Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Helsinki..Espoo..Harbor thing...

Ring Road 1 near Helsink has been
under construction like forever. It is 
a pain but gorgeous. We cut through Helsinki
to get through Espoo???? Anywho, it is
pretty scenic.

There was a Motorcross race downwind so you heard
tons of motorbikes. It also smells REALLY boggy.


Ring Road 1 from the bridge..

Climbed this big hill...

Elfvik is somewhere there...

Another bridge but it got HOT so we went back
to the car.

Old tree.

Community center..reminded me of houses in Springfield
when I was a kid.

Cafe at the museo place...

Espoo Castle! It was 20 euros for both of us to
get in...nooo. Plus his art isn't very modest but it was a nice
building to get a picture of! :) 

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