Sunday, April 9, 2017

Third Eye Blind

It has been 20 years since this album came out, 20

I didn't find it until 1998 though. I had to change
schools and leave all my friends behind in 1997. It
sucked so bad. I cried all the way home on
the bus. 

I went to the new "white" school. It was full
of preps and yuppies, and I wasn't used to it 
at all. I never really made friends there. 

I did get my first crush on David. He became
some big shot attorney who lost all his hair 
by the time we graduated. I was too poor
to be his friend.

I remember we had some stupid pep rally 
and they played Semi Charmed Kinda Life. I
loved the lyrics and the beat (not understanding
it was about sex and meth lol). I asked my parents
for the CD. I must of got it for Christmas or something,
can't remember.

All the songs on there mean different kinds for me,
it's like a memory in songs.

Losing a whole year -

I did
find myself in cyber space and later on I found
Spenser! :) No gays or piercings, that was
in high school lol.

  Found your place
with the queer pierced teens in cyber space.

Narcolepsy - I felt the same way about
my epilepsy as a teenager. Also it was a great
song to blast and block out fighting, etc.

Semi Charmed Life  - It used to make me
remember having friends and a normal life
before moving to the white people school.

Jumper - Already in 1998 there were hints
of depression with me and my friends. Teenage
angst started I guess. Too bad it never stopped lol.

Graduate - :) Wonder how it would be 
graduating high school when I was 13. Little did I
know, engaged at 17 and in Finland a couple
months later lmao :D

How's it gonna be - The weird emotions
and stuff you feel with your first crushes and all.
Lots of horny angst in that song lol.

Thanks a lot - Horny angst and general angst. Also
describes me a bunch at that age:

The clothes she wears mis-fit, 
and she's nervous when she speaks, 

Burning man - horny angst again. Also
describes my summers: (minus the fires)

First we caffeinate, then incinerate, 

Good for you -  horny angst and 
kind of wandering what's in my future

You haunt my nights when 
I don't know where my life should go, 

London - later on it became 
a song about long distance relationships
and how hard they can be :P

I want you - The ultimate horny anthem
and also kind of "exposed" the darkness within. I
already was turning to darker music stuff at that age.
Just typical goth stuff kids go through :) The music
has stayed though LOL.

The Background - This song has lots of meaning for
different reasons. Later on in my life it became about
Melissa. She was my friend who died in a car
accident within a month of Spenser and I having got 
married. I hadn't seen her since graduation that

My life was just beginning and hers had a 
tragic end.

Everything is quiet, Since you're not around,
And I live in the numbness now.
In the background.

Motorcycle Driveby - DAMN. I mean this
for me is one of  "those" songs. You can't
put a finger down on everything, it's

I go home to the coast
It starts to rain I paddle out on the water
Taste the salt and taste the pain
I'm not thinking of you again
Summer dies and swells rise
The sun goes down in my eyes
See this rolling wave
Darkly coming to take me
And I've never been so alone
And I've never been so alive

- UGH! It was a great break up song.

Last and NOT least is God of Wine.

In many ways it's a song about
people that just leave you in life, that
things don't click and you don't ever
see eye to eye again.  The planets
don't align for you anymore.

Every glamorous sunrise 
Throws the planets out of line 
A star sign out of whack, a fraudulent zodiac 

And there's a memory of a window 
Looking through I see you 
Searching for something I could never give you 
And there's someone who understands 
You more than I do 
A sadness I can't erase 
All alone on your face

This album was just one gutpuncher
of emotions, one song after another.

20 years later I STILL listen to it.

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