Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Around the house...

Is it me, or should we just change the darn blog
to around the house lol? I'm creative :P lol

Hope y'all are good out there in blog land!

We're doing okay. Monday was restocking
day and all, it was a BIG trip.

Schmutz all over my pants from the darn road
grime. Car might of needed a wash lol. Those 
pants are glorious. I didn't care lol, too tired
to fight with 10 layers of dress.

Yeah, that's ALOT of stuff to put away. It
went pretty well though.

After we came home Spenser went for a walk
and I found a place for everything. The empty cabinet
in the bedroom is holding all the juice and Parmalot lol.

I flushed Spenser's ear and he had a TON
of ear wax. He's feeling better and
hearing better now too. Thankfully!

We had a pretty quiet evening, I honestly can't 
remember what we ate for supper lol.
Tuesday has been good but BUSY. We had a nice
date day out and about! Got the cheapo morning
coffees and then Hesburger for lunch (with coupons!). It
was nice :) No rush, no weird family, just us hanging out.

We got some soda for me and chocolate and came home :).

Spenser left on his first bike trip (40km!!!) and I 
decided to CLEAN. 

Oh our new shower head blew away soap scum
without me scrubbing anything on the floor. That was nice..
so I can put off cleaning the shower for a bit lol :D. Also
beware using that thing on your butt with a hemorrhoid...OUCH.

I stripped all the bedding and washed it. Damn I hate duvet
blankets and covers, it's like the 4th level of homemaking hell. 
They twist and turn, and are generally annoying. :P Keep
you warm at winter..but meh lol.

I dustmopped twice today. Shook out rugs this 
morning too. 

Washed two loads of normal laundry. 

I went through and took down to storage
our heavy winter stuff. I brought up all
the spring stuff and have to go through
to see what still fits me. I tend to wear
the same skirts and stuff, just with tank
tops and all.

Cleaned the drawers and those little
white bin thingies we have here for 
clothes. Wire dresser things.

It is no small feat to do that dragging
huge bags of stuff up two flights of 
stairs and down two flights of stairs. 

All my docs and fysio folks say we 
need to have a flat house, I agree. Stairs
are your mortal enemy lol.

Spenser and I sound like 90 year old people
moving after all our exercise today lol. 

I changed the ink myself! I think it's
super old because it's kinda powdery but
works okay. 

We ate nuke meals we bought yesterday
and watched awful Finnish tv. Man alive,
even Jethro isn't pulling me in. Though I
do love his show, he's the most naturally
comedic Finnish dude on tv.

I'd love to see him in USA. :P

I did a ton of dishes and the light we keep
on top of the cabinet came crashing down
right near my head. NO IDEA. I didn't touch
it or anything, just scared the crap out of me. Spenser
is asleep, slept right through it lol.

That's about it here. 

Hope y'all have a good week out there
in blog land! :) 

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