Sunday, April 9, 2017

Around the house...

Well it seems this month will be as bad about
me posting as last month, sorry :( I hope 

I have a cold virus or something, hurrah :/. My
throat is raw and  I'm congested. My throat hurts
eating soup. SOUP people. :P Figures, I'll
catch every darn virus out there. I'm thankful
we got the flu shot, how bad would it of been without.

Today the guys are playing, right now it's 2 outta 3
compared to the normal crew. Who knows :P 

I was like WAAAAAAAH Third eye blind's album is
20 years old...ahhhhhh. This isn't helped that I've
had a period for TWO WEEKS by next Wednesday. 
My hormones are so confused right now. (not pregnant)

I've been playing Sims 3. It's not my favorite
but it's fun to mess with here and there :). 

We had a pretty good Sabbath, pretty quiet
minus annoying teenagers and thumpy music. 

It's same old same old here. I'm doing laundry
and cooking. I made curry cream chicken vege
soup. It's Spenser's favorite and it's pretty good! :) 

I made some side veges ahead and sausage in
pasta sauce to eat with pasta later.

Tomorrow Spenser has a therapy visit so I wanted
to have food made ahead of time.  I can relax more
which is nice :).

So that's about it here. I'm going to play Sims
and hopefully get over this current blah. Also wish my
body would just get over this darn period!

Local tornado damage back home in Georgia. Mom and Dad
took the pic (Thanks!). We drive by that at least twice a week
sometimes when we visit. Thankfully no one was hurt! 

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