Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Wild at Heart at Tuulos 3 out of 3

So as we said our goodbye, I noticed
snow flakes. Now this is almost TWO states
away from where we live...and the blizzard wasn't
supposed to hit until 6pm. It started at 4pm...sigh.

Another cute house. I love how they renovate old
war homes.

Another FARM!

Saw this GORGEOUS church and harassed Spenser
to turn in, let me get a few pics. We were hauling posterior 
to get home since we had summer tires but we took about 2-3 minutes

Info stolen from Spenser:

Dedicated to St Bridget, Tuulos church is one of the smaller medieval granite
 churches in Finland. According to documents, construction was started in 1478
 by Knut Posse, then the master of Sairiala manor. The church is thought to have
 been completed no later than 1520. It took its present form in 1950. The church 
has a wooden carving of St Bridget dating back to the 15th century. On the
 altar there is a crucifix which was originally a triumphal cross. The altar 
wall bears a painting by local artist Hjalmar Munsterhjelm in 1863 entitled “Christ in Gethsemane”."

Knut Posse, oh what a name lmao.

Bell tower...


Church again...


Another great little house..too bad it seems
abandoned too :/. 

After this I didn't take any pictures because it was coming
down worse and worse. We had 130km to do without that wasn't awesome. We would of stayed later
had it not been the awful weather.

I took photos each of the way and you an see how it was 
steadily getting worse.

We got home right before it froze (praying MUCH
of the way lol). :)

We had a good day, and it was nice
to get some travel in! :)

Hope y'all liked the pictures! :) 

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