Thursday, April 20, 2017

Around the house...

I'm back, have you missed me? Muhahahah.

Sorry Facebook readers, my 
ashy foot is still haunting you :P lol

So that beauty was a cortisone injection yesterday.
I felt a cramp and it HURT SOOOOO bad when the 
lidocaine wore off (in the shot only..they didn't numb me
so I got to feel a huge needle digging around in my foot..)

Turns out they injected it into a tendon so now my foot is
in REALLY bad shape and painful. I'm on 1800mg of
Burana for like a week. If it's still bad I go back in a week
to see what's up. Plantar's doing better and this darn shot
made me gimpy due to an irritated tendon now. 

Hurrah :/.  Now to go time...DOLPH LUNDGREN.

Monday was pretty okay. We had pulled pork and
then we had thawed soup. It was a pretty nice relaxing day.

Tuesay was okay from what I remember. I made an
easy cheesey broccoli potato soup. REALLY good.

I'm starting to get over my flu/head cold issues. Spenser is
down with it though and really sick, poor dude :(. Plus on his
pills he can't take lots of head cold stuff, poor guy.

Wednesday started to roll the poo ball downhill.
Spenser woke me up to tell me my cousin had passed away. I
didn't know him but he was YOUNG..had a suspected heart
attack in his mid 30s. 

If you guys can pray for my Aunt B, she's lost both
her kids now :(. She's going through a tough spot so please
throw a prayer for her, I'd appreciate it.

That was a super dampner of course. I moved to doing
housework to take my mind off stuff...

I dustmopped and shook out rugs. I then stripped
all our bedding and washed the sheets plus normal
laundry. Homemaking went pretty okay.

We went to the doctor and they were 30 minutes late
for me, hence my agitation starting. The injection went
okay (so I thought ) since I was numb and didn't feel anything 
until way later.

I've been having spotting so I went to the doctor, she did
a pelvic but said she couldn't really feel anything so that's good. She
said I might have ovarian cysts that aren't too big but I have to schedule
an ultrasound so we can see. Insert anxiety here! :/ She said she doesn't
think there's anything wrong so that's good.

Then I was offered a bypass :P

Pretty sure the GPs see me this way lol

I was like no. IF MY FOOT WORKED I'D BE
FOOT PROBLEMS. Lord almighty, I don't know if I can
make this ANY clearer to them lol.

yeah...that's pretty much it. I've actually been fatter
than this and had no foot problems lol.

Whatevs lol. Let go and let God. Spenser and me
aren't big fans of GPs..and me even more so after the foot
debacle. that was yesterday. Spenser did the dishes for
me while I sat and ate candy, hurrah! It was nice of him :).

Today has been okay. My pain wasn't better and Spenser 
was like let's go to the doc! Off we went and I only had two people
ahead of me in line! HURRAH! :) It was nice. 

So basically my tendon is super irritated at the cortisone shot
and I have to relax and let it heal. Good to know!

Spenser took me out for lunch, we had buy 1 get one free
at Hesburger. It was GOOD. First takeout in awhile. We goofed
off and won money for coffees! That was really nice.

Jumbo from Coffee House. It was nice to
sit and enjoy some decaf :).

So then we came home and I am finishing
up laundry. I changed the towels and the couch
cover today, needed a washing. I'll dustmop
probably tonight, that's about it for Sabbath cleaning.

I'll make a big pot of curry chicken soup 
tomorrow maybe (maybe do bacon/onion) and just try to 
relax as much as possible over the weekend.

I need to get back to my armchair exercises, I miss
doing them actually lol! I love how peopel
think fat is inactive...*sigh*. :P 

So that's about it here. Spenser and the guys are playing
for an hour, having fun :). I took this time to blog before
hanging up my laundry.

Oh! Mom and Dad are trying to save a cute baby
bird so if you can pray for Charlie, that'd be great! :) He's
their second bird child to show up lol! :D

Kind of how this week is it's Rami everyone! 


  1. I hear you on the weight thing. I feel like that when I see doctors about my asthma/cough that gets so crazy after a cold. They don't seem to get it, my lungs behaved like this when I didn't have a cat (their other favourite cause) AND when I figure skated 4 nights a week (and was obviously fit and skinny). Their latest thing is to imply that I don't have asthma at all. Fine with me (I'd rather not take steroids every day) BUT they don't come up with another reason for my breathing issues?!!

    Watch the cortisone injections. The doctors gave my grandpa so many for his shoulder issues that it totally destroyed the muscles in his shoulder!

    1. Hi! I know..isn't it annoying? I had tons of health issues before getting this big. The huge amount of steroids I'm on has made me balloon..they never seem to think of that lol.

      :( Sorry about them being so ignorant. Sigh...I hate going to doctors. What is it about them like "good enough"?

      I laughed since I was "young and could have children" "didn't need a blood test since I'm young" but I needed life changing surgery since I'm too fat? lol.

      Thanks! :( OUCH sorry for that. That sounds really painful :( I have to say I don't think I'll get another one, at least a looong time. My foot does feel better but I feel like I have a wooden leg lol!

      Thanks for the reply! :)


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