Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Around the house...

Where has this month gone? It's been a pain
in the butt but soon we're at the half year
mark of 2017! 

We're doing well. Lots of resting going
on (for me) and Spenser has been biking
AND running in the same day! :) I'm
happy he's active, he isn't one to sit. Me
on the other hand, I'm good to sit and watch
some Gunsmoke or something lol.

Sofie is doing MUCH better! I got
good advice from my Mom and I'm feeding
her seeds and giving her fresh water when
she shows up. Her eye is still swollen but
not crusty so that's good. Her fur is looking
groomed and she's putting on weight!

It isn't the original Sofie so she's
called SofSof..she's okay with that! :)

It's been a good busy day. I swept with a broom
and dustmopped on top of shaking out rugs. 

I've been keeping up with the laundry. Nice thing about our
apartment being hot is that clothes dry faster up here lol!

I did my grocery list almost 5 days earlier than usual and that
worked out because I went restocking early! :) WHOO! God blessed it
and we got a TON Of stuff brought. It went well. 

Not much kicking else here. Tomorrow is my
ultrasound, so prayers that I get an all clear would be
wonderful, thanks! :) Thursday is Spenser's 
therapy so it'll be a busy next couple of days. 

I have SO many photos to edit and I haven't
gotten around to it. Life has been intervening for
sure :) lol.

SofSof looking MUCH better. Her eye swelling is going down
and she seems to see a bit from it. When you can't
catch them all you can do is feed them and make sure
they have good clean water.  We tried ;) lol She
can run on that gimpy paw!

Oh yeah! Our travel insurance got approved, whoo! 
Good news is whenever we get home that's 
hopefully one less thing to think about. We've been here 15 months! 

So I can eat some Krystals corn pups and if my
gallbladder blows we're good lol!


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