Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Tuusula Museum Pics 1 of...?

We had the car to ourselves for 2 glorious
days a couple weeks back. It was nice! We
checked out Via Dior or whatever it's called
in find..the building was to be 
torn down. They did move a few roads back 

Growing up in a town, you learn to like good urban art.
*not GA, all we had were cows and General Lee cars*

The point. The leaves were just coming in! Now 
it's crazy to see and hear leaves. We don't hear leaves
for about 7 months a year lol. It's a strange fact about



So near the vanhat kjadlfjakdjfakdf 
kartano, there this little red barn next store! 

It's open, whoo! One of the lovely ladies reminded
me of Spenser's grandma!

 She was video taped right
before she passed by Spenser's cousin twice removed...
or added....people were horny in those days...lots
of kids. 

LOVE the needlework!

This was my favorite!

Still works better than what you can buy these 
days probably!

Old doll house. I actually made a friend in Ohio
just because she had a huge doll house :( I was
a shallow kid, what can I say? lol 

We shall come rejoicing..AHHHHHHHHHH. No. I just
lie back and think about my canning ;) lol.

Really neat and old stairs! 

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