Friday, June 2, 2017

Christian Series : The fruitful vine : Finding God in Today's World (on a budget)

How is that for a super long title? lol

"I am the vine, you are the branches; 
he who abides in Me 
and I in him, he bears much fruit, for 
apart from Me you can do nothing.
- John 15:5

People always point out flaws when
people blog about Christianity. "You cuss,
you have an obsession with shirtless Rami Malek"
etc etc. 

The Internet is pretty much the opposite of 
"he who is without sin throw the first stone". 
It's like hey, let's chunk these rocks at one another
and see who dies first!

I was around in the good old days of the 
Duggars, Vision Forum, stuff like that. We can throw
SO much money at buying better Bibles, study guides,
etc that we forget the main points to Christianity are 
right within us and next to us : The Holy Ghost and
our Bibles.

That's really all you need. Church is nice but
cliques happen and everyone gets upset when a 
new pastor shows up. Church is too much like
high school to me and outside of going to mass
every couple of years, I have no real interest in that.

You don't have to buy stuff to be a better Christian. There
are things you can do for free or very little effort or money
to help out around the world. 

I mean if you can afford go for it. I am saying this
for the poor Christian folks. Instead of sponsoring
a bread line, you are IN the bread line kinda folks
like me lol! :)

So I'll publish things here and there as God sees fit to
give me time and inspiration to write. 

This session I'm on: Martyrs

We can worship freely as we want in the West. Some
Christians are like "we're oppressed!" because they have to
serve gay couples. 

In Egypt Coptic Christians are killed ALL the time for
their faith. That is true oppression my friend. They died
in the passion and the blood for their love of Christ. THAT

So there is an organization that I really like and it's called
Voice of the Martyrs.

It is interesting to read. I had NO idea in
Nepal that Christians were treated so badly.

They have opened my eyes to how much our
brothers and sisters in Christ suffer due to their faith. 

You can donate money, and you can pray. I have
an app that pops up on my phone telling me about
a different country each day and a specific prayer for it. 
It's very informative.

So while we sit in our nice churches every Sunday
thinking about potluck suppers and why is Jane
wearing that awful hat....there are people suffering
for their beliefs.

Read up on Coptic Christians in Egypt and check
out the info on Voice of Martyrs. It's eye opening!

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