Monday, May 15, 2017


Yep..whenever we get back to USA this will
be me at Arbys/KFC/Zaxbys/New China/ Firehouse..
yeah that covers it lol.

Being married to Van Damme would be interesting.
You'd be trying to have romantic evening together and it'd
like "Come down from the ceiling honey, I'm ready" lol.

Congrats getting that image out of your head LOL :D

Also why is he always in like 1980s looking shoes? Huh...

On to the menu!

We had today: thawed chicken impossible pie
for lunch and supper will be leftover soup GF.

Rest of the week...

egg tacos, ?GF (maybe stirfry)

ramen, ?GF (maybe bbq hotdogs)

tuna melts with fruit, ?GF (maybe Karelian rice)

GF chicken noodle soup x 3


Decide that day x 2

My menus every week LOL!
Thanks for visiting and make sure to check out
more menus at : Menu Monday

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