Thursday, June 15, 2017

Around the house..

Week has been going well..but will be happy when it's
over :) lol 

Appointments went well yesterday, Easy breezy! 
I get some new medicine to try for my erosive LP
in the crotch but she said nothing looked bad! I had 
a bad flare due to ultrasound anxiety.

We ate McDonalds cheeseburgers and had the
morning coffee deal so that was nice! Did some
grocery shopping (thanks!) between times and got
stocked up! I found shredded chicken for 1.50 euros
for about 250 grams?

ALL the whoopla with my electronic passport pic...
it still wasn't approved. Thankfully we got a paper
from the Police who said I need a refund! SHAMONE! :) I
did, and bought chips and ice cream. It is summer after all :P
This birth control is making me HUNGRY.

(Catholics can use birth control when there
is a medical need for it. Like my thickened uterus
and awful horrible cramps and periods that last
for weeks. I bled for 6 weeks a couple months ago.)

So yesterday was good! I dropped like a rock, I
hadn't slept that hard in a long time. I didn't sleep
well..but hard if that makes sense. 

Today has been good but BUSY. I shook
out rugs and dustmopped today.  

I vinegared and cleaned the sink and toilet as well
as the mirror, replacing what we needed in the 
hygiene department. 

I've done 3 loads of laundry. It's really elegant
set up we have now, I use a 15 minute cycle and
put a bucket under the sink. When the cycle is done
the bucket gets poured down the drain. At least we're
flexible I guess lol!

Washer is fine, just the weird inaccessible drain. I picked
15 minutes since it uses the least amount of water.

Normally this bucket is about half full
kind of missed. There is a hole in the floor of the cabinet
that is above a drain so it's okay.

I don't like the going up and down stairs but
today  was an exception , I had to wash towels.

I cooked a crap ton. I made chicken couscous for
the weekend. Also chicken/green bean/ GF pasta in
a curry cheese sauce casserole too. I made vegetable
sides as well! Probably something else but I 
can't remember lol.

So Sabbath cleaning is done and I can sit on my rear, whoo!

Oh I washed dishes too. I have to wash another load tonight.

So that's the "adventurous" life in a homemaker lol. 

Spenser had a big bike trip and I watched Trailer Park Boys
when he was out, we had leftover pizza for lunch. 

We got to the mall and hung out, that was nice! :)

So that's been the day today! :) Hope y'all are doing good
out there! :)
Oh yeah! As we were leaving SofSof ran up to Spenser
on the porch lol! :D Her eye is looking still weird but
MUCH better. They got fresh water and seeds plus bread. NO
poops on the porch so no complaints ;) Lol 

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