Monday, May 8, 2017

Menu Monday...

That's how you feel after an extensive 3.5 hours
of glaucoma testing, that's for sure lol.


We had coupons going old so we had
Steakhouse meals at Burger King for lunch. We had
Starbucks too (thanks!). :) 

Supper was gluten free curry chicken soup.


microwavables or take out

GF leftover curry chicken soup


thaw GF liver box with veges

ramen noodles

Rest of the week:

GF ham vege soup x 3

chicken couscous x 2

fishsticks with veges

GF Karelian rice

Decide that day x2

Thanks for visiting and stop by to check out
other menus at : Menu Monday

Anyone else feel this way on PMS? lol 

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