Thursday, June 1, 2017

hey Vern....

UTERINE CANCER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

WHOOO! Thank y'all for the
prayers! I'm mucho happy about that! :)

Ever notice in a certain light...

Van Damme looks a bunch like Ernest? lol

So yesterday went pretty well THANK YOU LORD!

I have the all clear minus a thickened endometrium
since I'm fat. I'm going on progesterone only birth control
to combat my HORRID cramps and PMS issues.

Supposedly it won't bother my vulvodynia and no stroke
risk so that's a plus! Here's hoping it works.

Today has been okay.

Spenser had a good therapy session but he will
check up with a doctor in the fall to see about his
treatment options. So...yeah. Talk therapy
has been good.

We ate out and it was okay but school ends tomorrow
and the malls are CRAWLING with annoying pre-teens.
Pre teens are annoying, normal teens are just trying
to get laid pretty much.

The magic of Van Damme's derrière..

Funny he's like a ken doll to me..I just
don't imagine him with a dick. He did get
a boner though and I spammed my sister's Facebook
with it like 10x. Sorry Petal!

So then my passport photo I need got rejected
due to my eye issue. Never go cheap people, just
spend the extra money to have a good professional do it.
 Hopefully the fartin thing goes through this time.

So after submitting a new one (after being drenched
in a hail storm with snow issues) we did the therapy. We went
to the thrift store afterwards and got great deals!

I got a shirt half off, 2 cd holders for 70% off,
a cute coin purse and Socialist rose pin for 70% off,
and a crutch for 4.25 euros! CHEAP! :D I was happy
with that. Even Spenser can use the cane if need be,
so that's always good. It is adjustable!

We stopped at Tokmanni and I got cinnamon
rolls, eggs, and instant tater mash all for half off. 1.79 euros
for all! :)

So we're home and I'm doing laundry. It's been a stressful
couple of days and I'm glad if we get back to boring lol!

Just an update :P :D

There are no words, though I love that ladies dress!


  1. Woo Hoo! That's wonderful news.

    Not sure what that guy thinks he's doing, but she's fabulous!

    1. Thanks! I'm super happy about it too! :D I wish they'd of given me an ultrasound sooner! Man alive, took 2 years of constant complaints for them to listen. But I'm okay and that's what counts!

      LOL! :D yep Steven Seagal...he's a bad dancer lol! :D She is wonderful! :)


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