Thursday, May 18, 2017

Around the house...

It's been a pretty good day here but
kind of trying.

Chris Cornell, one of my favorite 
singers from high school, committed suicide yesterday :(

I listened to his album Euphoria Morning a bunch
post-attempted rape so his music has a special place
in my heart about that. :( Lord bless him and his family,
it's sad.

I've got a photograph I'll send it off today
And you will see that I am perfectly sane
Not for a lifetime or forever and a day
'Cause we know now that just won't be the case
- Preaching the End of the World

He always had a bunch of cynicism in his
music and that's one reason I enjoyed it so much.

So that was a bummer for sure.

I skipped laundry today since I was sick last night
again with the poops. Spenser was sweet enough to 
wash dishes for me this morning, it was nice :).

He went for a walk and I got bacon grill sausage,
green beans, and instant mashed taters around for lunch.

I worked on snail mail for my family back in
USA and then we got out and about to Jumbo. Picked
up some snacks and came home.

My power source (thing the power cord leads to) decided to
break on my computer. It's the second one in 6 years to croak. 
The first one burnt up slowly, and it smelled like burning sugar
cookies. This one had an awful squeal so thankfully Spenser
was able to replace it from spare parts we had laying around.

Ever notice the month you're broke everything bursts
into flames? lol

Not much really going on else. We ate and watched
tv, listened to Steve a bit as he drove.

Hope y'all have a great weekend! I'll set up
some auto blogs since I'm taking the weekend off :).

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