Sunday, May 7, 2017

Around the house...

I changed the blog name to Hodge Podge Cottage
because that is kind of what it is, a mix of everything :D

I'm still goofing with the HTML here and there
so it'll look rough until it's final form.

It's been okay here. Not really much to blog
about the past week.  We did some shopping
here and there.

Friday was a pretty good Sabbath, I didn't do anything 
at all. We have spent most of the weekend just sunning
ourselves while the nice weather lasted.

Saturday was pretty good. I made chicken vege
and feta impossible pie with the new pan.

VERY tasty. We have leftovers too!

I did some laundry and we had a nice time at the mall,
had coffee and walked around quite a bit.

I had my first nature walk since September. We
had a good walk but I'm still in pretty
bad shape. Funny I'm chunky as all get out
but am embracing "me" much more! 

I think it's called I'm getting older and don't care lol!

Sunday has been pretty okay. Spenser woke me up
last night so I'm kind out of out it today. 

I made a huge pot of curry chicken vege soup
for lunch. It is GOOD. 

I stripped all our bedding and washed the sheets. It
had been a month! Ew lol! 

Ah, German art pieces. lol

Time got away from me when my
cousin passed away and mentally I'm still kind of like 
what? I mean it was the same day I went to the crap GP
doctor so April was kinda crappy.

It was good to get laundry washed. I folded a bunch
and dustmopped too. 

I won't blog for a couple days, I have a bunch
of eye tests Monday and Tuesday we find out
what's up with my eyeballs. So I'll be too blinded
to do anything really on Monday. A break from dishes
and laundry sounds okay to me lol!

Hope y'all have a good week out there!


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