Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Around the house...

A baby Great Tit lol, he's so fluffy!

We're doing okay here. Wore out from
the weekend-o-excitement! :)

I just kind of zoned out today. Charleton
Heston should of read the Bible, the dude had
a voice. We watched a movie with him today and
I goofed on my phone.

We had the "is Sofie ok?" scare and that ate up
most of the afternoon. I'm glad she's on the mend
but she has a long ways to go.

Not much kicking else here really. I washed towels
and laundry today. We ate leftovers and thawed stuff.

Tomorrow I have to cook a bit, I have tacos planned for
lunch and chicken soup for supper.

So that's about it here. Hope y'all are having
a good week out there!

Oh yeah, more animal pics! :D

Robert came back! He was competing
with a smaller Pied Flycatcher! It was super
noisy. Thankfully they've settled somewhere else I think.


Checking out potential real estate!

back of BunBun's head, he really is a goobery
eyed little fart. Still cute though.

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