angst in that song lol.

Thanks a lot - Horny angst and general angst. Also
describes me a bunch at that age:

The clothes she wears mis-fit, 
and she's nervous when she speaks, 

Burning man - horny angst again. Also
describes my summers: (minus the fires)

First we caffeinate, then incinerate, 

Good for you -  horny angst and 
kind of wandering what's in my future

You haunt my nights when 
I don't know where my life should go, 

London - later on it became 
a song about long distance relationships
and how hard they can be :P

I want you - The ultimate horny anthem
and also kind of "exposed" the darkness within. I
already was turning to darker music stuff at that age.
Just typical goth stuff kids go through :) The music
has stayed though LOL.

The Background - This song has lots of meaning for
different reasons. Later on in my life it became about
Melissa. She was my friend who died in a car
accident within a month of Spenser and I having got 
married. I hadn't seen her since graduation that

My life was just beginning and hers had a 
tragic end.

Everything is quiet, Since you're not around,
And I live in the numbness now.
In the background.

Motorcycle Driveby - DAMN. I mean this
for me is one of  "those" songs. You can't
put a finger down on everything, it's

I go home to the coast
It starts to rain I paddle out on the water
Taste the salt and taste the pain
I'm not thinking of you again
Summer dies and swells rise
The sun goes down in my eyes
See this rolling wave
Darkly coming to take me
And I've never been so alone
And I've never been so alive

- UGH! It was a great break up song.

Last and NOT least is God of Wine.

In many ways it's a song about
people that just leave you in life, that
things don't click and you don't ever
see eye to eye again.  The planets
don't align for you anymore.

Every glamorous sunrise 
Throws the planets out of line 
A star sign out of whack, a fraudulent zodiac 

And there's a memory of a window 
Looking through I see you 
Searching for something I could never give you 
And there's someone who understands 
You more than I do 
A sadness I can't erase 
All alone on your face

This album was just one gutpuncher
of emotions, one song after another.

20 years later I STILL listen to it.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Around the house...

Is it me, or should we just change the darn blog
to around the house lol? I'm creative :P lol

Hope y'all are good out there in blog land!

We're doing okay. Monday was restocking
day and all, it was a BIG trip.

Schmutz all over my pants from the darn road
grime. Car might of needed a wash lol. Those 
pants are glorious. I didn't care lol, too tired
to fight with 10 layers of dress.

Yeah, that's ALOT of stuff to put away. It
went pretty well though.

After we came home Spenser went for a walk
and I found a place for everything. The empty cabinet
in the bedroom is holding all the juice and Parmalot lol.

I flushed Spenser's ear and he had a TON
of ear wax. He's feeling better and
hearing better now too. Thankfully!

We had a pretty quiet evening, I honestly can't 
remember what we ate for supper lol.
Tuesday has been good but BUSY. We had a nice
date day out and about! Got the cheapo morning
coffees and then Hesburger for lunch (with coupons!). It
was nice :) No rush, no weird family, just us hanging out.

We got some soda for me and chocolate and came home :).

Spenser left on his first bike trip (40km!!!) and I 
decided to CLEAN. 

Oh our new shower head blew away soap scum
without me scrubbing anything on the floor. That was nice..
so I can put off cleaning the shower for a bit lol :D. Also
beware using that thing on your butt with a hemorrhoid...OUCH.

I stripped all the bedding and washed it. Damn I hate duvet
blankets and covers, it's like the 4th level of homemaking hell. 
They twist and turn, and are generally annoying. :P Keep
you warm at winter..but meh lol.

I dustmopped twice today. Shook out rugs this 
morning too. 

Washed two loads of normal laundry. 

I went through and took down to storage
our heavy winter stuff. I brought up all
the spring stuff and have to go through
to see what still fits me. I tend to wear
the same skirts and stuff, just with tank
tops and all.

Cleaned the drawers and those little
white bin thingies we have here for 
clothes. Wire dresser things.

It is no small feat to do that dragging
huge bags of stuff up two flights of 
stairs and down two flights of stairs. 

All my docs and fysio folks say we 
need to have a flat house, I agree. Stairs
are your mortal enemy lol.

Spenser and I sound like 90 year old people
moving after all our exercise today lol. 

I changed the ink myself! I think it's
super old because it's kinda powdery but
works okay. 

We ate nuke meals we bought yesterday
and watched awful Finnish tv. Man alive,
even Jethro isn't pulling me in. Though I
do love his show, he's the most naturally
comedic Finnish dude on tv.

I'd love to see him in USA. :P

I did a ton of dishes and the light we keep
on top of the cabinet came crashing down
right near my head. NO IDEA. I didn't touch
it or anything, just scared the crap out of me. Spenser
is asleep, slept right through it lol.

That's about it here. 

Hope y'all have a good week out there
in blog land! :) 

Saturday, April 1, 2017


Ah yes, random Fiddler on the Roof
quotes lol. :) 

It's a nice quiet Sabbath here today, with
a light rain and super grey clouds. MY kinda 
day, no sunlight to make my eyes hurt.

Spenser and the guys are playing Xbox. It's
a party day though I'm just avoiding everyone
as usual :) lol. 

I worked on the grocery list today, boy it's
mind numbing for sure. I have to rewrite it
though, scribbling all over the pages :D Is
it me or do y'all forget stuff and then remember
all of a sudden on the "final copy"?

This morning I cooked a bit. I made
a HUGE batch of ham vege cream soup. It
bubbled over lol :D It's fine though, vinegar
is so great at beating stuff like that (cleaning up).
 I also made potatoes and veges as sides, we had nuggets
with that today for lunch.

No real plans I think, just kind of hanging
out at home.
Yesterday was pretty okay. I skipped dishes
but did a bunch of other housework. I did two
loads of laundry and folded quite a bit I'd
been putting off. I shook rugs and 
vacuumed as well as dustmopped and dusted.

Sabbath cleaning : DONE.

We went to my fysio time and basically there's
nothing else to do. Insoles were suggested but
at almost 200 euros...that's too much money for me.
They have cheaper ones but it's summer so time for
barefoot and sandals for me lol :P

So basically I'm just going to stick with my crutch
and call it a war. Do the exercises and just hope
my foot gets better.

Insoles might help but the fact is the leg isn't 
really aligned (been from birth) and what really
can we do? 

Orthopedics aren't covered here so...well...nope!

It is what it is. :P
So that's about it here. I'll go have some Bible time and
all. Hope y'all out there are having a good day!

Sorry for lack of pictures by the way lately, just have
been too sick to take any.

Around the house...

hey blogger folks... I'm still washing laundry using the bucket for drainage. It's been like two weeks, meh lol. :P I&#...