Saturday, April 1, 2017


Ah yes, random Fiddler on the Roof
quotes lol. :) 

It's a nice quiet Sabbath here today, with
a light rain and super grey clouds. MY kinda 
day, no sunlight to make my eyes hurt.

Spenser and the guys are playing Xbox. It's
a party day though I'm just avoiding everyone
as usual :) lol. 

I worked on the grocery list today, boy it's
mind numbing for sure. I have to rewrite it
though, scribbling all over the pages :D Is
it me or do y'all forget stuff and then remember
all of a sudden on the "final copy"?

This morning I cooked a bit. I made
a HUGE batch of ham vege cream soup. It
bubbled over lol :D It's fine though, vinegar
is so great at beating stuff like that (cleaning up).
 I also made potatoes and veges as sides, we had nuggets
with that today for lunch.

No real plans I think, just kind of hanging
out at home.
Yesterday was pretty okay. I skipped dishes
but did a bunch of other housework. I did two
loads of laundry and folded quite a bit I'd
been putting off. I shook rugs and 
vacuumed as well as dustmopped and dusted.

Sabbath cleaning : DONE.

We went to my fysio time and basically there's
nothing else to do. Insoles were suggested but
at almost 200 euros...that's too much money for me.
They have cheaper ones but it's summer so time for
barefoot and sandals for me lol :P

So basically I'm just going to stick with my crutch
and call it a war. Do the exercises and just hope
my foot gets better.

Insoles might help but the fact is the leg isn't 
really aligned (been from birth) and what really
can we do? 

Orthopedics aren't covered here so...well...nope!

It is what it is. :P
So that's about it here. I'll go have some Bible time and
all. Hope y'all out there are having a good day!

Sorry for lack of pictures by the way lately, just have
been too sick to take any.


  1. Have a great weekend-
    Sending prayers for your foot to heal-

    1. Thanks! :D I appreciate the prayers! I'm hobbling around, it's gorgeous lol! :D

  2. What a change! I wasn't sure first if I landed on the right place!

    Take care!

    1. I hope it's okay! I was trying to make it "springy" but somehow it got all messed up lol! If it's too weird I'll put it back. I've been side tracked about upkeep lol. Thanks! You too! :)

    2. No, I meant it's super fancy :-)

    3. But if you don't like it super fancy, that's another story... :-)

    4. Thanks! :D I do like it lol :D I might mess with it later but it's nice having a change lol! :D


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