Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Around the house...

Around Dolph Lundgren's pants
would be a terrible name for a blog post...and
quite a short one at that ;) lol

You know we're off to a bad start when genital 
humor is the first thing lol.

It's been a week since my last around the
whatever post? Huh...

Well I guess Thursday and Friday were pretty
boring lol, no memories whatsoever.

Saturday we had the road trip which was FUN
minus the annoying last minute Finnish blizzard.  Sunday
was kind of recovery mode from all the travel. 

 Monday was Vappu! Figures I made a pretty nice
meal :D lol, first holiday I wasn't down sick in FOREVER.

Leftover veges with thawed chicken on sale and
I made some deviled eggs. I ate 2.5 of the deviled eggs lol! 
Soooo good, but I got REALLY gassy. :D

Vappu we went to Jumbo and got some groceries, then checked
out all the box stores that were open. Didn't find much to buy
but had a nice time being out of the house.

I do believe strongly in worker's rights and that we
should have universal healthcare as well as a living wage. 

Tuesday was a day of restocking! It went pretty good
considering but my back hasn't been super good after
helping N move the planter on the farm lol.

No super good deals to speak of but we got what we needed
bought and I'm thankful :) Having fuller shelves and freezer
is a nice and wonderful blessing.

We did eat out for lunch and that was nice! :)  Spenser
had a bike ride too.

Today has been pretty good. We're fried or
came down with something because Spenser and I spent
3 hours on the couch watching Steve drive and no problems. I
fell asleep for awhile too. Truck driving is like white noise, bham!
Steve should be glad we're not wedded, I'd be snoring my head off
half the time LOL! :D 

I made a HUGE pot of soup for lunch, curry chicken vege soup! :)

While Spenser walked I cooked that, folded laundry, dustmopped,
and shook out rugs. Good enough!  I skipped laundry today,
hopefully get around for tomorrow.

After lunch we hung out until we went to the mall. We replaced
(WHOO Keep your receipts! Warranty baby!) my fan for free! :D The
old one was slowly croaking so it's nice having new. Poor Spenser had to
assemble it lol.

We then went grocery shopping, picked up toilet paper and more
yogurt and chicken.  Also 8 Mars bars for 2 join the previous
6 that I had bought.......well its' nut free at least.

I'm on PMS. I've eaten my house today..just SO hungry! I'll
end up with the trots tomorrow or something, who knows.

After we shopped we had coffee at Coffee House and sat
and talked. One of the fav Finnish people are in the same 
city with my family coming up here quick and I'm a bit jealous :( Wish I
could be home with everyone but we get home when we 
get home. Spenser still needs more therapy and I
have my dentist in August as well as all my 1,000 doc visits.

We checked out Viiri Market who had TONS of half off
booths. Poor Spenser, I took my sweet time digging lol :D

Found these great bargains for .85 euro cents half off! :D 

We came home after that and just hung out, that's been it
pretty much!

Happy Anniversary to my parents!!! :) 

Well that's about it here. Have a great night everyone!

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