Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Around the house...

Sadly it seems my phone is deleting lots of photos I'm
taking :/. I told Spenser when we get to USA I'll get a pocket
camera and use that, I am NOT hauling the 7,000 pound
clunker back with us.

Good news is the core pictures I took were there :D I'll
publish the stuff probably like...tomorrow or something.

So we've been sick AGAIN. Sweaty/fever/sh! name it.
I felt so bad I had my head in Spenser's lap tonight wrapped up
in two blankets like UGH. 

At some point we tried (well I did) this stuff, it was on sale
for 1.50 at the sales bin...should of been my first warning..

Sounds good!

Cooked up great!

Finland...Finland on a whole doesn't seem to
grasp the idea of foreign food and that's okay. Most
teriyaki around the world is sweet. This burned my
face off, Spenser too. I'm surprised my butthole
survived. OUCH.

Monday was pretty quiet from what I remember. I did two
loads of laundry because I didn't wash all weekend. We ate
leftovers too.

Tuesday was good! We did a massive restock for the 
rest of the month (thanks!) and I'm happy about that. I think
I'm going back to bulk buying because we just plum ran out
of everything???????? I haven't really cooked that much (been
eating down the freezer) but I'll be, it just disappeared for some reason.

I made stuffed bell peppers with couscous and chicken and
veges flavored with curry :D 

It was WORTH me belching bell pepper for hours lol.

Also I'm saying goodbye to brick cheese, just I'm done with it. It
just crumbles all over my counter and nope..I'm buying sliced Arki
cheese for now on. NOPE lol. It's worth the 2 extra euros of me
not being annoyed lol.

I did a load of laundry too, dustmopped. Washed A BUNCH
of dishes.

Wednesday has been good but just UGH. A looong
day lol.

Spenser had a run this morning, I showered after washing
our towels and washing a normal load of laundry.

I reheated the peppers. Spenser has been feeling 
anxious more (seasonal change plus this nasty local
bug everyone is getting) so we got out and about early.

We went to Jumbo and walked around, got some chips
and juice. Walked around more. I got a 3 pack of memo pads
since I'm OUT. You know you've been away from home when
you ran out of from the stack you brought with.

No cute kinds, cheap and practical lol.

We went to the more local mall and walked around, nothing

I went to my fysio therapy, it went well! We're trying taping
and so far it helps my foot a BUNCH!

Taping... skin is whiter than Finnish
winter baby!

Call me Rami, if you like them thick :D lol 

Yessss..also a girl covered in tape..though
that sounds way too perverted lol.

So that went well. Came home and chilled, 
talked with my Dad on Skype! :) had fun but
my diarrhea started on Skype :( I had to run
to the toilet. Sorry about that Dad.

Can y'all say a prayer to my Mom and Dad? Lots
 of nasty flu stuff going on with them too. Thanks!
So that's been it around here. We ate leftover couscous
for supper. It's sickness like this that I am THANKFUL
for paper plates lol. Rain or shine, I will budget for those

So my arse hurts and I'm sick but that's been the 
week so far lol! Hope y'all out
there are having a good one! :)

Noooooooo...the fires of Avalon currently
are running through it lol.

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